Luminance and Fungi

Agent Blade drives Jane Allen back to her parents home, as they pull up outside Jane gets anxious, especially after Sonja Blade asks her about her mother, and warns her about the fact that she may seem a little different.  Jane informs Sonja that her mum was usually concerned, but of late has been more relaxed.  She is worried about what her mum will say about her being pregnant.  Jane also tells Sonja that she has not been back home for over a week now.

Mrs Allen answers the door, smiling at agent Blade, greeting her, then she turns and notices her daughter Jane standing there, ‘oh hello dear, nice to see you.’  Jane blinks in stunned silence before reacting, ‘mum!?’  Mrs Allen does not seem to pay any attention to her daughter being pregnant, and asks them both in for some lovely crumpets.

Jane nervously tells her mother that she is pregnant, ‘oh that is nice dear, another member of the family.’  Her mother reacts without missing a beat.  Sonja notices that Jane slowly pinches the back of her own hand as she keeps her eyes on her mother, ‘wasn’t there something you wanted to show me up in your bedroom?’  Sonja quickly pipes up, standing and leading Jane out of the room.  Jane slowly follows Sonja up the stairs to her room.

Again Sonja asks Jane about her mother.  Jane slumps on her bed, she shows concern about her mother, ‘she’s not right, something is wrong.  And where is my dad, he isn’t here.’  She stands back up, ‘what are we going to do?’ She grabs Sonja’s hand, ‘please don’t leave.’

As Sonja comes down the stairs, Mrs Allen asks her if everything is okay, and whether she got to see what she wanted?  Sonja informs her that everything is fine, and she saw what she needed.  As Sonja leaves she thanks Mrs Allen for her hospitality.

Agent Stie Malon, still crouched over, vomit hitting the ground at his feet with force, bright purple signs still showing up in the bile that freshly joins the puddle.  Agent Douglas Soul hears a slight rattling sound very nearby, turning he notices that the car he is handcuffed to is vibrating ever so slightly.  He quickly turns back and looks over at Agents Brendan Woodowski and Stie Malon, ‘Um, have you found anything over there?’  The only response he gets is from Brendan, who just shakes his head, keeping his distance from Stie as he looks down at him.  ‘Well in that case do you think you could come over here and uncuff me now?’

As Brendan walks over to Douglas, he toys with him about whether it would be a good idea, and if he can be trusted to be set free.  Douglas gets a little agitated by this, especially when Brendan stands in front of him waving the key in his face, asking if he is sure.  But finally Brendan unlocks the cuffs and gives Douglas the key.  By this time Stie finally seemed to have ran out of fluid to evacuate, and calmly stands back up wiping his mouth.

A mobile phone ring tone breaks the silence over the body of tranquil water, Brendan answers the phone to find Sonja on the other end.  She asks for an update to what has happened, and where they are currently.  Brendan relays what had happened since they had split up, informing her about Billy’s friends and going to the local hang out, which happens to be the local water reservoir.  As he tells her about their findings and test results, a silence hangs in the air on the other end….’hello….Sonja?’  ‘As in the water supply to the town, the water that we have used?’  Sonja finally breaks the silence.

With the location of the water reservoir, Sonja makes her way there while Brendan contacts Agent Sparks.  Brendan updates Sparks about the water supply and agrees to keep a quarantine team on standby, but not to bring them in yet, need to check more deeply first.

The agents, now regrouped, head over to a waterfall that feeds the reservoir, upon doing checks, find that the waterfall is showing signs of contamination too, and they need to find a way up to check the top.  As they discuss their next plan of action, they find themselves feeling hungry and decide to go buy some food that has come from out-of-town supplies, again Douglas starts to feel very thirsty.

The locals are a bit upset with them buying food that is not locally and freshly produced, but don’t press the matter, and the agents head back to the motel to eat their meal.  Back at the motel Douglas gets a message from the Sheriff asking him to come in to the office regarding the punch up with the reporters, Douglas tries to talk himself out of it for now, informing the Sheriff he is busy with his own investigations, but the Sheriff tells him that if he doesn’t come, then he will be forced to come out and arrest him.  So Douglas agrees to go to the Sheriff’s office, but before he leaves he spends a couple of hours on his laptop, digging up as much as he can find on the Phenomenon X reporters.

As Douglas enters the Sheriff’s office he finds the Sheriff sat behind his desk, and he still has a lot of large sweat marks on his shirt, he greets agent Soul and tells him that he was beginning to worry that he may have to come out and arrest him.  Again Douglas tells the Sheriff that he had important work of his own to attend with first.  They get interrupted by the telephone ringing, the Sheriff answers the phone, talking about a report of a wild animal.  Douglas hears this, but also notices that he can’t hear anything from the other end of the phone, just silence.  The Sheriff finishes the call and gets out a set of keys and walks over to a locked cabinet on the walk, he unlocks the doors and takes out a tranquilizer gun, then starts to check the mechanism and load darts.  As he does this he informs Douglas that he hasn’t had to get this out for some time.  Douglas offers his help, but the Sheriff refuses his help telling him that it probably is only a dog, just stay here until I get back, and help yourself to coffee.  As the Sheriff leaves, Douglas hears the door being locked behind him.

Douglas contacts the others, telling them what has happened so far, and about the strange phone call.  Brendan suggests checking the phone, and whether the Sheriff seems to be himself.  As Douglas walks over to the telephone and picks up the receiver, he is aware that the door behind is open, and he is sure he didn’t hear the lock.  Turning, he finds himself staring down a barrel of a tranquilizer gun, the Sheriff’s eyes look empty.  Douglas goes for his gun, his hand coming across his empty holster, as he does this the Sheriff fires a dart, Douglas managing to avoid being hit.  Sheriff quickly reloads another dart, and Douglas quickly closes his distance from the shooter, shouting for help, again the gun fires another dart in Douglas’ direction and just misses.  Douglas grabs for the gun, wrestling with the Sheriff, another dart leaves the gun.  The Sheriff manages to pull the gun free, and sweeps it out and up between Douglas’ legs knocking him to the ground.  The Sheriff looms over him pointing the gun down at him, Douglas timed his roll, barely avoiding the discharged dart as it embeds itself in the floor.  Douglas manages to get to his feet and land a blow to the Sheriff, the Sheriff pulls the trigger to what Douglas has worked out to be the finally dart, and successful shot, but he doesn’t feel anything, looking he sees that the gun luckily gets jammed.

Another guy enters the Sheriff’s office, looking at the Sheriff and then over at Douglas, asking the room what has happened.  The Sheriff claims that Douglas went mad when he was going to be put in a cell, Douglas denies this.  The guy looks confused in who to believe as both the Sheriff and Douglas argue about who did what and what happened.  Douglas puts his hand in his pocket and does a quick redial on his mobile, leaving it on for the others to hear what is unfolding at the Sheriff’s office.  Suddenly the Sheriff pulls his gun and proclaims that Douglas is resisting arrest, aiming it at Douglas, and threatens to shot if he doesn’t get in a cell.  Douglas quickly closes the range with the Sheriff, and the guy points at Douglas, ‘he’s gone mad!’

Another tussle ensues, but this time with a more deadly weapon in the mix.  Douglas throws a couple of punches, missing on the first attempt, but manages to land a hard strike on the second, the gun flies out of the Sheriff’s hand, discharging its load as it hits the ground, the bullet embedding itself in the ceiling.  Douglas takes this opportunity to flee the building, the Sheriff making a grab for him as he runs by.  The guy steps out of the building, ‘There he is, he’s a madman, I started to believe what he was saying, then he just went for the Sheriff.’

Douglas pulls his mobile out of his pocket, tells the other that he has made it out and hangs up.  He jumps in to his vehicle and puts his foot down, getting the hell out of there!  Once safely away he calmly rings the others back up informing them that he will meet them at the waterfall, and tells them the story of what happened at the Sheriff’s office.  With this the others head off to meet up with him at the waterfall.  Stie does a search on the internet and finds a route to the top of the waterfall, that vehicles can traverse.

By the time they all meet up again, Douglas is feeling very thirsty again.  They head up to the top of the waterfall, the evening air is getting cooler, and the night is starting to close by the time they step out at the top, and start checking the water.  Stie crouches down near the water and starts to spray, they find that the top of the waterfall, at the lip, is still contaminated, but a little way back it becomes clear.  Quickly realising what this means, Douglas jumps in and starts to take his fill of fresh, clean water.  Stie turns back to look at the water as it falls over the lip of the waterfall, and notices a light shinning and reflecting in the water, he looks up to see lights in the sky.  Douglas confirms that those lights cannot belong to airplanes.  The lights slowly go down behind some hills, and Douglas quickly notes down the bearings and time of sighting.  They decide to leave investigating the waterfall more until daylight, so head off to see what happened to the lights.

They find the possible location, but only come across a large open area and no sign of any lights.  As they drive around for a while Stie notices a dark building in the distance with a flicker of pale light.  They feel that it is worth investigating as there is nothing else around near by.  As they draw close they discover that it is an old farm, with just two buildings, no animals can be seen, and the farm-house looks in ill repair, but the barn looks fairly stable.

After parking the vehicle outside the farm area, they walk in as quietly as they can, a crunching under foot breaks the silence as they walk up to the barn.  The double doors are closed, there is a ladder on the side that goes up the height of the wall to an opening of about a metre, metre and a half under the roof, the gap goes all around the building with the roof being held up with beams coming up from the corners of the building.  As they walk around the barn they find another single doorway at the rear, again closed.  Before going any further they check out the farm-house, only to find that it has been abandoned a long time ago.

Standing back outside the double doors of the barn, they hear some subtle movement inside, Douglas volunteers to go up the ladder and take a look.  Brendan stands guard with his gun drawn, watching the double doors, while Stie keeps and eye on the rear door.  As Douglas carefully garbs ahold of the lip of the wall and pulls himself slowly up to peer in, he feels some sort of resin on the inside of the wall, as he looks inside he can see that the resin coats the whole wall, in fact it covers all the walls and doors all the way around, totally blocking the doors from entry or exit.  Then he notices some sort of fungus lays in heaps on the floor, and tubes with some strange flourescent liquid within giving off the only light available to see.  Finally his eyes lock on to the shapes that are moving about down there, they are small like children as they move about in the shadows, their heads are elongated, and have long fingers.  Douglas freezes with this sight, unable to pull himself away and go back down the ladder, he watches them carrying a body over to the tubes.  He quickly manages to gain control over his mind and descend the ladder, shaking the vision out of his thoughts.

Douglas informs the others of what he saw, but not going into graphic detail, not sure if it is out of kindness for their thoughts or if his mind was already blanking it out.  Suddenly the conversation is interrupt by a loud thrashing from within the barn, they hear air desperately escaping a mouth as something covers the hole.  Douglas quickly leads everyone away from the barn to carry on with the explanation, and what their next plan of action should be.  He explains that there are probably about four figures inside the barn, and that the doors looks glued shut from within because of the resin, the only way in or out from the looks of things is the gap between the wall and roof.  The thrashing starts to get louder and more frantic, especially the escaping sound from the mouth.  All of a sudden silence again falls over the place.  Douglas suggests that he go get the vehicle and ram it in to the double doors, forcing their way in.

Stie and Brendan stand either side near the barns front, guns ready, waiting a safe distance from the doors, while Douglas thunders his way towards the double doors.  The large 4×4 vehicle quickly breaks through the doors of the barn, but quickly slam to a holt as the front buckles, and the rear lifts and turns.  The rear of the 4×4 spins close by Brendan as it slams back into the doorway breaking an opening in the resin.  Douglas gets thrown against the Steering wheel, his chest feeling like a sledge-hammer just hit it, as he gets flung back the air bag explodes, inflating and covering the wheel a bit on the late side.

Brendan holds his ground, gun aimed at the new opening.  Stie rushes in through the gap left behind by the vehicle, that only now finally settles down to rocking up and down on its suspension.  Small grey figures greet Stie’s eyes, as small as children with large eyes, their movement a strange skipping, flittering motion.  Stie reels slightly from the sight that plays in front of him.  Douglas staggers out of the 4×4, clutching his chest, and taking in lung full of air, Brendan cautiously moves in closer, sees that Stie freezes.  The grey figures stop and look in Stie’s direction, a bullet involuntarily leaves his gun, snapping him back to reality.  He quickly aims and fires a second shot, a grey elongated head explodes from the impact and the body just drops to the ground like a sack of water.  The remaining figures start to swarm Stie.  Douglas moves in and lets his gun do the talking, his shot hits a figure, only a glancing blow, but still manages to spin it around, before it ignores the hit and carries on towards Stie, some sort of liquid oozing out from the wound.  Brendan finally steps into the gap letting loose a bullet from his revolver, feeling eyes looking into his very soul, the force from his shot throwing one of the figures back as the bullet buries itself.

One of the figures lunges for Stie, and Douglas fires at it, missing and narrowly missing Stie.  Stie tries to grapple the one near him, but feels himself involuntarily flinch away from the touch, as he does so another figure makes a move on Stie.  Douglas takes another shot at one of the figures grasping for Stie, and as his bullet meets grey flesh the matter explodes showering Stie.  Brendan shoots again, but this time his bullet makes contact with Stie’s vest, knocking him from behind to the ground.  The grey’s try to take advantage of the prone agent, but Brendan fires again and this time the figure is taken out.  This leaves only one figure left going for Stie, but all of a sudden it collapses to the ground.  Douglas quickly whips out the test spray and heads over to the collapsed figure, but the figure quickly starts to dissolve.

Standing there inside this tomb with four dead or dissolving grey figures, the agents are suddenly aware that the fungus around them starts to move.  The heaps of fungus expand and grow, dark wings unfold from the body, several start to raise into the air, limps and tentacles reaching out at different angles.


4 thoughts on “Luminance and Fungi

  1. Amazing sequence of events in this game so far,very riveting to read.
    Lovely Crumpets,Purple bile,exploding grey flesh and Cthulhu style fungus
    with wings-WHAT NEXT?

    Hope you had a full house of gamers this week.

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