40K Rogue Trader: Series 2 Episode 4: Sins Of The Past: Prelude

40K Rogue Trader: Series 2 Episode 4: Sins Of The Past: Prelude

Something immense is afoot. Even the ignorant feel it skittering across their hindbrains. They cannot place it though and hide their disquiet in cheap release. It is not spoken of, but can be seen in the moments of silence in the usually omnipresent rumour mill, what is not said speaks volumes.  Those who walk the pathways of luck and coincidence feel it coming, but cannot step out of the collision course that awaits.  An auction comes, one that sells nothing so tawdry as dreams, but that which dreams would sacrifice their very selves to be.

Xanatov dreams, but not of release. The figures dance around his prostrate form, teasing gasps of agony from him with limbs woven of flayed human flesh, speaking through faces not their own, flensed from their original owners, now a mockery of all they stood for.  Broken upon the ground Xanatov, not yet Lord Captain, weeps with pain. They do worse, however, they make him unable to live without the suffering, they make him like it and beg for more. The figures hands come together, within their cruel grasps sits a milky white world, and it is this images that returns him sweating and exhausted to the waking world.

Pandareos dreams, and burns within, the one that eternally denied him, rising a passion that cannot be quenched, and will never be sated.  Perfect she teases and leads, then pulls away, leaving every muscle taught with desperate lust.  Ever caught in the gravity of her will, Pandareos steps closer and closer a moth to the flame.    This daughter of nobility stands, a key dangles beneath her smile, perfect, filed to points and grinning ready to feast. Doomed souls scream out from the prison cells around, gore spattered across her perfect self. She holds Pandareos affixed with her gaze, damnation itself promised in her eyes, as songs of unspeakable worship echo around. In the darkness of her eyes, beyond the damnation for daring to step so close, a world of riches hangs, yet further in the darkness something moves.

Victrix alone is free, but the warp tells of something afoot, the fates are lining up.  An Eldar Seer sits upon a distant world remembering a Seneschal he met once, assistant to a Rogue Trader that was a fool nigh lost to the ruinous powers, she had promised to take the Seneschals head that day, and she must or her race is doomed. The time comes near.

The days become harsh and long to those cut off from the refreshment of blessed sleep. Aviner watches with mute concern as the Lord Captain moves with unusual leaden motions, unready for what comes.

Down on the planet Pandareos seeks to find who will strike at him next, compulsively fidgeting with a set of metallic objects that hang upon a necklace under his armour.  The possible targets are many, with no less that nine Rogue Traders upon the planet, amongst them Lord Admiral Basteel 7thof the Colossus, proud and always accompanied by elite bodyguards, willing to challenge to dual all that would dare to mock him, Jermemiah Blitz a rakish rogue and scoundrel, who gambled and won his writ of trade and Lady Sun Li, a charming and erudite Lady who has an army of admirers, and has crushed all that have tried to use her as a pawn in their schemes.

The crime lords exquisite dinner is soon to start, and a powder keg is set on the planet awaiting the right moment to blow.  The moments to escape have ticked away, now all that can be done is face it and face the consequences.


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