Narrow escape?

With Edisons rapid disappearance, James quickly gets himself back up on his feet, and checks his arm, brushing himself off in the process.  Once done he goes over to Nikola to makes sure he is okay, but by the sound of things he need not of worried as he is fine, and busy complaining about Edison, calling him ‘a cobra!’

While this is going on, Veronica checks to see if Edison leaves a trail that she can follow, and works out a rough bearing on his direction, then goes over to the boys and hands Nikola his notepad back.

Nikola has a flash of shock pass over his face before claiming that the notepad is not his, and has know idea who it belongs to, but will study it later and quickly pockets it and changes the subject back to persuing Edison.

They head off back in the direction of the cave, but in a bearing that takes them up towards a plateau that raises above the rim of the island.  Veronica leads the way, with Nikola behind and James bringing up the rear.

The three make good head way, never getting a chance to catch up to Edison as he starts to climb higher up to the top.  The going becomes slow due to James struggling with his wounded shoulder, so Veronica goes on ahead to keep an eye on Edison and keep watch of what he gets up to, while Nikola gathers up some old vines scattered about, and twists them together to provide an improvised rope, which he lowers down to James to help with his climb up to the top of the plateau.  As they struggle and make their way up, they have a chance to take in the beauty of the island more, and see how it is purely an old dormant volcano, that grew green with age with its many years out from the sea, surrounded by many high peaks and plateaus around the rim of the volcanic island.

In the meantime, Veronica manages to catch up to Edison and sneak closer to him, as if one with the shadows, watching his movements, seeing that he seems to be making something with tools and apparatus from his bag.

When Nikola and James finally make it on to the top, they see no sign of Veronica, but can hear something going on a little way off behind some overgrowth.  Then Nikola jumps with a little squeal, making James jump managing to stiffle any sound, looking over at Nikola to find Veronica tapping him on his shoulder.  James muffles a snigger as he turns his head away and calms himself before greeting Veronica.

Veronica quickly silents Nikola with a shush and clamps her hand over his mouth.  Then they are aware that there is silence, no sound of someone busying themself.  James stops what he was doing and pays attention to the direction of the overgrowth, intently listening for any sounds, while Veronica discuss in a wishper with Nikola of what she saw, and Edison’s actions.

Edison now seems to be hurrying himself along with what he is doing as quietly as he can, and as quickly as he can.

Nikola decideds to take a look for himself at what Edison is up to, leaving Veronica and James to go over his plan.  He sneaks through the overgrowth as if but a shadow, spying on the scientific contraption being erected.  This consisting of a magnifying glass, some copper wire, and a microscope, almost as if a smaller version of what was created in the Observatory via the large telescope.  Nikola also watches that Edison seems to be building a fire of some sort, for some reason, perhaps to dry his clothes on from all this rain that has recently started.

Veronica goes over the plan with James while she makes some chemical concoction and pours it on to a cloth.  Nikola hurries back to inform them of his findings.  They go over the plan one more time and head off.  James sneaks off and hides in a spot that looks out over the clearing where Edison has the fire lit.  And Veronica finds a hiding spot near to the rear of Edison.

After a few minutes pass Nikola casually walks out in to the clearing to greet Edison, talking all high brow with him, claiming interest in his scheme and wanting to join him, not waste his time with the other low lifes he came to the island with.  As Edison finds himself more wrapped up in Nikola deceit, Veronica sneaks up from behind and goes for a grapple, pulling the cloth out and going for the face.  James readies his gun, keeping careful aim on the proceedings.

Edison evades Veronica’s attack as if he has some kind of sixth sense, slithering through and beyond her grasp.  Nikola makes a snide comment and James let loose a bullet from its metal corral.

A shower of blood explodes from Edison’s knee as he collapses to the floor, Veronica jumping him and forcing the cloth over his face, blocking his nose and mouth.  After a sort while he stops his cries of pain and wriggling, calmed to a painless sleep.

Nikola starts rifling through Edison’s pockets, finding a black notepad, and having no joy in trying to read anything from within.  Veronica takes the notepad and tries to decipher but comes up short in the current circumstances.

While this is going on James spots a large submerged vessel is drawing near to the island, and starts to flash and flicker a light.  He manages to work out that they are asking for an all clear from the signal fire owner.  James informs the others, and sends back what he believes to be an affirmative, and then puts out the fire.

The lights on the vessel quickly go out and all goes quiet, James unable to make out the water craft any longer.  Nikola puts on his goggles and looks towards the location James pointed out, and spots the submersible doing a straight dive deeper in to the depth of the sea while still heading the same direction.

The three head off with haste back down to the coast leaving Edison back in the clearing tied up and unconscious.  Nikola keeps an eye on what the vessel is doing as and when he gets a chance to glimpse it.  It now appears to be circumventing the island and heading on north away from the island.  They quickly jump in the dingy and head out and in to James’ air craft, in hope to persue the fleeing vessel.

As James starts to build up speed the weather and sea condition get more rough, Veronica and Nikola brace themselves for the worst and the take off in to the air, but are shocked to find that their stomach sensation is in reverse, and are aware that they are going down not up.  Nikola looks out ahead next to James in shock and amazement as the plane is not flying through the clouds, but instead through the sea like an awkward fish.

Once Nikola gets over the shock and manages to lift his jaw back in place, he points in the direction of the fleeing vessel as he keeps an eye on it through his goggles, following the z-ray emmissions.  Veronica takes this opportunity to take another look at Edison’s notepad, finding notes and designs of a strange squid like vessel with tentacles, that zips through the ocean unhindered.  And that he spent many a day alone in hope of being able to channel etheric energies, also something about the island being the best spot for what will happen tomorrow on the 21st.

James manages to start catching up with the vessel, but it keeps accelerating, trying to pull away, when after about fifteen minutes suddenly it comes to an abrupt stop, sitting there dead in the water.  James brings his submersible plane to a stop with great skill, leaving a rough distance of about two hundred metres between them and the squid like vessel.

They sit there and watch as the tentacles come together behind it, and two lower to the sea bed and start hauling itself back towards them.  As it starts to pick up speed and draw closer, James tries his skill out at out maneuvering the squid as the tentacles close in around them.  The squid like vessel fires at them as they manage to avoid the tentacles, hitting the tail of the plane.  James takes the plane to the surface of the sea in the hope of avoiding capture by taking to the air.  Again the squid fires at them, and luckily missing this time.

The plane breaks the surface of the sea, and starts to build up speed for take off.  As it starts to lift a tentacle whips out and lashes itself around the tail of the plane, pinning it to the sea.  ‘How good are you with that gun of yours?’ shouts James  to Nikola.  Nikola points out that his gun fires electricity and that it would not be a good idea, ‘then what do you suggest we do?’  ‘Do you have a spare fuel canister?’ Nikola asks, ‘there should be something down near the tail end’, ‘then I have a plan.’  ‘Go for it, and make it quick!’  James shouts back as he carries on wrestling with the controls, keeping the plane from being dragged under.

The tentacle tightens it’s grip, and a crunching of metal can be heard from the tail end of the plane.  Nikola swings open the rear side door of the plane and throws out a canister towards the tentacle, pulls out his pistol and takes aim.  Silence as a small ripple radiates out from where a bullet breaches the waters surface.  ‘Blast and damnations!’ cries Nikola as he picks himself up from a slip, the canister slowly starts to bob away from the tentacle.

‘I know, I will try to magnitise the canister with my “Tesla Rifle” (patent pending)’, and with that Nikola pulls out his rifle and lets it dischage out in to the floating canister, making a direct hit, causing it to start to glow and move towards the tentacle.  All of a sudden the canister slaps up against the tentacle as the glow intensifies, and then it explodes ripping through the appendage wrapped around the plane tail, sending a shower of  hot metal everywhere.  Smoke and steam hiss out from the servered tentacle.

Once the pull had gone, James take to the skies with a loud engine roar, climbing higher and circling around the squid as it hisses up at them.  With that the squid submerges itself again just below the surface, following the airborn craft as it circles.  After a short while it sinks back under and heads off  towards the island.

James decides to do a few more circle in the air and then follow back to the island, taking a wider arc around to the same location they landed previously.  The squid appears to have been heading towards the cave, so they land and get out of the dingy.  Before heading over to their previous loaction on land, they go around the plane to survey the damage sustained, a lovely great hole can been seen through the tail section of the plane, no more underwater adventure for now.

After disembarking on the shale beach, they secure the dingy and head on over towards the cave.  On drawing near they discover that the squid is in fact parked over the entrance to the cave, tentacles all splayed out.  Also about four to five men wearing red uniforms, seem to be setting up some kind of equipment near the entrance, one of which looks in their general direction, exclaiming and pointing.

Who are these men in red, and what are they doing near the entrance to the cave.  What other surprises lay in wait for our adventures, and what else is this squid vessel capable of doing.  And what will happen on this island tomorrow?  Join us next time.


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