An order to be fulfilled

The large hand on the clock of the wall has just reached the twelve, while the smaller hand happily points at the six, letting all in the room read the correct time if they so wish to spare any of their’s to look at it.

The room is the lobby of a typical looking themed fast food restaurant, with a dozen customers sat upon various plastic chairs and benches with tatty upholstery.  An employee dressed all in black is busy cleaning up a spilled mess from the floor, while other young black dressed teenagers stand behind the counter, next to the cash registers.

As three black garbed people enter the doors to the restaurant, the shift manager looks away from the clock and greets the three newcomers with a smile across his aged, scarred face.  He leads them past the fry vat, burger grills, and a variety of heat lamps to ‘the back’.  The back is home to the industrial cleaning unit and sink with a high pressure hose,  the shift manager introduces himself as Touji as he leads them into a walk in freezer, and fumbles with a hidden lever.  With this a false wall panel slides open revealing an elevator.

The elevator descends down deep into a vast subterranean complex.  Touji leads them from here out into a large garage, through to a large training room separated by Japanese style wooden slats and stretched paper walls.  Here a few black dressed ninjas throw shuriken at samurai garbed targets and spar with staves.

Touji is about to leave the three new ninja employees here when he is interrupted by his phone ringing, after a moment he hangs up with a slight surprised expression and leads the new employees down a hall to the break room, informing them to await their Dispatcher, then leaves.

One of the new employees produces an ice cream from a hidden pocket and proceeds to eat the frozen delight, while another introduces himself to the sweet tooth.  ‘Hi, I am Nagakura Toshiro’.  Between mouthfuls, ‘hello, I am Fujiwara Kiyoshi, pleased to meet you’.  Mean while the third one seems to have gone very quiet and still as he slowly scans the room, paying close attention to all the bonsai and plants scattered around the room, finally focus in on the floor fan in the corner of the room, walking over to it and giving it the once over with his eyes.  He turns back to the others to find them both looking at him, ‘everything seems safe.  Hello, you can call me Hidari Kamatari’.

With this the door to the room is flung open and a fully dressed ninja enters the room, the eyes are all that can be seen of the person behind the outfit.  ‘Right we have a sudden employee shortage, we lost a team downtown.  Damn, thirty-one minutes, so close!’  He introduces himself as Hansuke Higuchi, ‘I’m afraid you will be sent out without the training’, then he gets interrupted by his beeper going off, he pulls it out and reads the text, ‘Bring two ninja burgers and a large cola to… Bill…at a beat-up trailer in lot 7, Monster Park.’  He seems to stumble over the name, taken aback.  Before anyone can say anything further he ushers them out into the garage area, informing them that this is for real and they had better be ready for their first fast delivery.

As they walk towards their awaiting van, a paper bag full of food is thrust towards them, and Toshiro reacts instinctively grabbing the bag and jumping in the van.  Hidari plots a course for them, while Kiyoshi powers out from the garage into the streets of San Francisco.

They arrive at the Monster Park in plenty of time to find the game is soon to be kicking off, and the parking lot is deserted except for the cars, empty beer bottles and a couple of people, one selling tickets and another selling t-shirts.  Hidari leans out of the window and points with a sixth sense to where they need to head inside the parking lot.

Kiyoshi slides the van to a halt near the beat-up trailer, and Toshiro jumps out landing on the roof of the trailer, trying to peer into a window, but finding that none give him a vantage point to look within.  He feels a connection with the time as it slips slowly away, urging him on, so swings himself off the roof, through a window below, smashing through the glass, curtains and boards behind the window, just missing the mess spread on the floor, lifting the paper bag, ‘two ninja burgers and a large cola for Bill’.

A woman dressed in a yellow jumpsuit stands before Toshiro, an eye patch on each eye, with a sword drawn and ready, and a man sits further back behind her in the shadows.  She proclaims to know nothing of an order for fast food, or of this Bill person, in an insulting tone using the words ‘black pyjama brigade’ often.  Toshiro tries to argue with her, but she has none of it, just increasing her insults.

Hidari hearing this, jumps out of the van onto the roof of the trailer, then through the broken window joining Toshiro inside, his black sash getting caught on a piece of broken glass still in the window frame, drawing the attention of everyone.  He tries to back up Toshiro’s protests after a failed attempt at sneaking in and to sneak past the woman who shifts to meet his movements, sword changing position to an offensive posture.  Unfortunately they still get no further with the delivery, only increasing the barrage of insults.

With the time passed and police sirens sounding, a failed delivery hanging heavy over the three, Hidari and Toshiro alerted by the sirens leap out through the broken window into the waiting van.  ‘This is dispatch here’, comes over the headsets, ‘we have just had confirmation that Bill has just cancelled his order mere seconds before the time was up.  Nobody cancels on Ninja Burger.  You have new orders, hunt Bill down’.

Kiyoshi tries to power away from the scene before the police surround them, but manages to bump in to a couple of cars before stalling the engine.  ‘Ninja Burger will disavow any knowledge of captured employees’, dispatch reminds them.

Police demand that they surrender, but Hidari jumps out dropping a smoke bomb and a handful of caltrops, as he covers his escape behind some parked cars, Kiyoshi takes the keys out of the van and walks slowly towards the police in a surrendered posture, while Toshiro waits inside.

The police fire at a fleeing Hidari narrowly missing him as bullets hit the car he dives behind.  Kiyoshi lunges at a near by police office, taking him down. Toshiro jumps out of the van and charges towards a guy holding a shotgun, stood at the doorway of the trailer, the yellow jumpsuit woman standing behind him.

Bullets start to fly all over the place as the police try to take control of the situation, the guy with the shotgun lets loose the raw power of his firearm as Toshiro tries to take him out, taking hits from both the police and this guy.  Hidari manages to syphon some petrol from a car and take cover behind the trailer, lighting his makeshift molotov.  Kiyoshi tries to take on more of the police, but takes some hits before dropping his own smoke bombs and diving for cover under the trailer.

A bottle flies through a broken window in a trail of black smoke, and then smashes to the floor of the trailer, fire and liquid escaping in a shower of erotic dance as it starts to consume everything it touches.  Toshiro gets peppered with bullets as he tries to fight the woman, after leaving the guy to struggle with his knife stuffed down the barrel of the guy’s shotgun.  Kiyoshi throws a dagger at the shotgun guy, liquid glinting on the blade from the car park lighting, hitting him deep in his thigh.  Hidari sneaks around to the front of the trailer and makes an attack on the shotgun guy, trying to slit his throat, but the guy takes him by surprise with his drunken swaying, and manages to avoid the strike.

Kiyoshi throws another dagger, but this time at the woman, as Hidari leaps back to the shadows of the trailer.  The shotgun guy finally manages to loosen the knife from the barrel of this gun, as he falls face first to the asphalt, the knife bouncing from the gun.  Toshiro keeps on taking a bashing as he struggles with this blind swordswoman, she seems to anticipate his every move.

Fire in the trailers starts to get out of control as heat radiates out, and the metal starts to make strange sounds.  The woman final collapses with a dagger stuck in her rear.  The police can be heard radio in for back-up, and demanding a final, immediate surrender.

Hidari stays hid and protected by the trailer as he begins fishing for I.D., through the man and womans pockets with a piece of wire and a hook.  Finding that neither of them are this Bill guy, and that the woman had a letter on her person from a Bill stating that they will meet for a round of darts once “the business is done”.

The police start firing again, and the three quickly decide to scatter and meet up further in the parking lot and steal another car to make their get away.  Kiyoshi and Toshiro instantly vanish into the shadows and disappear, while Hidari flees amongst the cars, all the while the police still firing at his every move, before managing to avoid their pursuit and himself slipping in to the shadows to be found no more.

They all meet up a short while later, further in the parking lot, Kiyoshi and Toshiro already waiting in the car for Hidari to turn up, checking their wounds and patching themselves up.  Once Hidari arrives he informs them of his findings, while Kiyoshi slowly drives out of the Monster Park.  ‘We need to find a local English themed pub’, Kiyoshi suggested, so Hidari set to finding such exotic locales.  Nothing came up for the Monster Park, only your everyday run of the mill bars and food stalls, however a pub near by flagged up called the “Fox & Whistle”, seemed like a likely target, so they head off that way, updating dispatch with their plans and findings.


2 thoughts on “An order to be fulfilled

  1. Exciting action,I never realised food delivery could be that involved.
    The three Ninja trainee’s are having to work hard at this.
    We await the outcome next week.
    Encouraging to know a new player has joined the game.
    Hope you enjoyed your first game through the ether.

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