A night at the opera

The weather is very poor, making visibility difficult for the pilot of the helicopter, as the rain comes down and large waves crash against the ship off the coast of America.  The helicopter hovers above the ship, but at a safe distance so that the occupants are unaware of its presence, the pilot keeping it steady with ease in the storm.

There is some radio chatter between the pilot of the helicopter and an operative called Red 1.  ‘Wolf, this is Red 1, is the package still safe?  And how is the surveillance going?’  Wolf looks over his shoulder at a man sat in the back looking out of the side at the ship, ‘the package is safe, the crew of the ship has not spotted us yet, all is okay.’

Looking out the side of the helicopter at the ship, crew can be seen busying themselves on deck, no more than a handful.  A couple of them have started to haul large, heavy looking black bags from out of a hole, a metallic glint is given off from something on the men’s person.  One of the men has managed to drag a large bag and push it overboard.  It hits the surface of the sea with a large splash, but is soon swallowed up by the large waves as it sinks into the depths of the black aqua below.

The package taps the pilot, informing him of what he saw, Wolf nods his head and brings the helicopter in close, while he radios in the latest development.  Wolf opens up the outside PA and informs the smugglers to stop what they are doing and to lay on the deck.  But all this seemed to do is encourage them to move faster with their chore.

With this the package leaps out from the side of the helicopter, drawing his handgun, asking the smugglers to surrender.  By this time a couple more bags have gone overboard to the murky depths.  Wolf remembers his instructions to make sure the package stays safe, so quickly lowers the helicopter onto the deck he was just above, and shuts down the engine.  By this time an exchange of gun fire has broken out, and the package gets hit.  Wolf quickly leaps out from the pilot’s seat in hope to draw fire away from the package.  A further exchange of gun fire breaks out, and they manage to secure the deck without incurring any more damage.

A secure communication breaks through both the package and Wolf’s personal radio, addressing them as Fridge and Wolf, checking they have secured the cocaine.  Also to go below deck and find a guy with a tattoo on his face, who will tell them about a person called Billy Ray Spivey who is connected.  And finishes the call with an invitation to a night at the opera.

A small town in the middle of nowhere, at a post office that from the outside looks like it was built to attract the tourist more than anything.  Three men in suits enter the building and go up to the clerk.  Some small talk is exchanged about local places to stay and visit, and about the fact that the three are there for some special hunting, then the subject moves onto mail boxes.  Eventually the conversation leads to one of the men, who happened to do all the talking, introducing himself as Brendan Woodowski.  Slowly it dawns on the clerk who this guy is, and starts to be helpful and friendly in a different manner, asking if they would like a tea.  Woodowski reassures the guy that he has nothing to worry about, and that it is just a routine check up on an anonymous tip of he had about some packages that are being routed through here.

They spend some time finding information about why the packages are being routed through here, due to a post office being burnt down, and the investigation quickly being concluded.  About where the package is intended to go, and the addressee being a Billy Ray Spivey.  Nothing could be found about where it came from, except the closest postal area.  All three packages that have been through here have all been the same dimensions and weight.

Woodowski examines the package that happens to still be there ready to be routed on, finding that there are traces of some white powder, which he bags for tests.  His mobile goes off, and upon answering it is addressed as Aba, also whether he has found the cocaine in the package yet?  And if he would like to have a night at the opera.

Upon opening the package, they find stuffed teddy bears that have been recently stitched back up.  Upon breaking open one of the bears they find blocks of cocaine within.

A warehouse is being observed through the scope on a rifle across the street, men can be seen inside.  An all clear is given, and a group burst in on the warehouse.  Big explosions of light can be seen erupting from the building.  A man within starts to reach inside his pocket of his coat for something, but the next second a bullet explodes through his head, taking him down, and a gun flies across the floor from his grasp.  The sniper radios in a clear signal.

The situation quickly gets resolved without any complications, and the hostages are freed without harm.  The sniper outside watching everything through the scope, receives a secure communication through her radio, ‘Is this Red?  Is the hostage situation resolved?  I believe a night at the opera is called for.’

Tony Sparks introduces himself to the four operatives that sit before him, the four have never met before today, they have only heard each other over comms.  Tony informs them about Billy Ray Spivey and the drugs, it is all a cover for the investigation that is needed for this case.  He pulls out a small USB stick from his pocket, loads it up on a computer, and then plays a video clip, explaining that it is from a survellance camera.

No sound can be heard only images, as a scene plays out of a young man staggering into view of the camera, goes up to the counter and shouts something, all of a sudden he turns angry and lashes out at the attendant, throwing a punch at the guys head.  The sales person flies back with the force of the punch, a part of his head ripping off in a shower of blood and brain matter as his head snaps back.

The young man quickly grabs some pills from behind the counter, and a handful of money from the till then runs out.  The video clip ends there, and Tony explains that the young man in the clip is Billy Ray Spivey, an 18 year old from Grovesville Tennessee.  It took four rounds to bring him down, and he is in the next room, secured to a chair and drugged up to keep him sedated, there are a couple of armed FBI guards in with him with orders to shoot to kill if he escapes.  About eight days ago he just disappeared for two days, on his return he could not remember what had happened to him, and that he suffered from severe pain.  The boy’s father was brought in to help, but unfortunately the pain was so bad at one point, they boy lashed out unaware of what he was doing, putting his hand through his dad’s chest killing him.  We have done tests on the boy and found no traces of any chemicals, but there is something strange with his muscles, “something” is in his muscles.

Brendan agrees to go in an ask the boy questions, and suggests that they all have comms on, and if they can have some test equipment connected to the boy to read his reactions.  Stie volunteers to join Brendan in the room, while Sonja and Douglas wait in the other room observing through the one way mirror.

After everything has been set up, Brendan and Stie go in to the room with the young man, Stie sits himself at the back of the room, while Brendan goes and sits himself at the table opposite Billy.  Brendan greets Billy and Billy slowly responds with a slurred voice, and stating that he is severe pain, and asks for some pain killers.  They spend some time in there questioning him about his personal details, name and address, about his mum and dad, friends and siblings, what hobbies he has, and if he could remember anything about his pain.

Soon nothing else could be asked of the boy as he was becoming more concerned about the pain he was in, and he was unaware of the time scale of anything.  But they did manage to get some leads from the interrogation, like friends name, and about a naked female.  Tony informs the group that he has come across some more reports of some people missing a few hours from the same town and having pain, also reports of UFO sightings there, but these are easily found to be fakes.  Tony reminds them to keep the cover of a drug investigation, and to not draw attention to themselves.  The small town is off highway 135, and is cradled at the rear by two mountains.

By the time the four Delta Green members head off to Grosville, it is dark as they head into the unknown, hopefully fully prepared.


2 thoughts on “A night at the opera

  1. Supernatural muscles or robo muscles? Once again we will have to wait to find out.
    This game started off in a very conventional way but has now led us into another web of intrigue and amazement.
    Blog writer using effective skill with blow by blow accounts of the action.
    Well done!

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