Hot torch!

The three citizens working for Better-Aid, find themselves being lead to the leader of this bunch of trouble-shooters by a yellow clothed citizen, while the rest of the trouble-shooters busy themselves with cleaning up the mess left behind.  A dead citizen can be seen tidied up with the rest of the killed creatures that poured through the doorway, they appear to be some sort of humanoid thing.  Bruce believes them to have a sort of spider influence to them, while Cooper rants, more to himself then anyone else, that they must be some sort of spider mutation, Andy can’t see any of this himself, but he agrees with Bruce that they must have come from outside.

The yellow coloured Trouble-shooter asks them why they would want to see their boss, Melvin B?  Cooper lets on that they are there to bring help and aid to all the InfraReds that are trapped in the Safety Fun Vault.  And answers the next question, that they have brought a lot of resources to help them.  ‘The boss will definitely want to see you then’, so the yellow Trouble-shooter leads them off to the trucks, and informs them that the boss is behind a barricade in the corridor a few miles down.

They all head off in a convoy of trucks, traversing down the corridor towards the unknown once more.  They hear a request for a regeneration of James ARV2, and feel a pair of eyes dig in to their hearts.  On the journey they are informed that all the mid to high level management have all gone, and with that all access to those areas.

As they approach the barricade, they see that it stretches across the whole width of this wide corridor, and it seems to be made out of concrete.  It looks to be very strong in its construction, a quick erection, but sound none the less.

The trucks pull up to a halt outside, and yellow radios in, requesting entrance.  Slowly an opening in the centre reveals itself, and the other trucks begin to go through.  Andy commands the Better-Aid trucks to follow.

They are greeted by a strange sight as they travel through to behind the barricade.  Open fires, a very strange sight indeed, are scattered about all over the place, each with its very own extractor fan above the smoke and flame.  In what appears to be a very large open room, probably the size of two football pitches, that open up on the side of the corridor, and of course the reassuring ceiling above it all.  And the space seems to be awash with the colours red or grey.

The trucks all pull up to a stop at a designated area, and the yellow Trouble-shooter steps out of his truck, he calls everyone from the trucks around him, and asks for the Better-Aid citizens to come forward, once again checking that they want to meet with Melvin B.

He leads them off to meet with Melvin, explaining that he was big in the military.  They enter a spacious roomed area, with a large desk in the middle, and sat behind this is a guy dressed in a light blue uniform, and he gets introduced to them as Melvin B.  After which the yellow Trouble-shooter is excused.

Melvin asks the Better-aid citizens why they are there, asking what sort of supplies they have, and quantities.  Also asks them what they know of the area and situation they have come to.  He explains to them that the InfraReds in the Safety Fun Vault are all cowards, and that they are overcrowed in the vault, they will not even fight back.  They have managed to keep them subdued as best they can with the drugs they have, and kept them watching a set of programs and films.  As they discuss the matter, Melvin also shares that the humanoid monsters all seem to have the same type of uniforms as the rest of us, but they all look very new, except that is the InfraReds, these look very well used and worn-out.

Melvin leads them back out to the trucks, wishing to inspect their supplies and what sort of trucks they have, seeing if and how useful they can be.  The Better-Aid trucks do not look like much compared to the far stronger looking ones from here, even if they look over used with a lot of laser fire and impact damage.  During the conversation with them, especially Cooper, Melvin asks his citizens that are looking after the trucks to leave them while they talk.  With this Cooper quickly and quietly fumbles in a pocket and switches a recording device on.  During this conversation there is mention of a citizen called Dan B, who happens to have too much influence around this sector, he also explains that he will show them the place where the InfraReds are, so they can see for themselves the situation they are dealing with.  He goes off and orders two manually driven trucks over with drivers.

As the trucks pull up, Melvin asks Cooper, Bruce and Andy aboard as he climbs in to one of the trucks.  Once they are all in, the trucks pull off and head to the Safety Fun Vault.  The trucks are driven by red clothed Trouble-shooters.  During the journey they discuss the report about the green glop, which Melvin admits he has come across yet, but may be in a different area that is still sealed off.

At the Safety Fun Vault the entrance is guarded by two citizens, and again made of concrete, but on a very large scale, which pails in comparison to the enormity of the vault inside.  As the doors open and they step inside, a very strong smell of unclean people invades their senses, a lot of people, as their vision scans across a sea of red clothes, possibly over a thousand citizens crammed in here.

As Cooper again asks about the situation with the InfraReds, Melvin leaves, leaving a truck and three red Trouble-shooters for them, leaving it for the Better-Aid group to find an answer and to investigate the situation for themselves.  Asking one of the Trouble-shooters where any possible safe areas for relocation may be found, where the monsters can be found, and if possible where this Dan B may be found.  A Trouble-shooter pulls out a map and starts showing Cooper the areas on the crude map, after which Cooper snatches it away from him.  The map only showed rough areas of where the monsters are located and even areas where automated defence systems are found.  After Cooper talks with Bruce and Andy, they agree on going to investigate one of the possible safe locations by a cooling tower.

At the cooling tower, as they are all out of the trucks taking a look around the surroundings, something seems to happen high up in the ceiling of the tower, unfortunately no one can spot anything, but Bruce does notice a very cool fresh air coming down from the top.  Cooper decides to go off and investigate the area some more, and informs the others as he leaves, while they continue to look up, trying to spot something that probably is not there.

Bruce and Andy feel that they need to find a way up to the top to check if it really is all clear and safe, but the Trouble-shooters confirm that they know of no way up any higher, and that the only guy that may be able to help them would be a guy called Dan B, he should have a lot of information about this area, especially as he has been around here before all this happened.

Cooper sneaks off and finds a ventilation shaft going up, so he opens the grate, climbs in and starts to climb up.  Eventually he finds himself enter in to a dark room full of electrical equipment, and cameras, some pointing his way.  And can just make out a rusty door at the far end.  As his eyes slowly adjust he can make out many cleaning bots around the walls.  Cooper tries the door but it will not budge, so he steps back and tries to fire his laser gun at it, but nothing happens, except for about 14 pairs of cameras turn to look at where the laser blast came from, ‘does something need cleaning?’  With this he tries a different tack, ‘Yes, the door is dirty and needs cleaning, both sides.’  The bots, which are about the size of shoe boxes, reply ‘both sides?’

The cleaning bots set to work on the door, but soon stop and report that the door is not dirty, and no dirt can be found.  Cooper counters this by asking if the other side is dirty.  He argues with the bots, and ends up leaving them with a task of, keep trying to open and clean the other side of the door, as he leaves, informing them that he will be back later.  Cooper heads back down the ventilation shaft.

Andy suddenly hears a faint sound of a vehicle approaching, and informs the rest.  The Trouble-shooters quickly get in the truck and move it in to a better position across the corridor.  Bruce asks if they have any weapons and gets handed a laser pistol.  Andy ask the same.

Cooper exits the ventilation shaft and turns to head back to the others, when he finds his way blocked by a green eyed thing, that sits on tracked wheels, and is pointing a torch on the end of it arm in to the gloom.  Slowly a warming up, humming type of sound can be heard growing from the thing, so with this Cooper quickly turns to head back up the shaft, only to find that it is now all of a glow with melting bits of metal.

The red Trouble-shooters turn with realisation, and look at Andy, ‘if that thing you heard is on large tracked wheels, then we have a big problem.’  Bruce asks ‘what sort of problem?’  ‘A killer robot!’

An eight foot tall, and eight foot long bot, with green glowing eyes, travelling on large tracked wheels, rolls into view.


One thought on “Hot torch!

  1. A scary end to this weeks game,rise of the machines!
    Why did Cooper’s laser gun have no effect on the rusty door and will the cleaning bots be able to open it?
    Can’t imagine what an unclean person smells like-never had any experience of one.
    We are left in suspense once again.

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