New Halloween adventure

Due for release as a download on the Xbox’s marketplace, and on the Playstation’s Store, is a new adventure/rpg from Double Fine Studios and will be published by THQ.  This new IP will be titled Costume Quest and will be available on 31st October 2010.

The game is set during a Halloween night, in an American suburb, following a young boy’s search for his little sister, or you could play a little girl’s search for her lost sibling.  During the game you will encounter other kids and of course monsters, during the fights the kids will become bigger versions of the costumes worn.  Oh and you have a curfew to be home by.

There is also a possibility that there will be additional dlc at a later date, I suppose this will depend on how well the game is received come release.

Check out Double Fine Studio‘s web site for more pictures and news, the above two picture are from their site.


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