Meet Paranoia

We have just finished our game for this evening, and thought I had better let you all know what we started to play this time, it is a simple, little game, called Paranoia. (Link for more info.)

Will is running the game this time, so obviously he will not be playing a character.

Tanja could not make the game this evening so we will not be introduced to her character here now, but hopefully next week.

Chris is playing a character called – Cooper FUD 1, who is a Form Disposal Advisor.

Jason’s is called – Andy VDO 1, and he is an Odour Freshner.

And mine is called – Bruce NDL 1, who happens to work for Blue Room Caterers.

All are from Grey Sector, and have InfraRed clearance.

Unfortunately I have a very busy week ahead of me this week, so I am unsure of how soon I will be able to post this evenings game, but I will get it up as soon as I can.


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