Pirates Constructible Strategy Game

Whilst out in the city centre, after coming out of the cinema from watching a preview screening of ‘Heartbreaker’, we were having a look around a few shops before heading home.

And in a cheap book shop I found seven packets of ‘Pirates of the cursed seas Fire & Steel‘ left on the shelf, for only 59p each, or 2 for £1, so they had to be mine.

Fire & Steel

After buying all that was left and getting home with them, I thought it time to open the packets and see if I could get any that I needed, or would all of them be doubles.

To my surprise I actually needed eight out of all the cards that were in there, plus I needed one of the island cards too!  Not bad at all considering that I already have numerous doubles, which of course have now been added to.  😉

2 thoughts on “Pirates Constructible Strategy Game

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