A new beginning

Before I start this weeks installment of the new game, I would like to introduce and welcome another gamer to the group, who has roleplayed before and is glad to be back playing again, even if it is over the internet instead of around a table.  Also this week we do not have Tanja as she was too ill to join in.  So welcome Jason, and hope you can stick it out.  And we hope Tanja will feel better soon.

So as I mentioned this game will be Ninja Burger and I will be running the session this time around, my role will be the Dispatcher called Hansuke Higuchi, Jason will be playing the Driver named Fujiwara Kiyoshi, Will chose to be a Deliverator called Nagakura Toshiro, and Chris went with being the Navigator by the name of Hidari Kamatari.


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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