Man Hunt

At the start of tonight session we head on into the cave to investigate what has happened in there, and to try and apprehend the shooter.

Agent Sparks goes on in, leading the team with his MP5, while agents Woodland and Luciano follow behind with their standard issue hand guns.

As they head on in deeper into the cave they come across a couple of skeletons hanging there, all the flesh cleaned off from the bones.  And every bone has saw marks from a large blade scratched into them.

While agent Woodland investigates the bodies, agent Luciano keeps watch over the entrance in to the cave, and agent Sparks keeps watch towards the deeper dark of the cave.  A couple of the reservation police officers pluck up courage to enter the cave, and ask  Luciano the progress and situation.  As for Sparks, while all this is happening he noticed furthe in that there looks to be a couple of bodies covered up, and some sort of metalic glint or light of some sort a little further beyond that.

As the team finish up with the two skeletons, they head on in deeper into the cave and investigate the covered bodies and mysterious object.  As they draw close they discover that the two bodies are in fact the two missing reservation officers that went missing, both dead and torn apart, and blood dripping onto the floor, and only a tarpaulin roughly thrown over to cover them.

Agent Sparks heads on over to the weird object that is wedged into the cave floor, that seems to have some sort of light emanating from it.  As he draws near and just passes it to keep an eye for any movement deep in, the lights on the object intensifies a little as he passes.

The object is spherical in shape, about the size of a basketball, translucent with lights from within, and of some weight.

But unfortunately the suspect had got out at the end of the cave through a small gap that heads out onto the other side of the mountains.  So the team head back to town and check themselves into the hospital to check their wounds and get healed.

After a couple of days rest in the hospital, the local sheriff burst in wanting help immediately, the reservation sheriff didn’t make a recovery from his serious wounds, and now the police station at the reservation had been attacked, and the three officers on duty all got killed, and the mysterious object got taken.

With all that has been going on, and the FBI agents investigations, the local and reservation police has called for a man hunt.  The guy is a 48 year old apache of a special forces detachment, that had deserted while on a special mission with the CIA.

So a large scale man hunt was organinsed, which included 50 extra FBI agents, 100 police officers from the local police forces, and 2 additional helicopters, with one carrying a trio of sharpshooters.  And the hunt was set to start the following day.

Towards the end of the day a lead was foound at an abandoned building in the desert, only to find two low lifes there that had tried to burn any evidence of their drugs.  But luckily got a further lead out of them that the guy had been by the night before.

This lead us to believe that he would be by a small settlement by now and headed to there with haste, while the rest would check other possible locations.

At the small settlement no one could be aroused from the buildings, so everyone was set to cautiously start to enter the main building.  Agent Woodland took charge of opening the door, while Sparks kept watch over the building from the helicopter, with his gun aimed and ready.

As agent Woodland opened the door, he noticed that it was rigged with a trap, a shotgun attached with a cord to the door, but he noticed too late and had to dodge as the gun went off, leaving a large hole in the door.

Just after this happens more gun fire is heard from the rear of the building, where two reservation police officers were covering.

While this is all going on agent Sparks notifies the rest of the force to the discovery and location.

And that I am afraid is where the session ends.


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