Bomb shell drops!

Andy draws his pistol as he closes the door to the room he just entered, scanning the darkness of the room and only meeting many red eyes staring back at him.  ‘Whos there?’  Dozens of metallic voices murmur in response, ‘whos there…whos there…whos there’.  Andy fumbles around trying to find a switch, and comes across a pull cord.  As he pulls on the dangling string, a wrench of metal and something breaking can be heard just before he feels an impact of a large amount of a light powdery substance.  The red lights brighten and move back an inch or two, giving Andy a brief glimpse of the room he is in.  The room is full of different sorts of computer equipment, and he has a glimpse of himself, covered in some sort of white powder.  Suddenly a quantity of red eyed bots leap, landing where Andy once stood a split second before, some more leap finding purchase on Andy forcing him over onto his back.  Being this close to some of the bots, Andy can now see that these seem to be foaming at the mouth.  Andy picks himself up and shake the bots off, this seems to confuses them, some fall off, while others start trying to clean each other.  Some of the bots still on Andy start to get more aggressive with his uniform, and it begins to dissolve in places.  Andy gets an idea and commands the bots to make things dirty, trying to contradict their programming.  ‘Make things dirty, what a good idea.  I can make things dirty with a laser cannon’,  a deep voice is heard from the other side of the door.  Andy is now aware of a rumbling sound coming from that direction.

Bruce and Cooper are sat within the cab of a bot vehicle, hearing it happily humming to itself.  ‘Where are we going friend Cooper?’  Cooper turns to Bruce and asks him where they are going.  Bruce instructs both him and the bot that they are off to help the poor Infrared fellow citizens, ‘unfortunately Andy is not here yet, but we need to be going.  If we see him on the way, then stop to pick him up’.  Cooper tells the bot vehicle that they need to go to the Safety Fun Vault.  Off speeds the vehicle at a break neck speed of 5 mph, and as it travels along it sways slightly from side to side, and a slight bounce up and down, all the while humming to itself.  Looking out of the window as they travel slowly along, Bruce watches the bland scenery agonisingly past by, Cooper notices that the view seems to have a sort of greenish tinge to it.  ‘We are air tight in here?’ Cooper asks the bot, ‘..?..’, Cooper then informs Bruce of the situation outside.  ‘Can we not go any faster, get there quicker?’ Bruce asks taking a closer look out of the window, ‘No, our ETA is fifteen minutes’, the bot replies.  ‘Do you have any gas masks?’ Cooper asks the bot, but he gets a negative reply, the bot does elaborate on what they do have, mentioning medical supplies and first aid equipment, some safety equipment, and a roll of red coloured safety distance tape, Cooper jumps on the last item, asking the bot for the roll.  With roll in hand, Cooper starts to tape up all the seals of the windows, Bruce can see that the gas is now getting thicker outside and sits himself at the back of the vehicle.

A canister shoots out from a wall in the corridor, barely missing the bot vehicle and starts bouncing down the corridor behind it.  Cooper suggests that the bot should stop and wait for the canisters occupant to get out and walk over.  The bot advises that it would not be a good idea to stop, and carries on at its rate of pace while the canister carries on bouncing down the corridor behind it.  Bruce suggests to the bot that it takes some evasive action to avoid travelling any further through all this ‘pretty’ gas, the bot berates them for suggesting that they leave their friend Andy behind.  Bruce sits and ponders trying to think of any alternative, ‘do you have a tractor beam or towing device of some sort?’  ‘No’.

Andy awakes to find himself in a very confined space, and being rather vigorously bounced about, he can hear from without an engine noise, and what seems odd is that it sounds rather jolly, it doesn’t became any louder or quieter, so Andy holds on and hopes for the best.  Gradually the canister seems to be slowing down, and Andy is suddenly aware that the engine noise has stopped.  With an abrupt stop and a large splash, the canister ceases to move no more, Andy begins to find that the door is not opening, so begins to fiddle around with the instruments, finally jettisoning the door.  Now Andy finds that a green liquid is pooling around his ankles, quickly he makes a jump to dry safe ground, and at the same time he hears a rough throaty growl from above, then a second or two later as Andy stands there trying to sense where the threat will be coming from a second growl replies to the first.

As Andy stands there he feels his feet becoming all warm as the makes a sprint for it, running in the direction of where the canister came from, following the trail left behind.  Part way back up the corridor he comes across tracks of a vehicle that turned off, so he himself turns and follows the tracks.  On his way he thinks he can just hear an engine noise ahead of him, but this just turns into his imagination.  Eventually Andy comes upon a yellow door and a gun dispenser, his legs are starting to feel oddly different, stronger and more healthy some how.

The bot vehicle happily bounces along the corridor taking Bruce and Cooper out of danger, Bruce checks looking out of the window and confirms that they seem to be out of the danger now.  Eventually they arrive at the Safety Fun Vault, and are met by the two guards that are stationed there.  The two citizens thankfully disembark from the bot vehicle and report to the guards, informing them that they have found a suitable location to move the Infrareds.  The guards tell them that they need to go see Melvin B, so with some reluctance head back into the bot vehicle and go back to Melvin B’s camp, but before leaving Cooper asks one of the guards for another map of the area.  With the map in hand, Cooper checks with Bruce where on the map they are supposed to take the Infrareds, and they spend a little time discussing where as Bruce shows his new location on the map.

When they arrive at Melvin B’s camp and step out from the bot vehicle, they see Andy walking in to camp.  Cooper brings up the subject of the location for the Infrareds with Andy, so all three discuss the location and where on the map.  After Bruce points out the area on the map again, Andy pauses before agreeing with Bruce, seeing a oportunity that the area looks like it may be good for computer terminals.  Cooper finally agrees with the discussion, then asks about how the Infrareds are going to be feed.  The area on the map shows that it used to be an orange clearance sector, but it is no more.  The original bot vehicle that the three citizens arrived to this sector in, interrupt the discussion, asking them what they are supposed to do now, keeping itself away from Andy.  Bruce tells it that they are going to move the Infrareds to a safe location, and gives the bot the new coordinates, informing it that they need to see Melvin B first.

Andy, Bruce and Cooper find their own way back to Melvin B’s office, and get welcomed back, they inform him of the location that they have found.  They ask if he has any large transportation to be able to move all the Infrareds in one go, Melvin tells them that it should be no problem, he has two manual trucks they can use, along with given them twelve of his troops to help out, two of which can drive the trucks.  He also suggests taking the supplies to the location first, setting up camp, emptying the vehicle ready to fill them back up with the Infrareds.

The journey over to the new safe location went without a hitch.  As they unload all the supplies, they notice that there seems to be more drugs than food.  As he is looking around, Cooper spots what looks like a prime location, a large pipeline that wasn’t marked on the map, he believes it to be carrying something of a high clearance, dangerous substance.  Cooper volunteers to stay behind at the camp while the rest go pick up the Infrareds, so he can secure the camp site as there are too many exits/entrances to this area, and requests that two of the troops stay behind too to help with the task, the rest head off to the Safety Fun Vault with Andy and Bruce.

The two troops that get ordered to stay behind are the lowest ranking of the twelve, and they do not look too pleased with the idea, just slouching into their posts not paying too much attention.  While they are preoccupied with nothing, Cooper slinks off and takes a closer look at the pipe that is high up, finding what looks like weak points and sets charges here and there along the pipe, rigging it to fracture the pipe about a half a days time from now, releasing the content to everyone who happens to be below.  After this he decides to climb higher, looking for a back up plan, and rigs the lights and rafters to fall blocking al possible exits from the area.

Cooper is suddenly aware of a low deep growl near by, turning he spots a mutant that must be all of seven foot, carrying alarge barbed weapon.  ‘Your not friend Bruce!’  with this news Cooper tries to convince this thing that he is in fact friends with Bruce, but the mutant is not buying it, Cooper even tries drawing a picture of Bruce to see if that would help, unfortunately this doesn’t make it any better.  ‘Come with me’, it commands with a grunt, Cooper grudgingly agrees and the mutant throws a rope across that is connected to the walkway he is on.  Cooper quickly draws his laser pistol and fires, ‘oh! tis like tat be it!’ the mutant exclaims looking hurt, with that he throws his barbed weapon at Cooper, hitting him on the side of the head.  Stunned, Cooper falls from his perch plummeting down to meet the ground, firing one more quick blast in desperation before spreading himself over a wide area of the ground, the shot is so great that it is not worth mentioning.  The two troopers look up with the sound of laser blast and a loud splatting noise, to find a rather large mess shared over the camp site.  Another canister arrives, popping out from the ground through what was probably the largest piece of Cooper that was left.  As the door on the canister open another clone of Cooper steps out, as gore from his previous clone drips from the canister.  Cooper wipes the wet from his head, his hand coming away all red.

The rescue party arrive at the Safety Fun Vault without a hitch, the guards look surprised to see them so soon, the Infrareds are all milling about drugged up and watching yet more television on the vid screens.  Bruce asks the guards if the Infrareds will leave willingly, or whether they will need coaxing with a television broadcast.  ‘Now that is a good idea’, the guard replies, ‘are you a spy?’  ‘No, that is above my clearance!’ Bruce quickly states back putting his fingers in his ears and making a la la noise with his mouth, ‘that is something a spy would say, Mr. I’m not a spy’.

A little make shift studio area is rigged up, and Andy is volunteered to make the announcement, he instructs the Infrareds to make their way to the trucks that are awaiting outside.  Nothing, the Infrareds start milling about complaining that they want the Saturday Show.  Bruce quickly walks into view of the camera, and up to Andy handing him a piece of paper and whispers in his ear, he suggests that he announce that the Saturday Show will be broadcast at the new camp site when they arrive.  ‘SATURDAY SHOW!!!’   A loud cheer goes up as one from all the Infrareds, then they all quickly rush the waiting trucks, not being able to get there quick enough, it is such a mass rush that the unfortunate ones that got in the trucks first are almost threatened to be crushed with the rush.  The vehicles rock with the stamping of a thousand pairs of feet, ‘Saturday Show, we want the Saturday Show!’

Cooper walks over to the two troopers informing them about the mutant that had attacked him, that it had dragged him up in to the rafters.  One of the troopers shows no interest what so ever, but the other jumps to his feet showing great enthusiasm, looking up to the rafters and hits the other trooper on the back of the head, rather too hard knocking him out, then he starts to levitate up.  Seeing this, Cooper quickly draws his pistol and shoots him, the shot hits its target and the troops suddenly stops and hangs there briefly before falling back down to the ground.  Again Cooper shoots, the laser blast finding its target, but all it does is knock the trooper back, so with this Cooper pulls his knife and runs up to the trooper.  Unfortunately Cooper slips on the gore from his previous clone falling on the floor, the knife flying from his grasp, as he looks up he finds the knife falling back down to his face, then it stops just before Cooper’s nose, and he feels a large heavy boot pressing down on his chest, ‘why did you do that?’ the trooper the shot asks.  Looking up in to the face of the trooper Cooper can see that he is holding the clone canister above his head, so Cooper makes a move for the knife but as he does so the it moves teasingly closer.  Quickly Cooper makes a grab for the knife before it moves again, but as he grasps for it it moves again, Cooper missed grabbing it but luckily knocked it to the side.  The canister comes crashing down upon Cooper covering him completely, fortunately the open door of the canister happened to be lined up on Cooper as it came down, so he found himself trapped inside the canister once more.

When Cooper finally manages to make his escape from his temporary tomb he finds that the trooper can not be seen, so he radios Andy and Bruce telling them about an attack, requesting that they do not come any further and to send ahead the other troops.  The two manual drive trucks, still with all the Infrareds within, and the remaining troops perched on the outside head off to help Cooper, while Andy and Bruce slowed the convoy right down to a crawl, keeping things moving so as not to upset the cargo.  Once this all started to kick off Bruce thought about trying to send a thought out to the cranium mutant informing them the change of plan, suggesting that they come to the location they are at now, but all he got back was a fuzzy feeling and started to get a headache, a feeling of not being very happy, so then tries a thought of carrying on with the original plan, and he gets a feeling of happy along with the headache subsiding.  At the same time Andy is now starting to feel very fit, a strong feeling of a high.

When the troops arrive at the new campsite, Cooper informs them about the mutants, they instruct him about the three hundred Infrareds they brought along, and the need of keeping them busy, needing to erect the vid screens and put on some cartoons for them, while the troops secure the area.  Cooper has a cunning plan and rigs the fuel tank on a truck to explode, quickly moving himself to a safe distance before setting it off, only to find that he had rigged the wrong part of the truck, hearing a distant ping noise followed by a roar of hot water piercing the air like a geyser.  The Infrareds are let out of the trucks and they all instantly form quick semicircles around the vid screens, happily watching cartoons of a bot like a mouse and a bot like a cat chase each other.

Bruce suggests to the bot vehicle that it may be a good idea to quickly get to camp before the cargo they are carrying cause any problems, and before he could finish his sentence the bot was already quickly picking up speed heading off to the camp site, happily agreeing with his rational thinking.  So the convoy heads off again towards the camp at an even fast pace than before, just as if the bot were very eager to have shot of the Infrareds they are carrying.

Once the convoy quickly makes it way to the campsite, some of the bot vehicle do handbreak like turns and stop, others just quickly stop.  As they are approaching Bruce instructs the bots to open the cargo bay doors as soon as they come to a halt, releasing all the Infrareds out, again the bot happily agrees with his plan.  As soon as all the Infrareds are out and even Andy has disembarked from his bot vehicle, and as he does so Bruce asks his bot to leave the site and park on the outskirts a nice safe distance.

As Andy is standing there he notices that the guards do not seem to be the same as before, Cooper rushes up to Andy quickly greeting him, relieved to see a familiar face, aware now that they are surrounded by guards. ‘I think Bruce is with the mutants’, Cooper drops his bomb shell on Andy.


One thought on “Bomb shell drops!

  1. Needed to read this through several times due to the fine detail being described here.
    How many Cooper clones have we had so far?
    Could some of the foaming Bots be rabid?
    A well written account of the game with the ability to hold a readers attention!

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