Our friend the computer

After a busy days shift of work, everyone is sat around in the dinning hall eating their ready meal with flavour number 4 for today.  Once the designated meal time is over everyone files out, some head off into the nearby Vid show.  A film is being shown about a small group of citizens who have found themselves lost, and in need of finding their way back to Alpha Complex.  It is being portrayed as a heart warming adventure, with a happy end.

At the end of the film a short propaganda film plays, being voiced by a bot;

Propaganda Report #01-3462-ad from HPD & Mind Control (copy).

A New Hero in QDO-Sector!”

Here in ‘HPD and Mind Control’ we are all even more happy and comfortable, eating our FunFoods and drinking B3, because we know that the Alpha Complex is protected by the best! Yesterday, Troubleshooter Lyn-Y-ODQ-4 was awarded the ‘Hero-Of-The-Complex’ merit and extra limb replacements after exposing a powerful ring of communist mutants.

Lyn-Y was one of the first to arrive when a Very-Prompt-Relocation was called for all citizens in CRO-Sector. She coordinated the crowds of Infrared citizens as they made their way to safety fun vaults, and then proceeded to look for the source of glowing green smoke and glop that dripped from the ceilings.

Our home grown clone was serving The Computer during this mission when she discovered several damaged spy-bots in an orange corridor. When Lin-Y investigated she found that a bot’s security recording showed three sinister citizens sabotaging our beloved Complex. With this evidence, the courageous troubleshooter identified her ex-boss Jimmy-Y-DNR as a wrongdoer and obtained a signed confession identifying his accomplices before terminating him.

Robert-O-DNR and Jayne-R-JPO were working in the a ‘thought surveying’ branch of Internal Security (InSec) itself when The Computer’s troubleshooters conducted the arrest operation. Fifteen kilos of explosives and six tank-bots were used as 43 men assaulted the security contractor’s headquarters, terminating the mutant communists with quick professionalism.

An InSec official said “Traitors like these are rare and extremely cunning. The last throws of these perverse, ‘anti-civilisation’ commies can be the most dangerous and destructive, but with each cell that is uncovered, we are one step closer to a peaceful Alpha Complex.”

The happiest estimates from ‘HPD & Mind Control’ show that the number of casualties from this minor disruption are well below the acceptable limit, however many citizens are still recovering in safety fun vaults with insufficient supplies of algae flakes.

You can help, citizen.

Just one small donation to Better-Aid™ can bring the  algae flakes and Bouncy Bubble Beverage that would help make CRO-Sector a cheerful sector. Better-Aid™ representatives will soon be collecting donations in your sub sector. Please have your ME card handy, or better yet donate your time!

There are always openings for donation promoters, Truck-bot navigators, and mutant traitor identifiers in Better-Aid™, and many positions come with a rise clearance level. So don’t just dream of leaving the infrared barracks: donate this day-cycle!

At the end of the short everyone applauds the film.  Everyone that is except for one individual, many eyes seem to rest upon his shoulders.  Once the footage comes to an end a few bots came out and started to go up and down walk-ways, stopping and asking for donations from the audience.  Many people pull out their M.E. cards, and swipe at the card reader on the bots.  One of the donators asks the bot about helping out, and what can be done.  It shows on the screen in the bot, above the card scanner, that this citizen goes by the name Cooper FUD 1, he works as a Form Disposal Advisor, and that he has InfraRed Grey clearance.

Another bot is taking a donation from a viewer, when it asks the donator what he has to hide, quickly the card is swapped for another, and his details show on the screen, name – Andy VDO 1, occupation – Odour Freshners, clearance – InfraRed Grey.  The bot asks him if he enjoyed the film or not, as he didn’t clap like everyone else.

By this time many of the patrons are trying to get out as quick as they can, a bot manages to stop in front of another ‘donator’, and asks for help with a donations, again the personal details show on the screen, name – Bruce NDL 1, occupation – Blue Room Caterers, clearance – InfraRed Grey.  The bot almost seems to react to the amount entered for donation by this Bruce, if the sum was any lower it would start going into the minus.  Quickly he takes his card and leaves with the rest of the patrons.

At sleep time, everyone heads off to their bunk, and settles down to sleep.  Citizen Bruce giving thanks to the Computer, and to the day of work ahead, provided to him by our friend the Computer.  As he starts to settle down to a dreamless sleep, a man with a beard walks up to his bunk, and sits himself down on the end, he then tugs on his ear and scratches his chin.  With this Bruce sits back up and tugs on his chin and scratches his ear.  The bearded man asks Bruce about the evenings Vid, and what he thought of the propaganda film, suggesting that it may be a good idea to join the cause to find out about the possible ‘outside’ influence, or whatever it is that is intruding.

A guy in a red shirt walks up to Andy’s bunk, and proceeds to ask him about trade, and trading, and whether Andy would be able to help him, help him set-up a monopoly against ‘their’ competitor.

A couple of hours before the days work time starts, the lights come on in the sleeping area.  Bruce heads of leaving the chamber, and goes straight to the Better-Aid™ offices.  Andy heads of early, as soon as the lights came on, trying to find out more about the company, and finds out that they are recruiting, so heads over to their offices.  Citizen Cooper on the other hand, just seems to tag along with Andy as he heads off to the offices.

In the lift going up to the reception area of Better-Aid™, are three InfraRed Grey citizens, as they leave the lift they walk out straight in to the reception area, and are greeted by a bot with a female appearance behind a desk.  They are asks immediately why they are there, Bruce introduces himself, informing the bot that he wishes to join the cause.  The bot then asks if everyone is there for the same, then informs them to seat and wait.

Soon a man dressed in orange overalls steps out of a door, looks at the three citizens in the waiting area, looking them up and down, then goes over and shakes their hands, asking them why they are there and who they are.  The other two citizens introduce themselves as Andy and Cooper

The orange guy explains that the citizens are kept in a Safety Fun Vault, until an exploratory group can go in to help them, and that it is organised to go out tomorrow.  He also explains that they will only get a temporary clearance upgrade now to red with the change in job, and if all goes well it will be changed to permanent.

The three agree, and are asked to hand their job/clearance cards in to the bot at the reception, and it will change the records.  Then they are told that if there is anything that they need specifically, then they should get it sorted out today.

Cooper busies himself getting cleaning products that he feels he will need for the citizens he will be rescuing, ready for their reintegration back to the computer.  He is very particular with what chemicals he takes for the job.

Bruce buys himself a laser pistol, a knife, a lighter, a few scrap rags/cloth, and an armful of bottles containing vodka.  While Andy goes to find himself some blank M.E. cards from a shifty looking guy, who seems to talk like a cockney.  Both Cooper and Andy both buy themselves a laser pistol and knife.

Towards the end of the day period they meet up and go to inspect the trucks that will be used tomorrow.  They find six in total, each controlled by a bot, and all carrying various different clothes and drugs, food and rations.  Cooper tries to talk with the bots, discussing the days plans for tomorrow and what needs to be done.  The bots don’t seem to pay much attention to him, and Andy steps in, talks a little firmer and quietly to which appears to be the head bot, and they seem to pay more attention to what he has to say.  Cooper can be seen in the background scrawling something in a little red pad.

The next day in the truck stop, Cooper, Andy and Bruce are greeted by the orange man again, and informs them that there was going to be a fourth person joining the group, but they have not turned up.  He tells them that the truck bots have the route to CRO sector all programmed in, and all the supplies that they need for the excursion are onboard.

Cooper asks Andy if he could ask one of the bots for a print out of the route they will be taking so everyone can have a copy.  Andy obliges with the requests and goes off to the head bot, and quickly returns with the print-outs, handing them out.

Each climb in to a separate cab of the trucks, and soon the trucks speed off, and as they hurtle towards the concrete gates they slowly begin to open, the gap just wide enough for the first truck, containing Andy, to go through.  And as the last truck containing Cooper goes through the gates are already closing.

The route takes them down what appears to be a very wide corridor, probably the width of an aircraft hangar.  Soon Bruce is aware of a human groaning noise coming from up ahead, towards the center of the sector.  Andy notices a light show dancing in the distance, reds, orange and yellow lights vying for the attention of the viewer.  Andy believes it to possibly be laser shots, Bruce suggests that Andy should command the truck bots to slow down.

As they reach within about half a mile of the light show, the bots are told to come to a stop.  Cooper leaves his truck, telling the others that he will go on ahead to take a look at what is happening.  He walks off in to the dark gloom at the sides of the corridor, and the others lose sight of him, he slowly sneaks his way up to the ceiling, and along to above the light show, somehow being able to cling onto the ceiling.

A door is broken open, and strange creatures pour out from the breech, people stand defending themselves against the onslaught, firing their lasers at whatever comes in to sight.  What can be seen through the door is a cold, desolate, icy place, with cold icy air dragged in with each creature that plunges through the opening.

Andy begins to worry about the length of time that Cooper has been gone.  Bruce suggests that they slowly move forwards again.  As they slowly start to edge forward, Cooper comes out of the shadows, and quickly jumps back in his cab.  Cooper informs the other two about what he saw up ahead, that there are fellow citizens defending themselves against some strange creatures, that endlessly pour out from a broken doorway.

They discuss, as they slowly move forward, what their next plan of action should be.  Cooper informs his truck bot, that friend Andy has a request of him, a smile lets loose across his face.  Andy commands the truck bot to rush off and block the doorway, by ‘parking’ in front of the opening.

Cooper watches his truck speed away at a heady lick, from the comfort of another truck cab.  The truck skids through crowds of creatures and humans alike, as it halts at the exact spot where it will ‘park’, blocking the doorway.

All guns turn and aim at the new arrivals to the fight.  The trucks come to a stop, and the three occupants disembark from their cabs.  Cooper informs them why they are there, and that they need to go to their leader.  He also tells the survivors that the truck that plowed through their friends is an evil communist truck, and needs to be terminated.  The head of the survivors looks over at the truck, then back at Cooper, unsure he fires his laser pistol at the tires, telling him that that should do the trick for now, and that they all need to come meet their leader.  They are informed that the leader goes by the name Melvin B, and that he is the big man defending this sector.


One thought on “Our friend the computer

  1. Could I also order a meal with flavour number 4 and one of those Bios yoghurts to finish please.

    Later on I may settle dowm with a level 10 brainwash (It can be so relaxing).

    Is the odour freshner available for hire?
    A fresh approach with this game,straightforward and entertaining.

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