Whos who

Mr goggles takes aim and fires his pistol, feeling the force of the release of power run through his arm, enjoying the science behind the metal held in his hand.

The prostitute and James run and dive hitting the ground seperate ways, in hope that they will not meet any unwelcome force from any bullets, or exploding metal sphere and body parts.

The German leader begins to bring the grenade close to his chest as he pulls the pin, feeling the blood ebb from his body as pain runs through his limbs.  Then he hears a bang explode in his ears as he pulls his now emptied hands to his chest.

Mr goggles manages to get a bullseye on the grenade, forcing it out of the hands of the German and away from him and the other two, exploding at a safe distance away from any victims.

With this situation resolved, the guy in a white overcoat and goggles on his head puts his gun away and runs over to the German Leader.  Once down on his knees next to the badly wounded gang leader, he starts to try and help him with his wounds, trying to stop the bleeding, and talks to him to keep him conscious and at the same time see what can be found out about what was going on.

With this the prostitute and James stand up and dust themselves off, seeing that there are no more gang members left, they walk over to the professor type person helping the downed leader.

Professor goggles looks up to the other two approaching and asks for some whisky to help the poor fellow, James holds out his open empty hand towards the professor.  With this the prostitute states that she will check out the truck and see if the injured are still left there, and heads off to the back of the truck.

The prostitute finds that all three of the injured are still left in the back of the truck, not able to move and looking sorry for themselves, until she steeps up into the truck, when they put on their tuff guy faces as best as they can through their pain.  She ignores their efforts of hard men images and starts to tie them all up with some rope, while checking them over for their wounds and questioning them about what they were up to.  James turns up at the back of the truck, ‘I see that there seems to be more than meets the eye with you’, looking at the prostitute, ‘while you are interrogating them, could you see how much money they have on them, as we are in need of some for me to go buy a cheap bottle of whisky.’

‘You have a keen eye, for I am no prostitute, but a consultant detective called Veronica Lastrade, and you?’, holder out her hand.  James clasps her hand in his and gives a shake, ‘pleased to meet your aquaintance, they call me Lawton, James Lawton.’

Once some loose change was gathered together James headed off to the seedy bars again to aquire a bottle of some hair of the dog whisky, and bring it back with haste to the professor.

While James was gone, Veronica finished up with the thugs in the truck, not really gaining much of any use from them, they just kept there mouths shut about the subject of the attempted robbery.  So with this she heads back to the German leader and the professor, to see what has been gained from that situation.

Being tired of called a random female sidekick, Veronica introduces herself to the professor asking if he has managed to bleed any information from him.  ‘How charming to meet you Veronica, they call me Nikola Tesla, the great and famous scientist, I am sure that you have heard of me?’.  ‘No I am sorry, but what have you learned from our new friend here?’  Nikola explains that he has not managed to get any information from the German, and that he is more worried about the guy’s condition.

Veronica volunteers herself to find out some more information from the German, and sets to work talking in German to the wounded leader, checking his person, finding some papers in his inner pockets and a badge with a red star on, hid under his lapel.  The paper contained notes with some sort of German pseudonyms on, nothing that jumps out with recognition at this time, and the badge seems some what familiar to Veronica with regards to a peoples movement or something in Germany.

While Veronica is busy with this investigation, James arrives back with the bottle of liquor and hands it over to the professor, who looks at the bottle with some distaste and proceeds to pour some of it down the Germans throat, and cleans the guys wounds with more.  ‘We have Veronica over here’ looking her way, ‘and I am Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, I am sure that you have heard of me?  And you are?’  ‘Lawton, James Lawton, pleased to meet you, and no I am sorry but I have not heard of you.’  ‘And what do you do for a living my good man?’ Nikola inquires, ‘I am an ex fighter pilot, who nows works for an air circus.’

Nikola looks a little upset with this none recognition from anyone and heads over to the truck, and checks on the thugs there to see what help he can be with their wounds.  Again spending his time talking to them, talking about science, and what their plans were.

Veronica finds out that the leader is part of a resistance group that fights against the German aristocracy, and is lead to believe that Veronica is a simpathiser and starts to loosen his tongue a little before asking if they could go somewhere else more secluded and private, before the people he worked for come looking.

So Nikola stays behind, wanting to investigate inside the Observatory to see what clues can be found, and will wait outside to be lead to the special place a little later.  James tells him that he will come for him after finding and helping take the German with Veronica to an appropriate seedy bar down a dark alley somewhere.

Once a place has been found, James heads off again leaving Veronica to talk and comfort the German, while he looks for someone who could be a doctor and look the other way.

Nikola discovers the telescope that the mirror had come from was moved recently, to what appears to be an empty location in space, taking notes of the coordinates, and rough time from the explosion.  From what they have learnt so far from snippets of information the thugs and the leader let slip, and now this, Nikola deduce that this telescope was used to focus some sort of energy at the outer wall, making the explosion earlier, creating a breach for the thugs to gain entrance.

Veronica learns that the leaders name is Clouse, and this job he was performing for some high class organisation, was a means to an end for his resistance group, not really knowing or caring what he was getting in to.  The large underwater vessel that Veronica spotted earlier was one of their vehicles.

James came back a little while later with a suspicious looking doctor, who gives Clouse a quick look over and informs them that he will be able to sort him out, and that it will cost them £30.

While the doctor sets to work helping Clouse, James heads back out to the Observatory to fetch Nikola and bring him to the tavern.  He finds him out in the open of the car park, high up and waving his arms as he calls to James.

Once all three are reunited in the tavern they discuss the exorbitant charge by the doctor, and information they have gathered.

When the doctor finishes, Veronica hands him £10 and informs him that that should be a very reasonable fee for his services, thanks him, and bids him farewell.

After the doctor leaves a high pitched whistle is heard from outside, and a brick is thrown through the window.  With this everyone in the seedy bar quickly heads for ways out of there as quickly as possible, even the barman rushes out a back way, and the band of three, Nikola, Veronica, and James, follow suit and head out the back way behind the barkeep.  Unfortunately having to leave Clouse to the local constabulary.

After finding there way out from the tavern, and through the dark alleyways, making sure that they double back in some places to elude any pursuit, they head to the dock to see if the strange water vessel is still there.  But no, it has vanished only to leave a murky, dirty rainbow coloured film behind on top of the water.

They all decided it would be a good idea to head back to their seperate homes for a well deserved wash and sleep for a few hours before trying to gather more information as to what has been happening.

Nikola volunteers to drive them each back home, and to pick them up again later in the morning.  They head off back to the Observatory car park, and Nikola manages to sweet talk, or was it bore is way past a policeman.  They climb in the car and drive off as the sun starts to greet the still sleeping morning.


Nikola picks them each up seperatly from their respective homes, as the morning will soon be giving way to the afternoon.  Then they have a conflabulate about the previous happenings and where they can go from here.  Five other possible targets are perceived, eliminating the Observatory again so soon, and choosing a local machine factory.

In the afternoon they head on over to the factor and Nikola applies his silver tongue to arrange a meeting with the owner in the evening, a Lord Moss, and have a possible tour of the premesis.  In hope that this meeting will correspond with the next theft that may happen there.

As they leave they hear many locks being bolted behind the closed door, much more than when it was opened.

And that is where we will leave them.  Will they get to have their meeting with the owner, will he turn up and let them in, will they have a tour of the factory.  Will the mysterious organisation strike again, and will it be the factory that the band of three are going to, and at the same time.  Who knows, join us next week where hopefully we will find out.


7 thoughts on “Whos who

  1. I like the possible Laser telescope to breach the wall with energy from space.
    Once again the clarity of description allows the reader to become involved in the game.

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