The appliance of science

Later the same day, at around 9.30pm in the evening, Nikola is being lead into the warehouse of the factory where the meeting was arranged, along with Veronica as his biographer, and James as his student.  They are shown around the plant, given a guided tour of the machinery and what happens where, and with what piece of equipment.

While this is going on, Veronica and James keep an eye out for any possible entry points, and Nikola spies out what piece of machinery will be the next target.

They are aware that this warehouse is located relatively close to the waterfront, so the attack will most likely be from that direction.  Once Nikola locates a prime target for the next theft, he informs the others while still showing interest in what their guide is doing.  With this James makes his excuses for need of the toilet, and heads off in that direction.  Once out of sight he finds a way up into the roof space for a better advantage point, keeping an eye out for any activity from the dock area, or nearby around the warehouse buildings just outside.

The guide tells Nikola that the boss will see him now, and shows him up to the office.  Veronica informs them that she will wait down on the factory floor for James to return.  Once they have both disappeared into the offices, she goes over to the machinery pointed out and starts to make some strange compound to mark the equipment for later use in tracking its where abouts.

James spots roughly five people moving about down by the docks amongst the foggy street lamps, they seem to be moving some sort of machinery.  Four of the five start to head up towards the warehouse, while a fifth stays behind then heads off in a different direction.

While this is happening Nikola has an interesting meeting with the boss of the factory, he is a large red faced man, who is sat behind his large walnut desk, dressed in a very smart dark grey three piece suit.  He is busying himself with his fat cigar as he listens to Nikola’s plans and thoughts for the company and their factory.  He listens intently to everything Nikola has to say, agreeing and going along with the discussion, and even shows a willingness to go ahead with the plans.  But then Nikola goes off sideways with a discussion about controlling things with his thoughts, and produces a toy from his pocket and lays it on the table as a demonstration.

The four men arrive at the warehouse, stopping near a doorway and start to do soomething just out of sight of James’ watchful eye.  With this James makes his way back down to ground level to meet up with Veronica and hopefully Nikola to inform them of what is happening.

The strange chemicals that Veronica took out of her bag of wonders, and applied in a mixed form to the machinery as slowly faded away from visible sight leaving no trace of any tampering.

The large, thinning haired, red faced guy behind his desk, a cigar now being chased around his mouth, has a glazed expression as he sits there in aghast with Nikola’s little charade being played out on his desk in front of him.  Once the play has come to an end, the large boss stood up from behind his desk, and kindly asked Nikola to leave, calling out for his foreman to come and escourt Mr Tesla out of the building immediately.  The door to the office slams behind Nikola as he leaves, echoing around the warehouse.

All three meet and are escourted out of the warehouse, and again the doors are closed behind them with a resounding bang, and many lcoks being bolted.

As they leave and head towards Nikola’s car, they notice a guy lurking in a nearby doorway to a building opposite the warehouse, he has a similar build to Clouse, and even wears a cloak similar to the one vaporised by Nikola’s gun.  James heads off to a doorway of his own to lurk and keep an eye on this guy, while Veronica heads into a busy to watch proccedings, and Nikola carries on to his car.

A short while later the guy walks out from the shadows of the door and heads on over to the warehouse knocking on the doors.  The doors open and the man is greeted by four men dragging a covered piece of machinery.  All five of them then head off towards the docks dragging and guiding their burden.

As quick as they can with seeing this unfold, Nikola with James and Veronica jumping in the car, head off in the direction of James’ aircraft.  Not much further down the waterfront they come upon James’ aircraft, a large twenty passanger airplane sat resting in the water, looking very advanced for its time.

The aircraft takes off with James in the pilot seat, and heads to the dock area where the five unscrupulous men were heading.  As they approach they find nothing but a dirty oily residue floating on the surface of the water.  Following the trail they spot the water vessel heading out to sea and heads north.  As the vessel gets further out to sea it starts to submerge deeper in to the water, only leaving a murky rainbow film floating on the waves for them to follow.

James checks some of his charts and looks at the bearings that the vessel is taking, and comes to the conclussion that the only destination is a small remote island just north of Norway.  He informs the others of this, and tells them that he could arrive there before the vessel.  This they decided will be a good plan and head on to the island, hoping to get a jump on the culprits.

On the journey Nikola gets in a fluster with Veronica as she busies herself with checking his shoelaces, and taking his goggles off and cleaning them, all to his dismay and protests.

As they arrive at the island, James flys the plane around the island once, then finds a suitable place to land away from any approach to the island.  The island has no visible habitation, just lots of forest and wild animals.  Once the plane has landed and anchored, James gets out of the dingy and they row across to the island, heading towards some water level caves they spotted.

They land the dingy near to the caves instead of going on in, but still out of sight, and go on foot towards the cave.  Nikola stays behind in a clearing while Veronica leads the way scouting ahead with James in-tow some paces back.

While in the cave, Veronica discovers that it was man made recently, it was manually hone from the rock, making it large enough for the vessel to enter, and there seems to be large rooms further ahead, but it is all unfinished still.  James leaves Veronica to carry on with her investigation while he heads back for Nikola.  James arrives at the location where Nikola was left, only to find a note pad and no sign of him anywhere, with this he has a look around and heads on back to the dingy, but still comes up empty handed.  So with this he heads back to Veronica more cautiously, keeping an eye out for Nikola.

Nothing could be found of Nikola, so with Veronica they head back to his last known location and where the notepad was found.  Veronica checks out the notepad and confims that it belongs to Nikola, and seems to mention something called Branch 9, but can’t make anything else out.  Then she investigates the area here and spots that there was a one sided interaction here, and some large person carried Nikola and his bag off inland towards the center of the island.  So they head of in that direction tracking the way as they go.

Nikola wakes to find himself tied up against a tree in a clearing, then hearing a recognisable voice behind him, ‘you finally awake Mr Tesla, welcome.’  Nikola tries to turn and look at his host, ‘Mr Edison, you charlaton.’

Veronica and James hear heated voices as they approach a clearing in the forest, so they stay where they are and keep an eye on proceedings and listen to the talk.  They see that someone is tied to a tree, while someone else boasts.  The voice of Nikola comes from the guy tied up, talking down at his capturer, talking likes he knows him very well.  The other, a Mr Edison from what can be made out of Nikola’s rants, is talking up his successes, and trying to offer a deal.  Only the two can be seen in the clearing, no one else seems to be around.

While this goes on Veronica starts to rummage in her bag, seeing what can be made while James slowly sneaks his way around to flank the clearing.  Suddenly Edison stops talking and turns and points a gun towards the direction of Veronica.  Nikola still talking and trying to keep Edison distracted while he carries on undoing his bindings.  Edison punches Nikola in the stomach to shut him up and turns back towards Veronica’s direction.

James has slowly made his way around to the rear of the clearing, now behind Edison.  Nikola once gained his breath back grabs his rifle from his bag and points it at Edison, informing him to give it up, as he edges his way around to Edison’s side to distract him.  With this Edison starts to slowly back up keeping both Nikola and Veronica in his general line of sight, unaware of James waiting behind him.

All of a sudden Edison thinks better of the situation and turns and runs, as this happens Nikola fires, an arc of electricity leaps from the barrel of the gun towards Edison.  When James notices that Edison has turned and is heading in his direction, he leaps out of cover aiming for a rugby tackle to his midsection.  The electricity misses its target and discharges in a bright flash near to James.  James misses the tackle and Edison releases the breached bullet from it’s chamber into the shoulder of James, keeping him down on the ground.  James tries to use the momentum of the force to roll into Edison’s legs, but he just jumps over and runs in to the forest.  A parting gift from Veronica is a thrown rock hitting him on the side of his head as he disappears into the shadow of the trees.

Who is this Mr Edison that Nikola knows so well, and what happened to his head from the rock hitting him.  Will James survive the gun shot to his shoulder, and what is going on in this island.  Find out this time next week.


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