Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader: Series 3: Things get worse!

Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader: Series 3: Things get worse!

Somewhere in the Kronos expanse the Bismarck floats soundlessly, a bitter gift lurking in her hold. A daemon is lose upon the ship.

As the scout ships come back relaying information on what bountiful planets are ripe for plundering, Xanatov slips amongst the hulls, recruiting ner do wells and connivers into an impromptu spy network, looking for clues to the malignant visitors location.

As they wait for responses to come back, a green planet lies out ahead, with ruins holding unknown wonders, more worryingly the crew report visions of the emperor which seem to stem from a ruined planet nearby. Aviners ears pick up to planets nestled in an area of asteroids where the unusual conditions have resulted in odd gravity waves, perfect for the creation of rare metals.

The first reports come back of daemon worshipping within the Tech Priests. With the hunt on, a jubilant Sigmund request a squad of murder servitors from Aviner and sets them upon the Tech Priests. As the thunderous firepower quiets the report comes back, negative, no daemonic worship was taking place. Incensed at this following so close to the tech heresy dealings with Paracelsus, Aviner berates the Captain, who smiles and replies, don’t take everything so seriously, then walks contemptuously away.

As the lord captain returns to his chamber he finds an obscure tome lying awaiting it. Smiling he examines what he soon realises to be a heretical text of unimaginable evil and power. Questioning not how it came to be here, he seizes the opportunity to take what could be a very useful asset. He conceals it from the more… close minded, of his crew before returning to his preferred pass times.

As Seigmund pisses his time away in drunken debauchery, he orders Xanatov and Aviner to arrange a party for the ship, and to deal with that daemon. Close to rebellion, the two arrange to keep the captain out of the loop as they instead organize a mass religious gathering to weaken the daemon. As they do so they run afoul of the dark daemons trails, but Brother Gideon comes upon then, his blind burning faith (and flamer) keeping the creature from manifesting. Xanatov gains the Zealots aid in the hunt for the daemon, and they prepare for a final hunt for the Chaos beast.

Whilst this is being prepared the warning klaxons sound, several small craft are closing upon the Bismarck. The ships defy in depth scans, and seem to be shifting alien crystal. Sigmund orders the battle stations and the craft turns ponderously to respond. In aching slow hours of move and countermove, the Bismarck turns, its machine spirit aided to exceptional prowess by Aviner, as Xanatov unleash the battle arsenal. Despite the hours of maneuvering, it seems but moments before the crafts are either dust of retreating, and the crew rejoice with amasec and coarse cheers.

A quick voice com goes from Aviner to Sente “are you ok?” A dark laughing voice responds, taunting Aviner. Crying for help over the coms Aviner runs towards the source of the message in a foolhardy attempt to stop the daemon before it harms his beloved.

Deep in the bowels of the ship the source is found, amongst eldritch moans, and dry smoke clouds that sap the very hope from existence, the daemon nestles, skulking over the prone form of Sente. Brutalised by the horrors of the warp facing him Aviner once again snaps, falling into a bezerk rage, only the strongest of willpower of the luckiest of chance keeps his wild blows from harming the one he came here to protect, as the daemon laughs, floating its form into Aviner to possess him for worse yet atrocities.

The internal battle rages, in the distance help is coming, but far too late. With a final titanic effort Aviner forces the daemon from his body. As he lies exhausted, the daemon mist form seeps over Sente. Releasing with horror what it intends to do, Aviner grabs Sente and tries to drag her away from the possessing daemon, into the bowels of the ship.

As he runs, Sentes eyes snap open, and she lifts the Tech Priests above her with ease. From within the Daemons voice spills out “Hello Lover”

Moments later Seigmund and Xanatov arrive to find the area deserted. Finding no trace of the Tech Priest, Sigmund shrugs, “ I’m sure the tech priest can take of it himself” and turns back to the chance of profit that lies in the space beyond.


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