Rogue Trader:Intermission 5: Signal to Noise

(Note: This intermission takes place immediately after

Encoded Astropathic Transmission – Inbound via Calixis Templum Est: M41/346/125.

Received by X—Information Redacted Subject to Inquisitorial Protocol ‘—withheld—‘ —X

-Thought for the day: A tolerant mind is prone to wandering in dark places-

—Message Begins—

By the most Holy God-Emperor of Mankind and all his blessed saints, we are damned. I know now that this will be my last will and testimonial. I know now that I will die out here in the cold expanse between alien stars. I will die alone and un-shriven. I send this message into the Sea of Souls as my prayer and my sole remaining comfort. I hope, no I believe, that the God-Emperor will hear my prayers and take me into His eternal grace. There is nothing else left to me now.

It is said that duty is unto death. Know then, that until the last I did my duty. When the Lord Captain made to set foot on that benighted, Emperor-forsaken world, I did my duty. When he made to raise arms against me through his ignorance, I did my duty. Now, as this vessel burns and the Lord Captain revels in his chambers with his catamites, know that still I do my duty.

I have little time left to me. The Bismarck is burning and we have lost so many souls to these alien voids. The crew are rioting, burning, dying. I can feel their deaths and their madness. The Xenos vessels were too much for us. When did we become so arrogant, to think that we could overcome such horrors? Forgive me! I am lax. I do not mean to speak such apostasy. I must not doubt. The Emperor protects and this is my rock.

There are so many dead. It will come for me soon. The Seneschal is desperate and he will make a terrible gambit. I have never seen so much. I am pinned here, bleeding to death beneath a girder in my chambers. The walls are so very cold. I am Aviner, fighting past the dead, love in my metal heart. I am so innocent that I must break if I looked upon the full horror of this uncaring Universe. I cannot help but look upon the Eye in the East. It hungers for us all. There are so many dead.

I must focus. I must do my duty. Duty unto death, duty is death. They are going to take this ship into the Empyrean. Emperor save us, but they are going to translate into the Warp. The fire will burn us out and when it dies, the Daemons will come. I will survive; I will live to see it. I cannot bear witness to such horror, Emperor forgive me but I cannot. I have done my duty.

—Message Ends—


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