Dragon Age Origin news

A listing has appeared on a US game store site, there looks like an Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age Origin will be arriving in shops soon.  (Scheduled for 12th October 2010.)  This would lead us to assume that this edition of the game will arrive bundled with all the downloadable content that is currently available, Golems of Amgarrak, Leliana’s Song, Darkspawn Chronicles, Return to Ostagar, Warden’s Keep, The Stone Prisoner, along with the Awakening expansion, and maybe even the feastday gifts & pranks additions.  This is being listed with a $59.99 retail price.

Also while we are talking about Dragon Age Origin, the deal of the week on the Xbox Live marketplace (for gold subscribers), until 22nd August you can get yourself Awakening, Return to Ostagar, and Warden’s Keep at a reduced price.  You can also buy for your avatar the Blood Dragon Red Avatar T-shirt at a reduced price.


4 thoughts on “Dragon Age Origin news

  1. I might have to pick this up. I only got to play Dragon Age: Origins on loan, and while I did finish a playthrough, I still want to see the other storylines and snatch up more ‘cheeves.

    Plus, it’ll get me even more excited for Dragon Age 2!

  2. If you like playing RPGs, and enjoyed playing this then I would recommend that you get this edition when it comes out.
    Some of the dlc are better than others, and I did enjoy playing the Awakening expansion, I just need to play the latest 2 dlcs.
    I am looking forward to getting my hands on this edition of the game, I hope that they will sort out the glitch on the 1000 darkspawn kills cheevos as this just will not pop for me. 😦

    • Ah, that one I luckily got without any issues.
      One theory I’ve read, though, is that it only counts the kills made by your main character even though the stats will show kills made by your whole party.
      I hope it pops for you eventually!

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