The Adventure Finale

James waits patiently outside, keeping an eye on the wounded, tied up Edison in Veronica’s clothes.  He keeps an eye on the entrance to the cave, awaiting for the obvious signal that will come as per Nikola’s instructions, and from time to time making sure that Edison is still unconscious and breathing.

Nikola is inside the cave with Edison disguised Veronica, going over what appears to be, last minute checks on the machinery.  As the time draws near, five red shirt guards begin to stand back by the squid vessel, and inform Nikola and Veronica to step away from the device.

The five executives step out from the unusual shaped craft, four men and one woman, all dressed in expensive clothes from New York.  They all head over to the chairs, each taking their position on a chair.  Veronica notices that they seem to be dressed the same as in the previous experiment six years ago.  One of them is clothed in a butler outfit.  From the looks of them, they do not know how it will work, but are doing their best to make sure everything proceeds as per the previous experiment.  They look nervous, and keep eyeing up Nikola.

One of the guards looks at Nikola questionably, and informs him to return back to the submersible.  ‘Guards! Take this man away immediately’, the butler dressed executive points at Nikola, ‘double check that everything with this contraption will work’, he looks over at Veronica.

Veronica, in her best Edison voice, argues that he will be needed in helping check over the machinery.  Eventually the butler gives in, but not without insisting that Nikola can only stay if he guarantees that he will keep his mouth shut.

Outside, James keeps himself busy while looking after the real Edison, and surveying the cave mouth.  He checks over his gun, making sure that he has a full clip in his gun, and that everything is clean and functioning.

Beads of sweat roll slowly down each of the executives foreheads, as everyone inside the cave feels a static build up.  Something starts to shimmer in the center of the mirror, small and insignificant.  Energies start to build and emanate from all around in the cave.  The five guards all start to walk to pre defined spots as if by a six year old script, unfortunately only one of them is close enough to the machinery now.  The coils begin to glow with heat and vibrate with energy, as sharp jagged sparks start to dance between them.

A light starts to grow and form above the mirror, as if like a hologram, creating an image of the infinite space and all its stars and constellations.

James feels a static build up outside as his hair begins to rise all over his body, and starts to see sparks escaping from the mouth of the cave.  He jumps to his feet and runs for the entrance to the cave, gun ready, safety off.  Only stopping once he gains the cave mouth.

Nikola very slowly edges Veronica with him towards a safer place away from any wild lashing electricity.  The image of space grows bigger as large cracks of sound, like electrical whips snapping in freedom, emanate from the machinery.  All of a sudden the image vanishes as the mirror begins to turn, spinning faster and faster.

Nikola pushes Veronica down, diving for cover.  The five guards bolt towards the squid.  The executives all seem motionless in their chairs as small blue light race over their bodies, all that is except for one, the one dressed like a butler.

James fires a warning shot at the feet of the lead guard as they all head his way.  They scatter in all direction, totally confused by what is happening around them.  James fires again at the closest fleeing guard, taking him down, leaving two pairs of guards scattering.  He informs them to surrender and no harm will come to them.  Two of the guards quickly drop their guns and run out of the cave, like young children leaving the ghost house.  The two remaining guards run behind cover.  James raises his gun again towards them.

Nikola asks Veronica to handcuff the butler, who looks like the electricity has not effected, as he just sits there with his eyes closed, not reacting to what is happening around him.

The two remaining guards drop their guns and head towards James.  ‘What have you been doing here?’  A pair of voices speak in unison, with no emotion, from the guards mouths.  ‘Nikola what is happening here?’ James shouts for his assistance.

‘Can you do this?’ Asks the guards as they raise their right arms in unison, ‘we are no more.’  Nikola tries to talk to them, reason with them, asking who they are?  ‘The brick does not exists without a house’, they carry on, ‘the house exists.’  James just gets more confused by the proceedings.

The guards as one point their fingers towards Nikola.  And just dives for cover in time to miss an explosion of fire, as it appears in the space he once stood.

James fires his gun at them, missing their hands which he aimed for, and catching one with a glancing blow in the shoulder, moving him back slightly.  With this they both look his way, and the cave roof starts to shudder, cracks appear in the rock and dust begin to rain down.

Veronica lunges, and punches one in the shoulder, the same one that got shot.  They both react with a wave of pain as she contacts with the wounded shoulder.

James shoots again, aiming for the head.  Again the wounded one takes a hit, this time impacting in the jaw, both stagger and look surprised as one.  ‘See that.’  Pronounces the health guard, while the wounded just gurgles his words.

The injured guard makes a grab for Veronica, while the other walks towards the machinery.  She just bashes him away like an irritating fly, as he staggers about.

‘I have a cunning plan!’ proclaims Nikola, ‘keep them busy with chat of how peaceful we are.’  With this he goes over to the butler.

The injured guard just lulls about as if he is one of the walking dead, so James takes aim at the healthy one.  The guard staggers forward as his body impacts with force from a bullet as it meets with flesh in a shower of blood.  But the guard still carries on towards the butler handcuffed in the chair.

The guard walks straight passed Nikola and picks up the chair with the butler still sat upon.  Veronica again lunges and makes contact with the healthy guard this time.  The executive skids across the floor as the chair smashes on impact with the floor.

Nikola picks a couple of wires that run from one of the coils, and plunges them in to the prone butler, in hopes to stop the guy’s heart from beating.  Smokey sparks erupt on his chest from the area of the guy’s heart.

A female dressed Edison walks in to the mouth of the cave, heading towards the entrance to the squid.  James tries to fire a warning shot at his feet, but this time his gun refuses to operate as if jammed.

The red shirt guard carries on with his mission, and picks up the butler, totally ignoring the fact that Nikola is there.  Nikola just manages to check the pulse on the butler, discovering that it still beats, if somewhat erratic.

James checks over his gun to find that it is not jammed, and can find no reason for it’s in operation, it was as if the hammer didn’t want to make contact.

The guard starts carrying the butler towards the squid.  The doors on the squid open as Edison walks to the door and enters, as if aware of his presence and welcoming him in.

Veronica kicks at the guard carrying the butler, knocking him down to his knees, but he does not release his burden, instead he ignores her and stands back up and carries on towards the squid.  She sees that Nikola runs on to the squid with James close behind.

Nikola runs on to the squid and descend in to the bowls of the engine room, while James chases after him, stopping once on board unsure where to head next or what to do, but ready for what may come.

Veronica makes a parting hit on the guard as she too runs to board the squid, as the guard slowly carries on walking towards the vessel.

Nikola starts to tamper with the pistons and machinery in the engine room, taking longer than he thought as it appears more complex than he imagined.

The real Edison starts the engines of the squid and close the doors, leaving behind the guard carrying the butler.  With this James heads in to the control room, finding Edison, still dressed in Veronica’s clothes.  ‘What are you doing onboard?’  ‘Came for the joy ride’ answers James pointing his gun at Edison.  ‘We are getting away from here, the king will find us!’ ‘What?’ James looks puzzled, and Veronica enters trying to get more information from him, ‘king of the world’ Edison replies with desperation in his voice, and genuine fear in his eyes.

A large, loud crack and crash comes from below, in the general direction of the engine room, and slowly the vessel draws to a halt, marooned about a mile off shore and submerged under the water.

Nikola enters the conversation with a smile on his face, and a show of pride at his handy work.  With this Edison and Nikola start on each other again, arguing and bickering like an old married couple.

Blip, ping, as the radar sounds an alarm of something near.  Edison exclaims with fright as he looks at a yacht sized blip on the radar.  Informing the others that they have been found, and soon there will be depth charges dropped.

Edison explains about a plan he has come up with that will save all their lives, if Nikola still has his unique gun.  Again more tug of war with words as they both argue on the plan and what is needed, Nikola arguing the theories of using his gun in the water, and Edison explaining that it is their only chance, and if done correctly, it should be safe.

They get interrupted as the vessel is rocked from the shock of an exploding depth charge.  Edison is beginning to look really pale, and sweating profusely, he agrees to Nikola’s demands and apologised for his wrongs he has done to him.  With this Nikola agrees to go along with Edison’s plan and enter the torpedo tube.

Another explosion rocks the vessel, as the explosions are drawing nearer.  Nikola reluctantly enters one of the torpedo tubes, questioning Edison’s plan as he stumbles in.  As the hatch to the tube closes on Nikola, they can still make out his protests, which of course are directed at Edison.

Slowly the tube fills with water as another explosion rocks the vessel again.  Nikola gets his gun ready, having it charge up ready to be fired.  Once the chamber is filled the outer hatch opens and Nikola swims out.  Another charge explodes getting very close, Nikola feels the shock wave from the explosion, but grins and bears it, fighting on, he aims at the black trail that comes from the exploded depth charge, just like Edison mentioned, Nikola releases the built up charge from his tesla rifle, and it impacts on target, hitting the trail in a burst of electricity.  Glowing arcs of electricity race up the black inky trail, detonating another charge that is slowly sinking from the yacht.  The explosion rocks the craft viciously, throwing men and more charges from the vessel.

The remaining crew on board realising what has happened, quickly make their escape, and sail away in to the distance.  Edison manages to easily fix Nikola’s sabotage in the engine room, and have the squid mobile again.  He asks James and Nikola if they want him to pick Nikola up or leave him in the sea.

Edison picks up Nikola and drops off all three on the island, leaving them there as he is left to sail away, free from pursuit and in peace.  They arrive at James’ plane to discover it has been investigated, but luckily not tampered with.  Nikola helps fix the damage on the tail, and then they set off, away from this strange northern island in the middle of the sea, as the sun slowly sinks in the sky.



One thought on “The Adventure Finale

  1. We seem to have waited with anticipation years for this finale(well a week anyway!)
    The game has aroused my interest due to the involvment of characters from the scientific past.
    The element of chance makes for a very interesting and unpredictable chain of events.
    I think this game is the best to date.
    Congratulations to the players and the excellent descriptive work on the blog.

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