RPG release news

It has been announced that the new Fallout 3 game, Fallout 3 New Vegas, will be released this October, around the 22nd.  The game will be taking place during the same time period, but at a different location to Fallout 3.  Your character will be starting off dead, and then being rejuvinated, also if you are familiar with the game then you can get stuck straight in to the game, instead of going through the tutorial part of the game.

There is news of the sequel to Two World roleplaying game, it is actually being released.  The developers have been paying attention to all the criticism, and addressing all these issues.  Take a look at their webisodes they have uploaded to YouTube.  I have included the first episode here.  Two Worlds II is scheduled to be released in Spetember 2010

There are a further two episodes so far, so if you enjoyed this one then it may be worth taking a look at them too.

Also here is a video for Fable III that focuses on the plight of the chicken.  The game is due for release on 29th October 2010.


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