New systems to the collection

Over the weekend I found myself with some spare cash and decided to treat myself.  I wound up in a game and merchandise shop and had a good look around for some cheap deals/bargains.  The big problem was that I found a lot, more than I could afford so had to make the choice of what to buy and what to leave behind.

The choice I made was to go for what I had already set my mind to, which was a new roleplaying game book, a new system, I knew what I wanted as I had seen it there before and always regretted not buying it afterwards, countless times I may add.  Anyway as I was browsing around the shelf I found the book, still there, amazing, but still in its poor condition, which put me off buying it on previous visits.  The best bit was the fact that they had put it out on a sale, so now was a much more appealing price, so it had to be mine. I grabbed it in my sweaty mitts and carried on pursuing the hunt for more tasty bargains.

Rear cover of Army of Darkness

Not only was this RPG book there on sale, but many more that took my fancy, and all at great prices.  From supplement book to full game systems.  Choices, choices.  Next I spotted this little book.

Rear cover of Shadows of Cthulhu

Now I am a big fan of Cthulhu, and aim to buy all the different systems eventually.  I loved reading all of H. P. Lovecraft’s novels, and just really enjoy the idea behind the game.  There certainly are some interesting takes on the mythos, with interesting game systems.

Next I spotted this game, which I have heard about many times and never got around to playing before.

Rear cover of Cyberpunk

I have played similar games like Shadowrun, and enjoyed playing them, and as I have heard good things about this game I thought, this just had to be mine too.

Now the next one I found was a game that I had forgotten about, but had always wanted to play, and just loved the idea.  As people who know me, I have an interest in all things martial arts and asian culture.

Rear cover of Legend of the Five Rings

So it was a real treat to find this game system in amongst the sale books too, and like the two previous books, it was in great condition, and the quality of print and binding was a joy to hold.

The next two games I came across, I looked at then carried on looking through the rest of the sale items before going back to.  I have not heard of these games before, and they both intrigued me.

Rear cover of Shard

This one was another example of a great produced book, it was thick and sturdy, with lovely print quality.  And the game system and world sounded interesting, I wanted to be able to visit there and see what adventure would unfold.

Lastly was this game system that came as a box set, which also included a set of dice.  (Well that sold it to me right on the spot) 😛

Bottom of Tainted Lands box

Now I have always loved a good horror story, and liked the idea of mixing horror with fantasy, and I enjoyed playing/running a game of Ravenloft before, so thought I would give this game a try.  And at such a bargain price, along with all the others, I thought I would risk it and give it a shot.

Finally here are all six new RPGs I bought over the weekend.  I am looking forward to giving them a proper check out, and read through.  Perhaps some fellow readers have played one or two of these before and can make suggestions.

All six games together from the front

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