40K Introductions

Before we start the 40K game catch up,  a quick guide to the psychotic individuals you will be watching.

The PC’s


The Seneschal of the starship, a master of commerce, subterfuge and assassination. Non descript to the eye and easily overlooked he can be found anywhere you least expect it. Born of the void and well accustomed to suffering its hardships, even he was mentally scarred by the capture of his ship by elder and his torture by their hands that has led to an intense hatred of their race. He has been taken under the wing of the perverted Bishop Of Xothos who takes “care” of his new progeny. When indulging in combat he favours his custom long las rifle for precision executions.


The Rogue Trader and a hedonistic wildcard, raised a warrior upon the forge worlds, he came upon his title as an inheritance resulting from the horrible accidental deaths of all before him in the line, which is in no way suspicious.  Nigh perpetually indulging in one vice or another and willing to overlook great heresy in the name of profit, he nonetheless is a dangerous figure in combat, able to use his signature power sword and plasma pistol to slay nigh any opponent at close range.

The Tech-priest and Explorator, a hardy hulking mass of machinery and man born of hive worlds and inducted into the mysteries of the machine as part of a long line of owed favours.  He finds himself upon the Rogue Trader ship due to his non standard views for wishing avoidance of violence and due to his marriage to Sente.  These unorthodox deviations bring him to the brow of the Bismark. His preferred weapon is the nature of logic and reason, but when that fails he finds himself becoming worrying accustomed to the Power Axe.

Predominant NPCs


Trusted officer who has risen through the ranks by the wished of Xanatov whom he is the favoured servant of. His combat prowess, bravery and dedication are beyond question.


Honed by the vicious gang war of the Hive worlds, an unexpected figure to be the wife of Aviner – Brutal and merciless in combat with her prized Bolter, she is starting to question the habits that kept her alive throughout the hive years.

“The Bismark”:

the inherited craft that comes with the Rogue Trader mantle, a recovered space hulk, it is vast beyond comprehension, hardy and with plenty of room for the spoils of the lost worlds.  Its history has left it temperamental, with random fluctuation in such non essential items such as life support and Gellar field.  Recently it has become renamed as the “Vengeance of Saint Drusus”, and has found itself with a new applicant for crew membership known as Pandareos, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.


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