Static Discharge

Agent Blade puts away her phone after hearing that the top of the waterfall is all clear, and informed that they will be going to investigate some strange lights.  She glances up to the sky and notices some lights dancing in the sky, after some time she manages to break the hypnotic spell and realise that they must be heading over that way.  Sonja busied herself quickly loading up the car with her own personal arsenal, and rushes off to make quick work of the distance between her and the rest of the team.

In the dark barn it is difficult for the agents to ascertain any real definition of the creatures, that even now seem to float on winds unfelt, their wings beating in and out of phase with our own reality.  Agent Malon sees visions of the vastness of space, the unboundlessness of other places as two creatures draw towards him.  One of the creatures manages to lock it’s tendrills around Stie’s arm.  A bullet from Agent Soul’s gun, erupts out of the back of the creature in a plume of mist, many eyes turn and look back at him.  Agent Woodowski steps in last, brining up the rear, and pulls the trigger on his revolver, aiming directly at the creature that has a hold of Stie.  A head of one of the creatures explodes in to a cloud of mist, and then starts to slowly reform.  Brendan feels a rush of vast emptiness rush through his soul.  A third creature makes its presence known, hovering in the background, now only visible due to the sparks of electricity running down it’s pointing arm.  A bolt of lightning shoots out from it’s pointing finger, aiming straight at Brendan, who quickly dives back behind the car in the doorway, a poof of smoke rising where he once stood.  Douglas fires another bullet, this time piercing a wing and the bullet disappears as it leaves the leathery membrane.  The third creature that hovers at the rear slowly beats it’s wings that flap in and out through the roof, and launches another bolt, static can be seen building up on its path towards agent Woodowski.

Sparks fly like fireworks in the night from under the overloaded car, as it races in the dark towards where the lights play.  The glow of the lights start to take Sonja’s attention, filling the inside of the car.  She sees three figures outside, positioned around the vehicle, fungal growths covering them.  Sonja’s eyes widen and she quickly pushes her knees against the steering wheel, while she draws her gun in hopes to banish the fear without.  The car hits something and gets spun around, Sonja loosing control, dropping her precious Dessert Eagle in the process.  The car skids and flips, cartwheeling end over end, finally resting with a crash on to its roof, glass from the shattered windscreen spraying into Sonja’s face.  She just hangs there, held in place by her seatbelt, the wheels above her still spinning wildly.

The lights on the two creatures pressing in on Stie start to synchronise, and a high pitch sound bursts out as Stie dodges.  Another bolt of lightning races out towards Brendan, but splashes onto the car in front of him.  Douglas fires, but somehow the bullet finds its mark on Stie’s leg.  Brendan takes another shot at the third creature at the rear, hitting it’s arm, a finger flies off and turns to dust as it hits the ground.  Stie fires at point-blank against the creature holding him, the bullet bursting out through, but again the wound slowly reforms itself.  The area around the car is getting highly charged as another bolt flies at agent Woodowski, there is so much build up of static that Brendan’s hair begins to stand up.  He starts to feel like he must be protected by a deity or something as the bolt misses him again, but he realises that no deity could be here with these abominations.  Douglas’ gun discharges again.  Stie aims his gun across the creature’s grip on his arm, and pulls the trigger, feeling the grip loosen before it starts to reform again.

The three creatures standing around the car wreck taunt the occupant.  Sonja desperately tries to reach for her gun again, her finger tips almost brushing against the cold steel.  With a click the seatbelt retracts, dropping Sonja, her hand grasping the handle of her protector finally.  A loud explosion resounds around the inside of the car, as more glass shatters, showering the occupant.  When Sonja raises her head she finds that the creatures have disappeared.

The third creature at the back of the barn slowly rises up and out of the barn as it blinks in and out, slowly vanishing all together as it leaves the barn.  The creature holding Stie’s arm slowly starts to lift him as it begins to rise in the air.  Douglas fires at this creature, hitting it, but it carries on as if nothing happened.  Brendan also tries to stop the creature, letting another small piece of hot lead leave his gun with force.  With this the creature drops to the ground, taking Stie with it, as it goes down in to the moss-covered ground.  Stie lays there, feeling very badly bruised, with something very heavy resting on top of him.

Agent Malon bursts out from a mound of moss, running as fast as he can away from the oppressed mound.  Agent Woodowski feels something foreboding hanging over him, and as he turns he dives back away from the feeling, raising his gun.  A large bolt of electricity discharges through his body, his hand involuntarily tightens its grip on the gun, static electricity dancing a ballet over his whole body as he lays there.

Finding no more figures surrounding the car, Sonja quickly leaves the wrecked car and goes for the trunk to grab her heavy machine gun.  Suddenly she becomes aware of lights above her, feeling a slight static build up.  Sonja dives for cover behind the car as a bolt of lightning fries the spot where she stood.  The figures now visible, she leaps up and lets rip with a full barrage of hot lead.  Again the figures vanish.

Bolts of lightning blast at his heels as agent Malon dives around behind the car where agent Woodowski lies with electricity pulsing over his body.  Douglas fires, hitting what can be taken as a leg from the creature in front of him.  Stie fires at the creature that took Brendan down.  Douglas dives for cover as the creature before him sends a blast of electricity his way, the bolt discharging on the car, the hood flying off, blackened and smoking.  Douglas and Stie keep firing at the two creatures before them, trying to slow them down.

Two creatures appear either side of Sonja as she stands there, breathing heavily.  She quickly drops to the ground, avoiding their blasts.  And again she pulls the trigger on her heavy machine gun, bullets flying everywhere.  The two creatures burst into clouds of mist as the final screech of bullets leaving the gun, fade into the dark, only leaving the clicking sound of the empty gun, the red glow of the muzzle slowly fading as it cools.  Sonja slowly pulls her knees up to her chest, hugging the gun close, as she rocks slowly back and forth.  Another light appears in the sky.

The third creature starts to reach out for Stie, pressing him up against the car.  Douglas fires again at the one before him, punching into him, but it just looks past him into the black void of night.  Stie also fires, hitting the one before him.  This one also looks beyond him, as if nothing had happened.  A blast of electricity rips into Douglas, sending him flying from the car, hitting the ground unconscious.  The one over Stie grabs him, and Stie rams the gun into it, pulling the trigger.  The bullet runs deep up through the creatures body, and as the bullet exits at the top, the creature collapse and disappears.  The last remaining creature slowly rises up and out of the barn, with Stie firing after it.

After a short while of silence near the dark hole of the barn entrance, Stie checks on the condition of Brendan.  As he does so he becomes aware of a shadow over him, and quickly draws and fires his gun in that direction, but nothing.  Brendan slowly comes around, his grip on the gun gradually relaxing, aware that his gun is empty.  Brendan quickly looks around him, getting his bearings, and hastily reloads his revolver.  A creature in a burst of light rushes down at them as Stie fires at it.  Static builds up again around them as it almost hits the ground before them, it pinches up a grain of dust, then shoots back off into the night sky, disappearing from sight.

Agent Soul just lays there on the ground, blood seeping through, beneath his clothes.  A white liquid oozes out from a y-cut in his chest.  Stie suggest that they should go check up on the barn, but Brendan mentions that it is best if they made their escape while they can, and can come back in the day light to check it out.  Brendan also apologies that they will have to leave Douglas’ body behind, as they will have to walk back to town.  Stie can see that agent Woodowski has severe burns on his body, and realises that he is in no fit state to do too much.

In the distance they can see a car wreck, and just make out a body huddled next to it, a glint of metal in its grasp.  And they can just make out the sound of a helicopter in the sky.  Stie walks over to the wrecked car, while Brendan stays with Douglas’ body.  He finds Sonja huddled up against the car, her knuckles white from gripping tight the gun.  Slowly he approaches her, announcing his presence to her, hearing the clicking of the gun in her tight embrace.  Slowly Sonja comes to her senses, releasing her grip and relaxing, aware that her fellow agent stands before her.

The sound of the helicopter is getting very close now, and as they look they can make no conceivable markings on it, just a totally black paint job.  Slowly the helicopter lands by the car wreck, Brendan laying down behind agent Soul’s body, using it as a makeshift shield if need be, while resting his arms upon the body, taking aim at the helicopter as it lands.

Big muscular guys jump out of the black vehicle as it lands, assault rifles cradled in their arms.  They surround agents Blade and Malon, guns trained on them, while another guy disembark from the helicopter, three gold teeth can be seen in his wide smile as he approaches the agents.  ‘You look a bit green around the gills.  Drop your weapons.’  Some of the armed muscle in black outfits walk over to Brendan, aiming their guns and asking the same of him.

Once the area is secure, two red hazmat suited people come out of the helicopter, carrying silver case, walk towards the barn grabbing agents Soul’s body on the way, taking it into the barn with them.  Sonja has a heated conversation with the head guy, but he holds all the cards and threatens to quieten her permanently.

Soon the two red suited goons rush back out of the barn, and onto the helicopter, minus a body and cases.  Then the others follow suit, all climbing back in to the helicopter.  As the black vehicle flies off into the night sky, a very strong force blasts out from the barn knocking the three remaining agents to the ground, a ball of flame engulfing the barn.

The three agents walk back to town on foot, on the way Brendan’s phone rings, upon answering it he finds agent Sparks on the other end.  After hearing about what had happened, he seemed to be fully aware of the other agent group, telling him that they had better finish off the reporter, to tie off any loose ends.  Telling them to make it look like he was a victim of the protomatter, and that should make the other agents do the clear up job for them.  They have twelve hours.

As they walk in to the motel parking area they can hear a telephone alarm sound coming from the office building, as they enter they find the telephone receiver hanging by its cord, over the edge of the desk.  The receptionist lying behind the desk, a milky white liquid seeping from an old y-shaped wound.  Sonja quickly rings agent Sparks, but only has a very brief talk with him before he hangs up on her.

They head on over to the rooms, and luckily find that the reporter is still hold up there.  He answers the door looking out fearfully, telling them that his mate is inside bleeding to death and needs help, ‘please help.’  They enter to find the cameraman laying up against the wall, his eyes bleeding.  Stie makes a show of trying to help the guy out, while Sonja slowly moves closer to the report.  Quickly Sonja jumps the reporter and snaps his neck.  While this goes on Brendan grabs the camera that is still running, and takes it for evidence.

Sonja goes back over to the office looking for some chemicals to use, while Stie and Brendan put the cameraman’s body in the bathtub, and some cord around the reporter’s neck.  They use the acid and chemicals to burn the bodies, so as to make it look like they were victims of the protomatter.  Quickly they tidy up after themselves, making sure not to leave any evidence of their presence in the room.

Back at their headquarters they find out that the contamination in the water supply broke down, and that the other group are called Delta, and that they are the official agents for the government.  They are believed to be working with those creatures, have been ever since Roswell.  Delta Green used to be the official team, but then the government disbanded it.  So now Delta Green only work for themselves and for the benefit of their fellow-man, to help protect against these creatures.

A few weeks later agents Malon and Woodowski found out that agent Blade was found out to be at the scene of the barn, finding spent shells and took into custody.  But not long after she disappeared while still in custody.  Now only two of the initial four agents remain.


4 thoughts on “Static Discharge

  1. Superb! An almost poetic touch in this week’s script. (Seem to float on winds unfelt).
    The agents not having much success against these reforming creatures
    charged with static electricity.
    Protomatter -‘literally life from lifelessness’ Genesis project?
    Breathtaking fight action,well depicted and easy to visulise.

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