Things go awry

A loud rumbling sound of treads from caterpillar tracks, chewing up the ground, penetrate the ears of the awaiting citizens.  A bright light blast against a part of a distant wall, melting something there.  A body the size and shape of a human, sat upon a chassis the size of an average car, and resting on its shoulder is a very large cannon.

Cooper rest on the edge of a metal shaft, looking down at the ground below him.  He then produces a small cylindrical object which he drops down the chute.  Bruce takes aim at the tracks on this abominations, pulling the trigger on his laser pistol.  Meanwhile Andy stands there facing towards the bot with the vicious looking cannon, and looks into space, as if looking through it.  The two trouble shooters standing behind the transport vehicle also take aim on this metal monstrosity.

A crude looking can, the size of a baked bean can, drops to the ground near the bot and rolls under its carriage.  And as laser blasts fire towards it, a loud explosion erupts in a small shower of metal fragments and components.  A dark patch burns into the ground near the tracks of the bot, and another focused light blasts into the bots eye socket, causing the eye to burst out and dangle from a cable attached deep in the bots head.  It slowly turns its head towards Andy, looking directly at him as if winking at him with its one remaining eye, then seems to follow something that may be behind Andy.  A cloud of dust and smoke slowly growing behind the bot from the explosion.

Cooper quickly and quietly sneaks his way out from the ventilation shaft, using the smoke as cover.  Bruce takes another shot at the tracks on the bots, hitting it and causing small damage, but most of the blast just gets reflected off.  The two trouble shooters fire again also, but this time their shots miss their targets.  Andy still stands there facing towards the bot.

Slowly the bot turns its head towards the car again raising its cannon, then it slowly turns its tracked chassis towards the direction of the citizens holding their ground next to the vehicle.

The two trouble shooters fire another shot each off at the bot as it starts to move towards them.  Cooper appears behind the bot, firing a shot off at the cannon mounted on the bots shoulder, leaving a dark scorch mark down its side.  Bruce takes careful aim at the cannon too, firing directly down the barrel of the big gun.

The cannon swells then is no more, as it burst open and rips off from the bots shoulder.  Bits of bot and the cannon showering to the ground like a confetti bomb.  But it still carries on towards its chosen target.

Andy steps out and holds up his hand as a stop sign, but the bot pays him no attention and just carries on picking up speed.  A trouble shooter stands his ground and sends off another blast in the bots direction, and it catches the bot in the head, ripping it clean off the rest of the body.  And still the bot carries on, getting closer and closer.  The other trouble shooter quickly dives out of the way from the path of the bot, at the same time as Bruce dives clean out of the way.  Cooper stands at the back looking on, gun lowered slightly.  The bot now only inches away from Andy.

At the last moment Cooper fires a blast from his laser pistol, hitting a small canister on the back of the killer robot.  The hit fractures the canister in a rush of air, as a single atom somewhere unseen splits in two, a small mushroom cloud erupts from the back of the bot engulfing it.  The vehicle that was used for cover spontaneously combust.

The force of the blast rocks Cooper back, and he hits the ground with a big grin on his face.  Bruce and one of the trouble shooters gets thrown from the blast near them.  And all that remains of Andy and the other trouble shooter is grey ash that is slowly falling back to ground, along with pieces of torn, blackened cloth that flutters from above.  All the three remaining survivors can hear is a loud unbearable ringing in their ears.

The head of the bot can be seen making some sort of noise, but it can not be heard through all the ringing.

Bruce picks himself up, and starts to shake his head, rubbing his hand over his head, getting the grey dust out of his hair, and tries to adjust his hearing by sticking his finger in his ear, giving it a wiggle.  Cooper tries to ask friend Bruce what had happened, but he gets no reply, unsure if Bruce can hear him or is just ignoring him.  The trouble shooter pipes up and suggests that someone had sent the bot at them, but has no idea who it could be.  Then he asks Cooper where he had gone, and what he had been up to.

Suddenly a couple of rails burst out from the ground, and a large red can shoots out from on the rails, hitting the ground and rolling to a stop near the three survivors.  Cooper quickly draws his laser pistol and takes aim at the large canister.  Once the canister settles a burst of smokey gas leaks out from cracks that appear in the smooth surface, and slowly a wet looking clothed clone of Andy steps out, and walks over to the group as if nothing has happened.

The trouble shooter informs the rest that they need to get back to base, and it is going to take about four hours on foot to get there.  Bruce goes over to the bot head and picks it up, gives it a couple of shakes, turning it over and then over again, trying to make out what the head is trying to say, but not making any progress.  Andy suggest that he can try to see if he can help with the noises made by the bot head.  With this Bruce tosses the head over to Andy, who quickly catches the thrown head.

Andy spends some time studying the bots head, while Cooper combs the area for any remains from the explosion, suggesting on making the area safe.

Suddenly the bot head starts to repeat a name loud and clear, ‘Danny B’, ‘Danny B’, ‘Danny B’, ‘Danny B’, ‘Danny B’.  ‘I didn’t want to do it, it was Danny B’.  The trouble shooter doesn’t look too surprised by this news, and suggests to the others that they need to get back to base with this information, and it would be best if they can find another way back.

Cooper suggest an area that has some terminals that Andy may have a chance of using to get some transport or communications, and leads them off to a corridor that has dirty grey walls, with a red line running along it at chest height.  With the trouble shooters suggestion they all stand back and take aim at the wall with their laser pistols.  They all take a couple of blast at the wall, and manage to make a hole in the wall that Andy can fit through.

Cooper asks Andy if the terminal he needs is in the room through the wall.  Andy sticks his head in through the wall.  A yellow laser blast follows Andy as he dives back away from the hole in the wall, the blast singes Bruce’s eyebrows, but luckily causes no further damage to anyone.

Andy reports that the terminals in there are no good.  The trouble shooter suggests that the terminals are in fact fine, and not treasonous in the slightest, only getting shot by the blast is.  And whether anyone is any good at disguises.

The three others of the party all look at each other as they pull their laser pistols, and then shoot the trouble shooter.  Andy’s shot hits him in the back, while Bruce’s shot hits him in the neck.  But unfortunately Cooper’s gun malfunctions, the end of the barrel melts, and it fires up in to the ceiling.  With this Cooper falls to the ground unconscious.

Andy has an idea and sticks his head back through the hole, luckily the turret is facing the other way.  So with this Andy fires a shot of at the turret, but unluckily he misses alerting the turret of his presence.  A yellow blast is shown in the opening in the wall, and Andy’s body falls to the ground unmoving.

Bruce starts to look through Cooper’s pockets, looking for the map and anything else of use.  As he does so Cooper starts to come around, but Bruce quickly pulls his laser pistol out and hits him in the back of the head with the butt of the gun, a loud crack sound is heard.  After going through Cooper’s pockets, Bruce looks through Andy’s pockets and then the trouble shooter’s after that.

Bruce takes the map and all the laser pistol ammunition, throwing the laser pistols in to the room with the yellow turret.  He checks the map for some locations, and then heads off towards some stairs, leaving the three bodies behind him.

An opening in a wall reveals itself, and another large red canister shots out, skidding to a halt on the floor.  From out of the canister a wet cloned Cooper steps, confronted by a now conscious Andy.  ‘Where is friend Bruce?’  Andy has no idea where or what happened to Bruce, and Cooper thinks that someone must have kidnapped him.  They also discover that Andy has no more weapons upon him, the only weapons they have is the ones that Cooper now carries.

Andy manages to force open the wall revealing where the canister came from, but they can’t figure out how to operate the canister conveyor system.  With this they have an idea to put the canister back on to the conveyor belt, which they do with great difficulty, and then they climb in to a very snug fitting space for them both.  By the time they close the hatch the conveyor belt has started to move, slowly picking up speed as it does so.

Eventually after what seems like an eternity in close proximity to each other the canister comes to a halt, and the hatch opens to a light room.  Two men can be seen standing around in white coats, with bushy hair on the backs of their heads, carrying clipboards and slide rules, row upon row of cloning vats can be seen lined up on the walls towering in to the distance.

The two white coats start to mutter about the strange situation, Cooper quickly suggesting that there seems to be some sort of malfunction.  They are told that they are now in CRO sector, and that they are here in a middle of a crisis.  Andy starts to ask them all about it, being told that it is the greens fault, something to do with the research & development and their green goo!  It seems to effect the clones, something about them walking around with their arms in front of them and being violent.

Right in the middle of the conversation a loud thunder clap is heard, and Andy sees Cooper disappear in to thin air.


One thought on “Things go awry

  1. Lots of laser blasts and Bots that won’t go down.
    How does the green goo affect the clones?
    When will we find out why the rusty door was not damaged by the laser blast and did the cleaning bots open it?
    We have finished with a thunder clap and another edge of the seat mystery.
    Very good account!

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