Session Two

Well here we are on the second session of this new venture into the unknown.  Of trying to keep the game going while not being able to get together in person, hence the game is being played over the internet and Voip.

The game kicked off at 8pm last Tuesday, (with a few hickups) and we will be hopefully starting again today at the same time.  (BST)

It was good to get the game going again, and we soon got into the swing of things, (and the bad habits!) but I think we all had a great time.  The only way I could describe how it felt to game while not being in the same room as everyone, was like ‘out of body experience’ gaming, it felt like being home, comfortable and getting into the game at hand, but not seeing everyone around me.


One thought on “Session Two

  1. Good to hear all went well on the second session and you had an `out of body experience`.
    Next step is a direct Brain interface.
    Hope everything continues well with the venture.

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