Fatal encounter!

Hidari directs the team to the location of the Fox & Whistle pub, and they arrive without a hitch.  The pub appears to be a typical looking American bar from the outside, except that they have hung an English pub sign above the entrance, with the Fox & Whistle.

The team all enter the pub and stop in the entrance to be greeted by an English themed pub, but without any cheer.  Flickering lights hang from a low ceiling, locals crowd the place, cheering on a slender white-haired woman throwing darts between swigs from a foaming mug of dark beer.  A female can be heard screeching out something that sounds like ‘My Way’, at a karaoke machine, tucked into the far corner of the pub.  Four beady-eyed ruffians glower at each other around a card table.  And one man sits at the bar, studying a tourist map of San Francisco that hangs above the cash register.

The three black clad strangers just stand in the door way and begin to whisper as the crowd notice them enter, then Hidari disappears back out the door, Kiyoshi and Toshiro stay put waiting by the door studying the crowd.  Soon the pub’s phone rings and the barman answers it, the conversation isn’t  very long, and it ends with the barman looking at the hand set with furrowed brow, mouths something not too pleasant, then slams the handset back in its cradle, and goes back to his business.

Soon after Hidari steps back through the entrance way, and asks the other two if the phone call worked, ‘do we know where this Bill is?’  They report the negative outcome.  They discuss another plan, and this time Toshiro shouts out for all the pub to hear, ‘Taxi for Bill!’.  The pub falls silent for a split second as everyone stops and looks over at the announcer, before resuming their previous activities.  The man sat at the bar who happens to be toying with a serrated steak knife stands and proclaims, ‘I have your Bill right here!’, pointing the knife with a cackle, he throws the knife, and it whistles within a hair’s breadth of the barman’s ear, then there is an explosion of smoke and a flash of light.  As a billowing fog disperses, nothing of the guy remains except for the still quivering knife stuck in the map on the wall.

With haste Hidari disappears back through the entrance, while Kiyoshi leaps over the bar drawing his wakizashi and faces the barman, mean while Toshiro starts looking for hidden trap doors.  Hidari finds no sign of anyone fleeing the scene, and leaps up to a sign for a higher advantage point, scanning the streets on the look out, and pulls out his notepad computer, collecting information on the pub and its exits, nearby sewerage systems, any possible escape routes.

Toshiro has no joy in finding any hidden trap doors, and proceeds to the doorway behind the bar to investigate the back rooms.  Kiyoshi confronts the barman asking him for his name, and if he knows of a Bill.  The barman is very agitated by this and protests about this intrusion, and black clad nutters keeping on about some Bill guy.  Kiyoshi gets nowhere with the barman so hits him over the head with the handle of his sword, and walks on over to the doors leading to the toilets, leaving the barman collapsed on his knees cradling his head.

Hidari collates all the information he has gathered and finds that the pub has no other entrances except for the customer entrance and one at the rear for the owner.  Nothing has been altered, no construction changes.  There is a sewage entrance nearby by that maybe a possible route of exit.

Ferreting around the back rooms of the pub, Toshiro finds no one hidden away or any place to escape, he has drawn a blank, so heads back into the bar area and takes a look at the knife.

In the mean time Kiyoshi walks down a dimly light short corridor that ends in a t-junction with a door at either end, one for ‘Ladies’, and the other for ‘Gentleman’.  He turns and opens the door to the female toilets, and enters finding it empty, just three hand basins with a mirror above each, and opposite are three cubicles, two of the doors are ajar, while the remaining door is closed.  Kiyoshi kicks in the far end door, finding nothing or no one inside, but hears a female squeal of shock from within the centre, closed cubicle.  Then he kicks in the door on the other side, leaving the centre one for now.  Again he finds nothing or no one inside, but hears another startled squeal from the centre cubicle, this time a bit louder and more frantic sounding.  Finally Hidari braces himself and squares off for the final door, he kicks in the door with force, sending the door crashing open to reveal a middle-aged woman in a semi crouch, desperately trying to pull her pants and trousers up quickly.  Upon finding herself almost naked and doing her business, with a man all dressed in black stood in the doorway to her cubicle, she lets out a loud scream, everyone in the pub can hear, even Hidari sat outside hears a scream of a woman in danger.

Toshiro stops his studying of the knife and map, pulls the blade out, releasing it from its resting place, taking note of where on the map the knife had struck and looks over towards the toilets expectantly.  Hidari radios in to check if everything is alright, jumps down and heads on over to the pub.  Kiyoshi on the spur of the moment whips out his wallet and flashes an ID, claiming to be health and safety inspector before making a quick exit, but before leaving the toilets, having to return and pick up a small square packet with a ringed bulge and slipping it back in his wallet, ‘um, rubbers gloves’.

Kiyoshi heads on over to Toshiro, as Toshiro and the whole pub witness Kiyoshi exit the toilets followed shortly by a frantic woman screaming, and shouting ‘pervert!’ as she points at Kiyoshi.  ‘I think we had better get out of here, sharpish!’ suggests Toshiro as he herds Kiyoshi out the back room and then out into the streets.  Hidari enters the pub to find the crowd all turn to look at him as he enters, a woman turns and points his way, ‘another one of them black perverts, quick call the police.’  Hidari notices the other two leaving the bar area towards the back, and with many people bring out their cell phones, makes a hasty exit himself.

Team Ninja Burger quickly find themselves back at the car, and head off in any direction to quickly get away from that mad pub, as they travel Toshiro shares his discovery with the rest of the team, ‘the knife could be a clue, it was stuck in the map of San Francisco, right in the middle of the zoo, perhaps we will find Bill there.’  They all agree and head on over to The San Francisco Zoo.

The three black dressed men pull up along the southern wall of the zoo, roughly in the middle of the south gate entrance and the southern main entrance.  They quickly check for any observers and then scale the wall, gaining entry to the zoo with no problems.  It appears to be deserted at this time of night, except for the half asleep custodians of the zoo, and the occasional security guard staggering around the grounds.

They find themselves in an open area of the zoo, luckily no security guards nearby.  They find a map of the whole zoo compound and compare it to where roughly the knife was stuck.  This draws them to the conclusion that they need to head towards the centre where the cafe and birds aviary can be found.

The three ninjas make their way up towards the center of the compound without incident, and start heading towards the cafe when they walk past Gorilla World and Primate Discovery Center to discover that a lot of the cages are open and empty.  They stop to take in this strange scene when they hear a loud screeching like a thousand chargrilled cats coming from behind them.

Turning towards the noise they find an army of monkeys leaping out of concealment and start to attack, with a whip wielding zookeeper at the rear.  A fight ensues, with the monkey horde bearing down on the three ninjas.

Kiyoshi draws weapon after weapon from his backpack to no avail, and tries to leap over the monkeys only to find himself land in the throng surrounded by still more monkeys.  Toshiro tries to herd the monkeys away, and managed to knock down just over a handful of the mass.  Hidari leaps over the heads of the monkeys and lands near the zookeeper, battling one on one with him.

Hidari manages to take the zookeeper out of the fight, but the monkeys carry on regardless.  By this time both Toshiro and Kiyoshi are on their last legs, and now that the zookeeper has been taken out feces starts to fly as four gorillas join the fight, bearing down on Hidari.

With this change in fortune, Hidari picks up the zookeeper and leaps to Kiyoshi defence using the zookeeper as a shield, while Toshiro retreats from the fight managing to avoid any further strikes to his battle weary body.  From a safe area Toshiro watches as he sees his team mates fighting a losing battle, both Kiyoshi and Hidari get too over whelmed by the numbers and the monkeys take them both out.  Toshiro sees them both get swallowed by the mass of simians, and with seeing this charges into the fray, to help his new friends or go down fighting beside them.

Back at Ninja Burger headquarters they get a call from Bill, ‘I am afraid the new recruits didn’t pass the training.’


There ends the Ninja Burger story, not on a great note, but sometimes these things happen in the deadly life of fast food delivery.

Also part way through the battle with the monkeys at the zoo, my skype failed on me and I lost connection with the rest of the players and it was so bad I had to force a shut down of the computer because skype froze and the computer could not close and restart.  Also Jason lost connection twice the same evening.

One thought on “Fatal encounter!

  1. Um rubber gloves? Must have very small —-(hands).
    The blog is so descriptive that you can imagine actually being there!
    Sorry to hear that the new Ninja recruits failed in their mission.
    The technical problems do not seem to have interupted the flow of the game at all from the readers point of view.

    Waiting to discover the next game!

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