Getting achievements

Last night I spent my short time online with the Xbox 360, getting my American friend some achievments on Fable II.  I invited him to my game, and he became my henceman while I did what was necessary to net him the cheevos.

First I got him  ‘The Dollcatcher’, and  ‘The Hoarder’ achievements by selling and then buying back one of my Hero Dolls.

Then it was on to  ‘The Completionist’ achievement, and this I did by discarding one of my skill levels and then buying it back.

Now I took him to the Gargoyle Cove, and got him  ‘The Gargoyle’ achievement.

Next I quit out of that character’s game and loaded up another of my characters, and invited my friend back in.  Then I got a townsfolk to follow us to the Temple of Shadows and made a sacrifice, netting my friend  ‘The Executioner’.

Now it was back to my previous character to work on getting some of the costume cheevos before I had to turn off.  As I was working on a crowd of townsfolk, one of them wanted to give me a gift, so I accept that which gave my friend  ‘The Persuader’, and then scared the crowd while wearing the Balverine outfit to give him  ‘The Howler’ achievement.

That is where we left it for the night.

On another note, over the weekend I finally got ‘Castle Crashers’ XBLA game finished.  I got around to grinding out the Quaff matches with an English friend to get my win tally up to 20, and let my friend get his 20 done too, netting us both the  ‘Glork’ achievement.

All achievement images are taken from the TrueAchievements website.

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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