Clone machine

A solitary red clothed citizen is busy walking along a corridor looking for stairs that lead up, going on the principal that he has heard, that up is out.  The corridor is a dull, dank stretch of monotony, there is no sign of any cleaning bots every having been here recently.  As Bruce makes his way further and higher from where he started, using the map that he took from Cooper’s pocket as a guide, the corridor surrounding him looks more and more less maintained, starts to see rusty girders.  The stairs he finds himself climbing up are coloured red, seeing what looks like vat slime, of a greeny brown colour wrapped around parts of the girders, the type that is used in the films shown of the evils of the outside.

As Bruce stops and takes a closer look at the slime, he can hear some sinister voices off in the distance, coming from up ahead down the stairs.  Upon closer inspection, the goo is quite solid with lots of very thin tendrils.  Bruce takes out a pen and starts to carefully prod at the substance, as he applies more force the tendrils easily break off, floating down to the ground turning to dust as it touches down.

The voices coming down the stairs are now getting a lot closer, so Bruce decides to quickly step in to some shadows in an alcove, hoping and waiting for the voices to pass him by.  Suddenly the voices stop, after what seems like an eternity a voice is heard again, but right behind Bruce, as he turns an arm reaches out to grab his arm, but luckily Bruce quickly and easily carries on turning and evades the grapple, to see a thin lithe man dressed in mismatched coloured clothes, and a rather large guy standing behind him, again dressed in mismatched coloured clothing, but he holds a large brown baton that is larger at one end.  To Bruce’s eyes this looks for all intended purposes to be made from the marvelous material called ‘wood’.

‘Can I have a closer look’, Bruce exclaims with a little excitement in his voice, as his eyes get fixed on the wooden club.  The next thing Bruce, and the big guy knows is that Bruce steps to avoid the club swing for his head, but his eyes never leave the full attention of the club, even as it swings past his head and comes to a rest back in the big guys off hand.  When the club swings by, Bruce catches a smell from the brown treasure that reminds him of toilet cleaner.

‘Could I possibly hold it? Can I, Can I?’ Bruce continues with his hand held out slightly.  ‘Is this guy for really’, the big guys speaks to his thin companion, not taking his eyes off of Bruce, watching Bruce follow the movement of the club in his hand.  They ask Bruce why and what he is doing here, all that Bruce tells them is that he is looking for the area the leads to the outside.  With this the big guy decides to ask Bruce if he will follow them.

The lithe guy leads the way, followed by Bruce, and the big guys brings up the rear, still tapping his club in his off hand and keeping an eye on Bruce.  Every now and again the thin guy drops to all fours and runs along, even his movement on two legs seems un-natural.

As they climb higher up more stairs, and go deeper along corridors Bruce can start to hear many voices ahead of them, they seem to be talking about strange things that may have been heard of before, but never talked about – mutations!

In a large room with wall upon wall of cloning vats, a citizen in red is busy looking around and between the vats, hunting for good possible locations for planting little parcels.  Cooper finds what looks like an ideal location where the blast will shatter glass out everywhere.  Next he works on a back-up plan, climbing up to a high walkway, and covers it with a lot of flammable liquid, rigging the walkway to collapse dropping the liquid on to flames beneath.  Finally Cooper puts into action a back-up plan for the back-up plan, messing the with security system, making it identify everyone except for him to be the wrong person with clearance, and blocking off all the doors.

As Cooper occupies himself with his plans, Andy carries on talking with the scientist, being told about clones being stopped from going out to the bad sector, and that Danny B is being good for keeping morale up out there.  And insists on wanting to show Andy his t-shirt of Danny B, or as he was called back then, Danny G.  ‘It is all kept clean and pressed, in its own sealed bag’, the scientist encourages.

While they are talking, Andy spots Cooper running about, so he shouts out to him, ‘Would you like to see his t-shirt?’  Cooper ignores the question, putting his finger up to his lips and winking, then tip toes off in a different direction.  ‘Yeah you friend seems to have some odd behaviour, but I have been trying to ignore him’, the scientist informs Andy.  Soon Andy spots some goo seeping out from a vat tank behind him and the scientist, with this a tiny explosion is heard and a high up walkway starts to collapse, suddenly the cracks on the vat grow quickly ready to rip apart, and cover anyone near by with certain death, luckily the chemicals from above that rain down from the collapsed walkway, put an end to the disaster that had started mere seconds earlier.

Unfortunately there now seems to be two tank bots, that do not look very happy, trying to make their way through the blocked doors.The bots can be seen starting to burn their way through the door.  Cooper panics and makes a run for it, climbing high up looking for another vent shaft to hide in.

Bruce is lead in to a large domed area, like nothing he has ever seen before.  There are no solid colours but a mix of all sorts of colour, and this is just so disorienting to him, it gives him a feeling of unsure who to mix with, or report to.  There are various shaped small shanty buildings making up a little town within the dome.  Many of the people are seen to have obvious mutations, and none seem to be bothered by it, or letting others see them.  In all there are probably around 20 people housed here.

The big guy explains that they are all born here, and that they have only the one life, they don’t have the possibility of living again through a clone.  Again Bruce asks to see the club, and finally the big guy gives in to the pressure and hands Bruce the club.  He asks Bruce how desperate he is to get to the outside, whether he is willing to do anything to get there.  Bruce assures him that he really wants to get there and will do what he can, within reason.  The big guy explains to Bruce that the Infrareds he is trying to help, would be welcome to the tribe here, and he would really like to have them join.  All Bruce would need to do is bring them to a designated area, and he will do the rest, the he will share with Bruce the location of the outside.

After an insignificant amount of time for thought, Bruce agrees with the proposal and asks for a map or something that will help him locate the area for the drop off.  The big guy looks puzzled at this and asks what a map would be, after Bruce explains, then shows him the map he has on him, the big guy calls over a man who has a rather large cranium upon his head.  After a short time, Bruce is jerked with a blinding white light with in his head, and gets a strong feeling of being able to get the Infrareds to safety.

Now that that has been settled, Bruce is asked if he would like some food, and is lead off to a round tent that raises to a point at the top.  Bruce is then handed a bowl of stew, that looks like it is made of outside, a mix of lumps and bumps, and an assortment of colours.  As he eats he is advised to make sure he picks a side between Danny B and Melvin, and to stick with his decision.  Don’t try to compete with the two, otherwise they will find out and both come down on you.

The scientist insists to Andy that it would be as good idea to leave immediately, and be safe from the tanks bots that are on their way, try to leave by the door over there, as he points with the clipboard still in hand.  Andy calls out to Cooper, but finds that he has disappeared again.

As Andy pulls on the handle of the door, something happens behind him.  When he turns to see what had happened he is greeted with a scene of doors burning apart, one landing several feet away, and the two tank bots standing in the doorway with big grins on their faces, the large shoulder laser cannons still smoking.  After turning his attention back to the door he was pulling on, Andy finds that the door will not budge, quickly he turns back to face the bots and tries to talk with them, convince them to stop what they are doing and go back.

One tank bot turns its spot light on to Andy, looking at him briefly, then turns and starts to leave.  With this the other bot turns and looks at its fellow bot in confusion as it leaves.  Andy then turns his attention to the last bot, commanding it to turn back and cease its objective.  The last bot doesn’t react to Andy but gives its parting fellow bot its full attention, exclaiming about where it thinks it is going, and that they always work together.  With this it screams out in a high pitch binary language, like a fax machine in heat.  The bots come to logger-heads about what is happening, and what their prime objective is.  Suddenly a laser blast erupts, and a bot explodes in a shower of scrap metal.  Angered, the remaining tank bot, with its smoking laser cannon, turns its full attention back to Andy.

Quickly, Andy jumps for cover, but unfortunately he slips on some liquid on the floor, just as a laser blasts a hole in the door.  Cooper manages to find somewhere where he can hide, only to suddenly be illuminated.  Andy sprints for the door, and dives through the hole just as a live shell hits the wall near where he was standing, then the tanks starts to move and follow Andy through the door.  Cooper decides to move on and find another place to hide, where he will have a good place to watch the proceedings.  Eventually Cooper came across Andy running down a corridor towards him.  ‘RUUNNNN!!!!!’  Andy screams as he shoots past Cooper.

Cooper makes the decision to run a different way, hoping that the bot will still pursue Andy leaving himself safe from harm.  Andy manages to keep far enough ahead of the bot, but the walls he pass get peppered with lead.  Quickly he finds some doors and hits at one, entering in to a very dark room, all that he can see is lots of red eyes staring back at him.

Suddenly aware that something seems to be following him, Cooper smashes through the first door he comes across, finding himself in a room full of desks set out with chairs behind, all facing one direction towards the front of the room.  At the front of the room is a large desk, and a bot is sat behind, ‘morning student.  What is your name?’  ‘Um, Cooper.’  ‘There doesn’t appear to be a Cooper on the register.’  ‘Oh, um must be in the wrong room.’ Cooper quickly explains as he carries on trying to find somewhere else to be.

Two wires shoot out from the large desk hitting a chair leg, and discharging its blast, then there is a pop and a bloom of smoke rises from a section of the large desk.  Cooper rushes through a door behind the large desk and bot, finding himself in a stationary cupboard, and nowhere else to turn but back.  Quickly thinking, Cooper grabs a small metal desk and uses it to barricade the door.

Bruce finds himself back where he ‘left’ Andy and Cooper, but fins no one there, not even any dead bodies!  ‘Andy!’  Looks around, ‘Cooper!’  No sight or sound of them anywhere, however he does notice the hole forced open in the wall, where the canister comes out, so he takes a careful look inside, looks like something big and heavy came through and warped the hole.  Again he calls out their names in to the hole, as he starts to look around and investigate, Bruce keeps getting white flashes in his head, something about killing himself will be a quick way to meet up with his companions.  Bruce keeps saying out loud to himself, ‘No!’  All of a suddenly after many failed attempt at encouraging him to kill himself, another white flash streaks across his mind, stronger and brighter than before, after hearing something in his mind say ‘looks like I will have to do it myself.’

Euphoria washes over Bruce’s whole body and mind, he feels good being friends with the tribe and at peace for a split second before suddenly finding himself spat out onto a cold metal walkway, vat goo dripping off his naked prone body.  Bruce (clone number two), picks himself off his hands and knees, coughing liquid out of his lunges as he stands up.

A scientist runs up to Bruce, ‘you should not be here, what as happened?’ He takes the scene in as he looks Bruce up and down, and looks over at the clone vat behind Bruce, ‘I need to run some tests’, spoken more to himself than to Bruce. ‘What is 8 x 3?  Bruce pauses for a second, ‘Numbers?’  The scientist looks somewhat pleased with the response and instructs Bruce to go over to a supply room, ‘get yourself dressed and equipped’.

Within the supply room, Bruce finds lots of clothes and laser pistols of different colours, so he dresses in a yellow uniform before putting a red one on top, then fills his pocket with yellow laser barrels, and then picks up a laser pistol and puts in a red barrel.  Also comes across some blank cards, so pockets a handful of them too.

The teaching bot berates Cooper for breaking school property.  Cooper ignores this and grabs the taser probes, putting them on to the desk in front of the door.  Next thing he knows, he finds himself looking up the barrel of a large laser cannon, connected to a tank bot.

A canister shoots through a tube, loops a few times before ejecting out on to a once clean, sterile floor.  Out steps Cooper to be greeted by a fully clothed Bruce, pistol in hand as he walks out from a room.  Cooper quickly informs Bruce that Andy is in trouble, and being chased by a tank bot.  Then Cooper turns to a scientist who walks up to them, ‘There must be a traitor here’.  The scientist instructs him to follow him in to a room, and as he turns his back and walks off Cooper mouths to Bruce, ‘the scientist did all this’, as he spreads his arms taking in the whole scene of chaos around them in this facility.

Bruce looks at Cooper not believing him, as Cooper raises his gun and points it at the back of the scientists head.  With this Bruce also raises his gun, and pulls his trigger first.

The scientist turns to find Bruce standing there, and Cooper stretched out on the floor with a hole in his head.  Bruce quickly explains that there must have been something wrong with Cooper’s clone.  The Scientist agrees with this and delays the delivery of the next clone, while he does a quick check on the matter.  Bruce talks with the scientist about needing to get back to where they were, to help the Infrareds there.

After a short time another canister does a loop-t-loop before ejecting it out in to the facility again, and again out steps another clone of Cooper, but this time a confused look is on his face.

The scientist explains to them both that he can loan them a bot vehicle to get them back to the sector they where at, and that it will make it own way back to the facility.  But first they need to find Andy.

2 thoughts on “Clone machine

  1. This very busy time of year has caused the report of the game to be slightly delayed and me to be very late reading it.
    This week’s game has already happened!
    Dull,dank stretch of monotony could not be further from the truth with the very descriptive nature of the script. Well done.

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