Water Water Everywhere…..

Agents Blade and Woodowski bid Mrs Spivey a farewell and head on over to see if they can talk to Jane Allen or her parents.  They have been told that she is the daughter of an Alderman.  As they arrive at the destination, they find this area to be somewhat more upper class.  All the houses have neat, well-kept gardens, some with white picket fences.  The agents walk up to the door and ring the bell.  After a short wait, the door is opened by a woman whose face is lined with age, her gray hair tied up in a bun.  The agents explain why they are there, regarding Billy Spivey, and that they would like to talk about him and her daughter Jane.  Mrs Allen invites them in, and offers them a drink of coffee.

Agent Woodowski asks Mrs Allen about Billy, what he was like, whether he was into drugs, her thoughts on the relationship with her daughter.  All the answers given were positive, she didn’t have a bad word to say about Billy.  The last time she saw him was about a week ago.  She also informs the agents that her daughter Jane is not in at present, and would get her to contact them at the motel when she comes back.  She tells them that sometimes her daughter does not come back at night, but she does not mind, she trusts her.  She believes she is with friends, but does not know where she may be.

A beam of light from agent Stie’s flashlight pans across the bathroom, settling on the writhing mass on the floor, bubbles popping from the plug hole in the bathtub.  Stie can see that this mass looks like nothing else in this world, he quickly recoils out of the doorway, the flashlight shaking in his hand.

Slowly the smaller and larger drops scattered around the floor roll towards each other, one of the large blobs look similar to the mass that was on the dead guy’s forehead.  Douglas asks Stie to do something, but the only response from him was to repeat the question back.  Some of the gathering mass rolls around the dead body, while another gathering rolls towards Stie’s leg.  Douglas looks around the motel room to see if he can find a fire extinguisher to use, finds one luckily and grabs it, as he looks up, he finds Stie copying his actions.

Voices can be heard from outside the room, ‘have you got this thing rolling?’, ‘its rolling’, ‘good!’  Douglas pulls the pin out of the fire extinguisher and pulls the trigger, quickly aiming it at the mass, phfft, nothing, pulls again on the trigger, phfft, nothing again.  He lifts the extinguisher, noticing that the last check date is very long overdue, and throws the empty fire extinguisher at the mass.  Again Stie copies him.

With frustration, Douglas pulls out his lighter, and frantically looks around for an aerosol.  As he finds one and spins around to take aim, Stie again copies him stepping in front of him as he does so.  The writhing mass eventually finds agent Stie’s foot, and begins to roll up inside his trouser leg.

‘Phenomenon X here, reporting on some FBI agent’s investigations.’  Agent Stie this time copies the reporter, repeating what he said.  ‘What the fuck!’  ‘What the fuck!’  The mass carries on moving up Stie’s body, slithering up over his chest, and comes out again at the neckline.  Small thin tentacles start to whip out in grabbing motions.  Douglas makes a grab for the writhing mass on Stie’s neck.  As he does so Stie copies him, grabbing for Douglas’ neck.  The mass slowly oozes itself up on to Stie’s chin.  Douglas makes several attempts at grabbing the mass, but it just slips through his fingers, not being able to get a hold of it.  As he holds his hand over it trying to grab and pull, he feels that his hand is not of his own.  The tentacles snap out, wrapping themselves around Douglas’ hand.

The reporters step into the motel room, trying to film what is going on inside.  Douglas aims the aerosol at his own arm, as the mass tries to engulf it.  A burst of hot orange gas and flame leaps up his arm, the mass withering in contact with the fire.  Upon seeing this the cameraman runs out of the room in the opposite direction, Stie doing the same, runs out of the motels room coping the cameraman’s cries.  Again Douglas presses down on the nozzle of the aerosol, aiming the spray through the flame of his lighter, and again his arms feels the intense heat of the flame as it licks at his skin.  Finally the mass relinquished its grasp on Douglas’ arm, falling to the floor.  Douglas dives towards the bed, grabbing the first thing that comes to hand, wrapping and smothering his raw arm, dousing the flame covering it.

Outside in the parking lot agent Stie slowly comes to his senses, wondering what he is doing outside, what has happened?  The reporter shouts after the cameraman, telling him to get back as they are missing prime footage.  A fist flies into the side of the reporters face, ‘this is a drug investigations, and you are stepping on a crime scene!’  Douglas demands, facing the reporter.

As agents Blade and Woodowski pull up to the motel, they find a scene unexpected, a cameraman is stooped behind a truck cowering and mumbling to himself.  They see agent Malon rushing into a motel room not of their own.  Sonja and Brendan jump out of the vehicle, drawing their guns as they do so.  Stie grabs the reporter in the motel room, pulling him outside as the guy complains about being molested.  The cameraman comes to his senses and stands up and joins in with the protest of the reporter.

Douglas walks back into the bathroom finding no sign of the writhing, withering mass, all that remains in the bathtub is a rusted up plug hole, and a key.  Mean while outside Brendan walks around behind the reporters, distracting them from what is happening over at the motel room.  He leads them to one side, keeping their backs to the motel rooms, and other obstacles in-between, discussing with them what their grievances are, and confusing them with talk of laws, what they should and should not have done.

The reporters leave the motel less than happy but confused, and Brendan heads over to the motel room to see what has happened.  Inside he finds Stie seeing to Douglas’ red raw arm.  Douglas explains to everyone what had happened, and the strange liquid matter.  Brendan gets on the secure mobile and informs agent Sparks their latest findings, and about the reporters.

Brendan stays in the room checking over the laptop, seeing what can be found on there, while Stie picks up the key, and along with Sonja and Douglas, head out and up to room 8.

As they unlock the room door, they hear a quiet whimpering from within, and as the door opens a frail female voice calls out, ‘is that Billy? ….Scot?’  The three agents head on in to find a teenage girl sat on the floor, her knees up against her chest, with her arms folded around her legs.  She sits there with what looks like a pregnant stomach, looking up at the three agents, she asks if she can have some food.  As she tries to stand, her legs start to buckle under her, Douglas quickly steps in to catch her before she falls.

With some gentle questions, they find out that this girl is in fact Jane Allen, and she has been waiting here for Scot to bring her some food, as he has been looking after her.  She doesn’t want to go out for the others to see her, so a take away is ordered.  She explains that Scot was interested in her strange occurence, she looks down at her belly, ‘I was only showing signs about two weeks ago, and now look at it.  I maybe new to this, but I know this is fast, really fast.’  She also explains that Billy was never into drugs, and that he was a good boyfriend, never any problems.  Recently Billy said that the Government was after him, the voices on the radio told him.  Jane also confesses that she thinks she may have an alien baby.

Brendan manages to find some hidden files that were encrypted, and a strange sound file;


Livestock Mutilations:

Jeff Ownes (555-1243) 3 cows, 8/1, 8/4,8/8

Margaret Allison(555-4628) 1 goat 8/2

Jeremy Dark(555-9258) about 20 chickens, 8/6


Livestock Alterations:

Robert Gum (no phone) 1 cow, missing udder but in good health. Purpose?

Others like this – operated on and released?

9/6 Spotted three more in a roadside survey, not sure who farmer was.

Missing Time

Bud Aldrich (555-4290) 8/8 1 hour; 8/15, 1 hour;8/29, 3.5 hours.

Louisa May (555-9462) 8/10 3 Hours+?

Chopper Sightings:

Ameley’s Hill Area (North) 9/6, 9pm; 9/6, 11pm, 9/7, 10:40PM (Muzzle flash and discharge)


Many- everyone’s seen a few. No correlation I can find, but the reports are very sketchy and unreliable.

Crop Circles:

Bo Larame (555-9473, 8/26; 9/3


P.three weeks= six months. Refuses Rx, got a room for her at the Shut Eye.

Allen, Barn, Thomas, Jacobs, Cartwright & Anderson never go home.


I am wondering about the possibilities that the brain translates information in terms of the extra-sensory, and that’s why it achieves intuition and common sense.

For evidence of esp, or extra sensory perception, look for the coincidences especially within words of significance, if I leave you with a few words that are significant to me personally as examples if you write down the word choice, underline the letters oi of choice, and beneath that insert the binary code that’s oh 1 of course, you will see the difference between that I and the 1 is of a number with no head on it

But if consciousness is omniparent, or just is, or if consciousness shall we say is on open network, we would expect in one or more languages for choice to contain THE BINARY CODE! But we all also expect in once of the words for reason, the word on representing a consent code in the same way as the ability of on on the computer is a consent code. And you wsee if we read across the word reason in English, it would say RA AS ON. If you write down the word neuron and with the same meaning the word neurone, you will see the last few letters of each word neuron is they would say the words ‘you are one’ by sounds using letters as symbols, the word neurone is able to say in the last few letters ‘you are one’. if write the word science, underline the letter I of science, write down the word genius, underline the letter I in genius, and two words, I don’t know whether you know in French je suis, the spell j-e-s-u-i-s, the mean ‘I am’, of course you see it is able to say ‘jeeze, you is’. No it is not about abysmal stupidity of the religions, it is telling you whether the religions like it or not, whether we like it or not, consciousness is omnipresent and on an open network that’s why we breath in and out molecules, and that’s why we eat drink and excrete molecules, because if consciousness is omnipresent, and on open network, then even molecules achieve an ability to code as do the atoms within them as do sub-atoms within them, because they belong to consciousness. So it not only expresses of explains the food chains it also explains fission and fusion or the creations of stars, galaxies, planets, rock….


Soundbite 1

Brendan manages to break the code to open the files, and decipher the sound bite to get the following recording;


Soundbite 2

The longer Brendan stays in the room, the more uncomfortable he feels in there, and is glad to finally be able to get out of there.

A pizza delivery man arrives, asking for Douglas Soul.  He whispers in Douglas’ ear, something about drug evidence for the crime scene, and hands him the pizza box.

A short while after going back to Jane and eating more of their take away, the local Sheriff pulls up in the motel parking lot, climbing out of the patrol car, the same sweat marks visible.  The sheriff shows shock at seeing Jane pregnant, he asks to see agent Soul for a quiet word about the reporters.  He wants to know what had happened with regards to punching the reporter, so Douglas explains about the drug investigation leading them to this man, Douglas leads the sheriff into room 4, showings him his arm and the dead body in the bathroom.  The sheriff lets it slide for now, explaining that he will have to get his team of investigators from a nearby town to come and go over the crime scene, and informs Douglas that he should not have punched the reporter, ‘its not how we do things around here.’

Jane doesn’t want to go back to her parents home that night, so Sonja stays with her in a spare room at the motel, to look after her over night, and to take her back in the morning.  The agents have a restless night, Stie making sure that he plugs all the plug holes in his room.

For breakfast the next day, they head on over to Merl’s place again, this time there are plenty of poached and scrambled eggs available to have with the pancakes.  Douglas starts to feel very thirsty while drinking his coffee, so elects to have a glass of milk too.  During their meal they receive a text, informing them that their package is ready at the motel.  After having another glass or two of milk, Douglas decided to grab a bottle of water before leaving.

A grubby white van awaits them back at the motel, a guy steps out and greets them, asking them into the van.  The guy holds out his hand holding a bag, proffering them a sweet or two, muttering something about remembering to offer before entry in to the van, not after.  He shows the agents the test equipment he has brought them, a liquid based spray to test for unusual matter, a positive result turns a purple color.  Brendan asks him to give this to agent Sparks, as he hands over a USB stick with copied files of what he found on the laptop, but making sure that the stick is encoded and encrypted.

After a quick test of the spray on Douglas’ arm, seeing that parts of his arm turn purple, they test it again on Brendan’s arm, again there are signs of purple specks, but not as much as Douglas.  They go to Billy’s friend Rooney’s house, only to find him not in, and the kids there tell them that they should be able to find him down by a local convenience store.

They find a group of lads down by the store, one of which looks older than the others, so they head over to him first, addressing him as Rooney, this surprises him at first, but he answers them, listening to what they have to say.  Two other teenagers there try not to be noticed, busy drinking a bottle of coke, Douglas keeps an eye on the bottle they pass around, thinking to himself how thirsty he is.

Rooney explains that there is no way Billy was in to doing drugs, the only thing that he hit was a good can of Bud, he also shares that there was nothing wrong with him before, and that he was in a good relationship with Jane, he didn’t know of anything that may have happened to Billy.  Two of the boys started to protest about all the questioning, Stie addressed these two as Dave and Jester, which shocked them, one quickly kept quiet while the other kept claiming the fifth.  The only new information gathered from this talk was that they often went up to the reservoir, up between the two mountains, through the forest.  They all often went there to talk and drink, just a place to hang out.  Before leaving the lads, Douglas goes into the store and buys himself a few bottles of a cold soft drink.

They head up into the mountains, driving through the forest, following the river along until they came to an opening, and head on to the reservoir.  Once there they quickly park up, and Douglas suggests that he handcuffs himself to the car just in case, and hands over his gun to Brendan, suggesting that they keep an eye on him too.

The reservoir is such a lovely peaceful spot, and can see why people would like to come here.  Stie and Brendan head off to look over the area, leaving Douglas handcuffed to the car, he begins to feel that his bladder may be getting a bit too full.

Stie and Brendan come across the obvious place where the teenagers come, they find empty cigarette packets and a couple of empty bottle, and an ashen patch of grass.  As Douglas is peeing, he is horrified to see that his wee is a bright illuminate red.  Once finished, he takes out the test spray, and tests the patch of wee, to find that it has some signs of purple in it, but more disturbing is what else he finds.  He quickly contacts the other two and tells them to test the ground around them.

As the spray from the test canister hits the air, a purple mist can be seen in the air, and once the spray hits the ground, there is signs of solid purple all around where the spray hits.  Realising the implications of this, Stie’s legs go weak, dropping to his knees and vomits, even this showing some signs of purple in it.  Brendan begins to feel uncomfortable in his stomach and throat.


One thought on “Water Water Everywhere…..

  1. Wow! A very busy night on the game,it must leave all the players mentally exausted.
    The plughole creeping mass thing hails from a far distant galaxy and forms a collective known as the Bartlett Faggots.
    I am much impresed by this weeks description especially with the addition of sound effects/bites.
    Who knows what will happen next week?

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