Another pile added

I did another journey back to the same game shop to pick up the items that I left behind with the last visit.  Armed now with the knowledge of which items I already had.  The main reason being, to pick up the remaining Car Wars supplements that I left, unsure of which I had, and which I needed.

It was great to find these little gems on the shelves, and I was glad that they were still there so I could add them to my collection of Car Wars items.

First up are the ‘Uncle Albert’s Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop Catalogue’.

Next we have the ‘AADA Vehicle Guide’.

Now we have the ‘Autoduel Quarterly’.

And finally I got another Volume of ‘The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide’

Then while I was in the shop I picked up a few more cheap RPG systems, that I was in two minds to pick up before, and of course another Cthulhu system book to add to the collection, and another different boardgame.

As you can see from the pictures, I picked up three books that are to do with the Start Trek universe, and thought it would be interesting to read and see what the system would be like.

Now the d20 system version of Call of Cthulhu.

And finally the new boardgame that I added to the growing collection of Cthulhu related gaming goodness.

And as per the norm, I have included a picture of the backs of all the books/boxes for your perusal.

The local game shop that I would like to support and give them a shout out and link is a shop called Area 51, and even though it takes me about one and a half hours to get to their shop door, it is the closest to me.

Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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