The new game begins….

A quick introduction to the leads in this new story.

I will be playing an ex-airplane pilot from the first world war, who after the war is now a pilot in the air circus, and he goes by the name of James Lawton.

Tatjana’s character is called Veronica Lastrade, who is a consultant detective working for the Aeon Society.

Chris is now being a player this time, instead of runninig the game, and he will be playing a mad inventor type called Nikola Tesla.

And Will will not be a player character as he is the one who is running this game.

It is the early 1920s, and things are afoot down in the smoke.  In the dead of the night James has been hanging about some of the local seedy bars down those dark allyways in London that you wouldn’t want to venture down, just wanting to be away from all the crowds and have some time to himself, but unfortunately a thug with idea above his station starts to get in his face, puffing his chest up, trying to make himself more than he is, talking the talk.

He lets slip about something that will be happening tonight at the Greenwich Observatory, in an attempt to sound like he is well connected.  James in not impressed, and lets the guy think that he got one over on him and walks out of the bar.  But now he is intrigued about what may be going down at the Observatory, so he goes over to one of the seedy joints that is near by to see what else he can find out, see if he can see anything.

A prostitute hangs around down by the docks of the Thames, and notices a large strange mechanical object, about twice the size of two buses, lying under the water a short distance from the docks, but with this a loud explosion is heard from the direction of the Observatory.

A crazy looking guy parked in a car park near the Greenwich Observatory, sits in his car looking out at the building, seeming to take notes and puts on some strange looking goggles, muttering to himself as he does so.  As  he quickly jumps out of his car, with a bag thrown over his shoulder and a poorly hid rifle clutched in his hands, an explosion rips a hole in the side of the Observatory.

As James is happily sat in a dark smokey bar, taking in the friendly ambience and aroma, enjoying his third shot from a dirty glass, listening to the locals hushed conversations an explosion shakes the poorly constructed building.  With this James kicks himself out of his chair, slamming his emptied glass on the table and walks out of the bar’s front door, looking in the direction of the Observatory to just make out a substantial dust cloud settling back down over the building.

A drunk swaggers and staggers his way on to the outskirts of the car park near the Greenwich Observatory, stopping near a collection of bushes and uses them as cover when he spots a prostitute talking to a guy stood near a car with an odd pair of flying goggles on his head, knee length grubby white overcoat, and what looks like an odd rifle held in his hands.  There can also be seen a truck backed up to the hole in the wall of the Observatory with it’s back doors open, and with a person sat behind the steering wheel.

James stops the act and composes himself, drawing his heavy automatic pistol, and uses the bush as cover while keeping an eye on the proceedings.

The prostitute and Mr. goggles walk over to the truck saying some thing, Mr. goggles suddenly dives under the truck as the driver climbs out of the truck with a drawn gun, and the prostitute seems to be trying to proposition another potential customer, the driver looks somewhat confused by all of this.

But not for long, the driver gains some composure and looks straight at the lady of the night and starts to raise his gun, but then his knee bulks and blood shoots out as a bang echoes across the car park, and the guy drops to the floor, his gun falling from his hand.  The smoke dances from James’ barrel of his gun as he smiles to himself, making sure he is still well positioned and hide in the bushes.

With this a guy comes out from the hole and takes cover behind the back doors of the truck, while a second guy peers out from the hole in the wall.  Both surveying the situation out in the car park, and seeing their colleague down on the floor rolling back and forth in a fetal position, murmuring in pain.

Another shot rings out, echoing into the night from behind the truck doors, as the bullet cuts through the hair of the prostitute, some freed hair sail through the air as the rest unravel down around her head.

James returns the favour and hits the guy behind the door with another bullet, stopping him in his tracks.

Another two gunmen rush out from the black hole in the wall, but this time hitting the prostitute, forcing her back and down to her knees.  And again James obliges with a returned bullet for the gunman’s troubles, taking the guy down.

Mr. goggles leaps out from under the truck and shouts out ‘my good lady side kick I suggest that you make a hasty retreat’, the look on the prostitutes face looks like thunder as she looks at him and moves as quick as she can away from the truck.

A German voice shouts across the car park from near James, which sound like some sort of barked orders, as the caped figure runs towards the truck, pass James’ hideout.  At this time a group of guys slowly shuffle out of the hole with a very large mirror in their midst, all sharing the burden of weight, heaving the awkward object into the back of the truck.  The other guys hearing the caped figure jump in the truck, and helping their injured as they go.  With a last shot aimed in James’ general direction, but not hitting anything but the night.

Once the mirror bandits are all safely inside the truck and are about to start it up, Mr. goggles jumps out infront of the truck, aiming his rifle at them, the gun he his holding is glowing with a strange light and sparks are dancing up and down the length of it.  He asks them to stop where they are and to drop all their weapons and step out of the vehicle.

As they ignore him at first and try to start the truck, nothing happens, no sound, no jurking movement from the truck, Mr goggles smiles and produces something from his white overcoat pocket, ‘I do not think you will be going anywhere in that vehicle tonight’, showing them a small black box with wires hanging limply from it.

So with this they all disembark from the truck leaving the injured inside, and start to head over towards Mr. goggles.  Another bang shatters the silent standoff, as the caped leader spins around on the spot from a bullet hitting him in the arm.  Again James expense another of his bullets and hits his target, but not as well as the other that night.

Quickly the caped leader returns fire at James in the hiding bush, narrowly missing him.  Then the white coated Mr. goggles releases the energy from his rifle, letting it discharge at the caped leader, the cape going up in a puff of smoke as the electricity dances from his body and fizzes onto the floor.

The prostitute pulls something from her bag and throws it at the center of the group of thugs, exploding in a cloud of gas, dispersing the group in all directions, with this the leaders tries to make a run for it, hobbling badly in James’ direction, taking a pot shot at the hidng bush as he goes.

With this James leaps out and rugby tackles the leader to the ground, hearing a crunch of bones as the guy hits the floor.  While James stands up and brushes himself off he notices that the leader has produced a grenade from somewhere and is about to pull the pin as he holds it close to his chest, ‘they vill not let me get avay vith this mistake’.

‘Run for cover.  Grenade!’ James shouts as he dives away from the leader.  The prostitute also dives for cover as the goggled guy in white stands there with a pistol in hand, and smoke weaving away from the hot tipped barrel.

Who and what as the goggled guy in white, and where did the bullet go from his gun?

Who is the prostitute with the dangerous work patch, and the strange behaviour?

What happens to the German leader when the grenade goes off?

And what happens to James, will he bite a bullet or feel the kiss of the grenade?

All the answers will be answered next week when you join us again for another ‘Adventure’ game.


5 thoughts on “The new game begins….

  1. A strangly one sided account of the amazing adventures of Nikola Telsa, pulp hero science genius and his random female sidekick. 🙂


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