Shoot out

We start off straight into the action of the previous session, with agent Woodland picking himself up from the floor, and agent Sparks finishes with the radio in of the back up.

Agent Sparks sets forward to sneaking around the side of the building to hopefully flank suspect and to scout out ahead.  Agent Luciano and Woodland follow a little after.

As they approach around the otherside of the building, they hear glass smashing and a body falls heavy onto a lower roof of the same structure.  But luckily agent Sparks noticed a shadow sprint from out of the building and into a barn-like structure opposite.

With this Sparks informs the others of what he spots, as he bolts for cover towards a wagon that happens to be between them and an open yard area that sits between two buildings, one of which the shadowy figure ran into.

Agent Luciano joins Sparks at the Wagon, while Woodland checks out the original building, finding the two accompanying officers are dead on the ground outside, and heads on in to see what can be found.

While this is going on agent Sparks patiently waits, listening and watching for an opportune moment to make a run to the barn.  Once there he presses himself up against the wall of the building, and calms his breathing, quieting his sounds so he can listen to hear anything from inside, to find out if he was spotted, or where there may be movement from within.

Meanwhile in the main building where Woodlands is investigating he finds a kitchen that has large blood streaks going high up the walls.  And Lucinao awaits by the wagon keeping an eye on the third structure opposite the barn.

A horse that was stood by the third building happily eating away at the grass suddenly bolts, and runs away from the yard area towards and pass the main building.

Then Sparks senses something sneaking close by, down the outside of the building near were he is stood, just around the corner from him.  He catches his breath as he is aware that the figure as stopped moving, Sparks readies himself for action, and raises the butt of his gun to strike at the suspect when he steps around the corner.

When Sparks senses movement again he lunges at head height, just as the shadowy figure comes around the corner into the light, the figure dodges the strike and swings his knife towards the agents throat.  Sparks manages to parry the knife away, but the clip gets ejected from his gun, so he lunges again for a strike with the butt, hitting the target back.

With this Luciano takes a shot at the suspect, but misses, imbedding in the wall near Sparks, and Woodland comes out of the main building.  Agent Sparks drops to a crouch to retrieve his clip and quickly slams it in.

Luciano heads over to the barn, in hope to flank while Woodlands heads on over to Sparks.  With this the Apache rushes back around the other end of the barn and disappears.

Agent Sparks heads on up and around the building to follow the perp, when he gets around the corner he finds Luciano there by an entrance to the barn.  The only way he could have gone was in, anywhere else is too open.

While this has been happening some helicopters have been approaching, but now as the agents get to the entrance to the barn they notice that the lead helicopter, which is just landing, is not from the agency, but a press helicopter with reporters stepping out!

Sparks takes a look into the barn to see that it is very open with some hay bails dotted about, and only one ladder up to the next level.  With this he tells the others of his plans, and receives a zippo from Luciano.  He strikes a flame from the zippo and tosses it at the closest bail of hay near the ladder.

Once the flames take hold of the dry hay, Sparks moves to the side of the barn, keeping an eye on the entrance and the approaching press.  Luciano tries to convince the reporters to back off, and Woodlands takes up position on the opposite side of the entrance to the barn.

As the flames start to consume and spread quickly in the barn, a smashing of glass is heard, and a matress swan-dives out of the window, quickly followed by the shadow, flames leaping and reaching for him, roaring, as he exits the opening and the air rushes in.

Agent Sparks steadies himself from the force of the angry inferno, and draws sight on the Apache as he lands, firing off a single shot that hits his target, spinning the guy around from the force of impact into his shoulder.

As he spins around he raise his gun arm and fires.  A powerful blast from his magnum handgun hits Sparks square in the chest, luckily the kevlar vest taking most of the force, knocking him back.

The next shot from the magnum explodes into Sparks knee, taking him down as pain and blood explodes from his leg.  Then the guy slowly walks towards the downed agent smiling sadisticly.  Sparks flicks a switch on his gun and empties the full clip into the approaching maniac, taking the top of his head out, brains and blood flying everywhere.  His body dropping to the ground near to Sparks.

Luciano calls for medics, while Woodland checks out the dead perp.

Suddenly Woodland’s body flies from a blast of the magnum, as the dead suspect gets up and starts to head towards Sparks again, with his magnum still smoking from the shot.

As he stands there reloading his gun, the top half of his head missing, brain matter still hanging and dripping from the opening, Sparks quickly slams another clip in and empties it.

Luciano takes a shot at him, and manages to take his lower jaw from his head, leaving his tongue dancing in the air like a serpent.

The emptied clip from Sparks gun tears off the guys gun arm, throwing the gun skidding across the ground.

With this the guy draws his knife and heads towards Luciano, swing it in a deadly arc, ready to make contact.

A sniper shot rings through the air, hitting with an impact into what was left of the guys head, taking it clean off and only leaving a stump.  But the guy still manages to get a hold of Luciano and buries the knife into her, using her as a shield against further shots.

Agent Sparks slams another clip in ready to fire, but holds while agent Woodlands gets into the thick of things and helps Luciano from the grasp of the walking dead.  Unfortunately the guy manages to get a good slice on Luciano throat and discards her to the side.

As soon as agent Sparks gets a clear line of sight he lets rip with a full clip again, tearing and peppering the walking corpse, taking it down again as the bullets rip at it’s legs and groin.  As the body falls it lashes out with the knife at Sparks, narrowly missing.

Finally the special forces Apache is down to move no more, to terrorize no more.

Agents Sparks and Luciano were taken to the hospital immedately, while agent Woodland helped with the autopsy of the body.

As the body was being cut up in the autopsy, it started to react and get animated again thrashing about, trying to get a hold of the invading doctor.  Woodlands could make out what looked like some sort of silver tendrils lashing out from behind the ribs and organs, writhing as the doctor cut, so agent Woodlands rigged a gas leak to incinerate the body as the tenticles reached out and took hold of the doctor, burning everything to ash, to put a final end to it.

Before the debriefing the three agents received a phone call from an agent Green, informing them of what happened, and about the weird things which are afoot in the world, and of how a special agency is involved in putting a stop to these mysteries, and asked the agents if they wanted to join the group known as Delta Green.

The tendrils had come from a crashed alien craft that had hit during a meteor storm a few months previously, and that the host took hold of it’s victims and killed others to survive, only moving on to another victim when it could not survive in it’s current vessel any longer.

And there ends the Delta Green game, ready to start the new game next week which will be the Adventure game run by Will, which we finished creating my character for at the end of the session.


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