Rogue Trader: Intermission 4: Dataslate From The Warp.

(Note: This intermission takes place immediately after



DETAILS OF EVENT: Critical failu//********* DATA CORRUPTED



T: \\+3 hours

I have awoken in the deepest circle of hell. I tread atop the corpses of thousands of men and women who honoured their pledges of their lives in service to the captain. Each of their faces are unique in the horror and fixed pictures of agony they present. I must find a working void suit soon or this will be my last entry. The klaxons have long since stopped, the main power and lighting too, and now, the haunting silence is betraying the loss of atmosphere that will be my own death too. I have found twelve void suits, all unusable. I salvaged a helmet from one of the crew. His head was all I could find, and I cannot recognise him to name him.

T: \\+5 hours

Brought the voidsuit together and got it in working order. Oxygen won’t last long, but long enough for me to find more. No survivors found yet. The captain’s quarters are inaccessible due to a collapsed bulkhead. It will take me hours to find a route around. No communications are active, and I have been unable to raise Aviner or Seigmund on vox. It is the silence that haunts me. The loss of gravity is like home, but already I miss the bustling of the crew, the humming of the power through the vessel, the familiar sound of bulkheads hissing open and closed. With main power down I have had to manually open each bulkhead door I have come across. This is not a trivial task, it will take me at least a day to get the engineering section. I do not have the skills or the tools to accomplish this any sooner. I must find Aviner, if he is still alive.

T: \\+12 hours

Found more oxygen, it should be enough to last me the journey to ENG. I needed to make an EVA from one tear in the hull to another to get to MEDSCI. No survivors. The medicae teams were butchered by the crew that were alive from what I can tell. The chief surgeon self-delivered the emperor’s mercy. I envy him. The emperor has other plans for me.

T: \\+14 hours

They watch me. The dead of the ship look upon me with their wretched faces. I know they all blame me, they blame the three of us. We have failed them. We failed them and now they are watching me. I needed to vent compartment G-26 as there were too many bodies to traverse. Partial gravity in this section required me to swim through the amount of blood to get to the venting controls. Even as they floated away into deep space I can see their eyes burrowing deep into mine. Those that had faces still at least.

T: \\//*************** DATA CORRUPTED



T: \\+18 hours

Closer to ENG. I found one of the crew. Had a long conversation with him on the situation we were in. He didn’t have a jaw, but he seemed a good enough person and was very open to my ideas. I have promoted him to deputy seneschal and placed his head into a box for safe keeping. I do not know his name so I will call him Gabriel, in honour of my former friend and commissar of the imperial guardsmen. He agreed that I should get to ENG to meet with Aviner and try to get the power restored.

T: \\+20 hours
At the last bulkhead. I need to rest a while before I try to get thought to meet with Aviner. I had an argument with the deputy seneschal. I won, however, thanks to my stub. Brainmatter makes such a wonderful pattern in zero-G.



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