Things heat up in session two!

The evenings gaming session ended successfully, with our party all taking damage from a sniper!

The events of the evenings game.

After finishing up with the investigation of the second to last disappearance, we headed back to town and did some searching for relevant information on the FBI database and the internet.  After many hours of gathering information, Luciano stumbled across a very interesting link, but as she clicked on it the laptop popped and stopped working with a puff of smoke.

So we headed out to the local bar to see if we could hear any local gossip.  But it was to no avail, the locals were not friendly to us, and by the seems of things, had spiked our drinks.

After leaving the bar we came across a couple of coyotes down an alleyway, which didn’t take kindly to our presence.  The only bad outcome from this was that Luciano had vomited onto Sparks shoes.  (Due to feeling bad from the drink!)

The following day we decided to carry on with investigating the third from last disappearance, another couple of people in a hire car that vanished from route 70.  Again nothing could be found, but while we were busy with this the local police had been out in a helicopter looking around the local area.

We got a call from them to notify us that they had found something, and for us to come check it out.

This ended up being a white car buried under the ground in a shallow hole, with a dead, decomposed body.  The body was that of man, called Kenneth Banaman, who had his lungs removed and no trace of any blood amongst all the liquid covering the front of the car’s interior, or any remains of blood in his body!  He had been reported missing 2 months earlier from Houston Texas, where his wife is still missing, but his children where found at their house with the flesh from their legs missing and the legs appeared to have been chewed upon, again no trace of blood.

Where as the recent disappearances only happened over the last month period.  We had also discovered that about 6 months ago during a meteor show, that happened in Virginia, three death sentences had taken place that had some strange associations and connotations.  We are not sure what all this is linking to, or what connections there maybe.

The following day we got asked by the reservation sheriff, if we could help him find some missing elders, who had gone to a sacred place not to have returned.  Whilst trecking through their lands we came close to a cave, but before we could do anything Sparks noticed a glint from up in the cave, and the next thing we knew the accompanying reservations office got shot by a sniper from inside the cave.   The sniper managed to get a shot on each of us in the end, including the reservation sheriff.  The sheriff was shot in the throat, Luciano was shot in the head (not serious), Woodland shot in the ribs, and Sparks was shot in the back with the bullet getting lodge inside.  But eventually the gunman was scared back into the cave.

And basicly that is where it is left for this session, the injured was checked by the medial team that flew in by helicopter, and the badly wounded taken away, with the rest of us and a few of the local town police staying behind to check out the cave.


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