Rogue Trader:Intermission 6: Self Revelation

(Note: This intermission takes place immediately after

The grind of metal on metal echoed in the dead room, the bolter dry fired again, a suicide in effigy, leaving Aviner spiritually alone in a room lit by brief flashes from the holy readouts, casting two shadows on the wall.

He knew he would scream.

The Poweraxe held guarding in his hand, now more than just a tool, the idea of a weapon that was intrinsically to the axe was now clear, but worse, a horrific idea was becoming visible.

The execution of the heretic had awoken something in him, He was starting to see them as people again, concepts and empathies long buried, now resurfaced.

He could hear them outside.

The ganger youth, fly eggs hatching in his eyes, burrowing deeper each year until they buried their young in his brain, twitching an agonised death.

The pampered noble, begging and pleading for his life, the first round breaking his outstretched hand, before his brains erupted over his fine silk leaving Sente and Aviner to depart in his craft from a warring planet.

Finally then the thousands nameless lost to their very spirit as the warp embraced them from the burning embrace of the Bismark.

His displays readings blinking ignored, he knew he would scream, he no longer had the shield of blissful ignorance.

As the first vision swam into view his mind turned instinctively from the horror finally concentrating on the display and understanding what it was showing.

He was already screaming.

and then they came.

(Note: thanks to Paul and Will for allowing my to upload the two prior intermissions they wrote)


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