A plan is formulated

It is getting late in the evening as the sun tries to set, but being this far north it doesn’t stay down for long.

Nikola walks out in to the clearing, as bold as brass, going straight up to the red shirted guy who had pointed in their general direction, while James and Veronica stay back hidden in the overgrowth.  He demands to see Edison, as he was instructed to be here to help with the experiment, and to deliver some parts.

The guy in red does not look convinced, and draws a gun, pointing it straight at Nikola, explaining that ‘the executives gave strict orders, no one was to get near the cave.’  A further two red shirts come from the direction of the cave, a few of tentacles on the squid move to let them pass, as they head directly over to Nikola.  One of the red shirts takes charge of the situation, while the other two stand guard, and a further two are out by the squid moving boxes and pieces of equipment about, to and from the strange shaped vessel.

So Nikola changes tact slightly, looking around covertly to see if his two companions are up to anything, and produces the notepad that belongs to Edison, thrusting it in front of the guy in charge, demanding that he be allowed in to help with Edison, who was supposed to be here, and get this experiment under way, how else would he have Edison’s notes!

Finally they fall for the ploy that Nikola weaves on the spot, leading him to the cave.  As they approach the squid blocking the cave entrance, three tentacles animate and move aside for them to pass, the red shirt in charge carrying the notepad as they go.

Back in the overgrowth, James and Veronica seeing and hearing snippets of what is going on, decide to go back to Edison and check that he is still there and will not cause a problem for Nikola and his unknown plan.  When they approach the spot where Edison was left, they still find him there, tied up and unconscious, with dried blood on his forehead.

Veronica goes over to him and begins to wash his wounds, cleaning him up and bring him around from his dreams of youth and his strict mother, (by the sounds of his murmuring).  Once he is fully conscious and she has given him some water to drink, she begins to question him again, on what is happening, but he doesn’t play ball, he states that he will happily comply, give them all the information they want, but for a price, a mutual exchange of information, how they got there so quick and the technology behind their transport.

James picks up a random rock from the floor and tosses it in Edison’s general direction, ‘answer the lady, otherwise the price we pay you will be in pain’, the rock lands near to him.  ‘With a throw like that, how can that possibly be a threat my good man’, with this James hands Veronica his gun, making sure Edison gets the picture of what can come next.

Veronica explains to him that they have his notepad, upon hearing this he loosens his tongue a little, but the only worthwhile news from his lips, is that they plan on creating a large tidal wave to crush America.  She pursues with her questioning, but gets nowhere fast and decides to knock Edison back out, bending over him and starts to hit him repeatedly with the butt of James’ gun.

James quickly steps in, taking the gun back from Veronica, ‘I think that is enough’.  Veronica then slumps down to the floor and sits there looking at Edison.

Nikola is lead to a metal folding chair that is opened for him to sit on, instructed to wait there and not to touch anything, so he sits there in the middle of the space he has been lead into, taking in his surroundings.  There are wooden crates placed randomly about the place, being unpacked or more brought in, and he watches as the red shirt in charge starts to leaf through Edison’s notepad.  Nikola studies him intently, seeing if he can make out anything of what the guy is gathering from within the mystical pad.

‘Where on Earth is Edison, he was supposed to be here to meet me?’  Nikola pipes up, stopping the guy from further reading of the journal.  He is told that they had a signal from Edison that got interrupted, and then were chased by some submersible plane.  ‘Which bring me on to the subject of how you got here on this island’ Nikola is asked, by this time larger apparatus are being carried in and put into position in the cave.

Five large metal coils are moved in to the cave, and put into certain locations, each with a chair positioned behind, the coils are each of different sizes.  Nikola uses this as a distraction from the question asked of him, asking his own questions, and informing of things that need to be done.  Taking note that it appears that they are using this as some sort of power storage.  He is told that the chairs are for each of the executives, and that they are very busy at the moment awaiting further orders.  The process is due to be activated at around thirty minutes past noon, and that it is critical this be met, as the last time this occurrence happened was six years ago.

Veronica sits there looking at Edison, thinking and contemplating things, when she jumps up with an idea, looking over Edison in great detail, even asking James to please stand Edison up and hold him.  She looks at his height and compares it to James, then at herself.  With this she proclaims with the voice of Edison, that she will impersonate our dear friend Edison here, and gain entry to the cave, see what mischief Nikola has got himself in.

They move back down to the overgrowth near the cave, bringing Edison with them, they dress him up in Veronica’s clothes, while Veronica climbs into his.  James securing Edison to a tree, bound and gagged, but making sure he is comfortable in his current health condition, but also making sure he can’t cause any trouble for what is planned.

As Nikola is checking over the machinery, without actually touching any of it, as instructed, be sees his old nemesis walk in to the cave, a lump rises in his throat, and a bead of sweat starts to roll down the side of his head.

‘Ah Nikola my good friend, I see you managed to make it here, so glad that you could come’, Edison exclaims out loud in Nikola’s direction, ‘shall we get on with our experiment, and the preparations needed’, as she walks over to him, resting a friendly hand on his shoulder and feeling a tremble slowly ebb away.

‘Wow, James has out done himself this time, a robotic lookalike of Edison’, Nikola mumbles under his breath, ‘I think not’ Veronica whispers back in her own voice.

The men in red shirts leave them to get on with their work, while they busy themselves with their own chores.  Nikola and Veronica keep the act up, going over what is needed for the experiment, while also coming up with a plan of what to do next.  Veronica retrieves Edison’s notepad back from the red shirt in charge, using it with Nikola’s help, to figure out what is needed to be done, and how it is all supposed to work.

Nikola plans to alter how the experiment will work, changing it to discharge electricity in to the occupants of the chairs, stunning them for capture.  He leaves Veronica/Edison, and goes out to inform James of their plan.

James has managed to keep Edison quiet and comfortable for many hours, while awaiting any news of what has been happening.  Nikola comes out and finds him close to midday, stopping and finding it difficult not to laugh at the sight of Edison in Veronica’s clothing.  He informs James of his plan, and James suggest that it may be a good idea to try to have all the red shirts close together, and have the experiment discharge in a wide area to hit them too.  Nikola agrees on his marvelous addition to the plan, and lets him know that he will know when to act and charge in to the cave, he looks at his watch ‘in about twenty-nine minutes and thirteen seconds.’  With this he walks back to the cave.

Will Edison be able to live down the image of him dressed in female clothes, can the cave take an experiment being changed by Nikola.  What will happen to the executives, what is supposed to happen, and who are they, who do they work for?  Hopefully we may find out in our finale next week.

One thought on “A plan is formulated

  1. Maybe the executives control the apparatus by thought process.
    Are the coils in front of the five chairs (Tesla coils?)
    Once again we are on the edge of our seats and have to be patient for the final instalment.

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