The struggle continues

Citizen Bruce is sat in a cramped compartment of a bot truck, he has a strong feeling of someone watching him, and can smell the “outside”.  He starts to have a look around through the window of the truck, trying to find the source of the sensation, but as he does so he is aware that this feeling is coming from another mind as before.  Bruce asks the bot to head off towards the coordinates he gives it that will lead him to the tribe’s camp, telling the bot that he has important business to do there, and that friends Andy and Cooper can deal with the situation they have started by themselves, ‘I am sure that you do not want to be left here, but I am happy to leave by myself and friend Andy can look after you.’  The truck bot instantly turns one hundred and eighty degrees and starts heading off in the direction given by human Bruce.

Andy and Cooper are just standing there facing each other in a brief silence which seems to last forever, after the bomb shell that Cooper told, when Andy breaks the silence asking about Bruce and his whereabouts, Cooper thought he was with the rest of the Infrareds.  All around they can see that the guards are keeping themselves busy, moving supplies about and coming nowhere near the two citizens.  Cooper spots a hut over to one side that appears to be very dark within, so goes over to one of the guards and asks him if he could help move some supplies from the hut, pointing it out with his raised hand.  At first the guards looks a little intimidated by this suggestion, but then straightens up, ‘lead the way’ the guard answers stepping aside with a swipe of his arm.

Cooper leads the way over to the hut, hoping that the guard is following with Andy bringing up the rear.  As Cooper walks in to the darkness of the hut he is aware of the guard drawing his weapon, at the same time Cooper pulls his knife.  Andy slowly follows the precession to the hut, catching a flash of red light followed by a sizzle coming from the dark, quickly pulling his knife he rushes on in to the hut.  Cooper misses with his first thrust, but on the second his knife buries deep in to the ribs of the guard causing a serious wound, so with this Cooper wiggles his fingers in to the bloody void that his knife just occupied, and begins to ask the guard some questions.

Suddenly aware of the situation he is causing, Cooper slaps his other hand over the guards mouth just in time to stifle the scream the escapes the guards lunges.  Andy quickly steps in to the hut and closes the door behind him.  ‘What do you want?’ the guard struggles to say through gritted teeth when Cooper lifts his hand, ‘friend…you and your colleges weren’t here just a minute ago’, ‘what do you mean, we have just arrived’ the guard looks confused, ‘don’t lie, I don’t like to hurt people’ Cooper pushes his fingers back in to the wound.

Andy takes a look around the hut to find some weapons with a higher clearance level amongst the supplies.  The guard looks up at Cooper and grimaces, he tells the guard that he knows everything, and that he just wants to see if he is willing to spill the beans.  ‘I’m going to die anyway’ the guard states, ‘we’re here for the Infrareds’.  Cooper looks puzzled ‘for the Infrareds, to take them where?’  ‘I thought you knew everything’ the guard riposte, ‘just checking’, ‘to the underhive’.

‘Friend Andy, can you make sure he isn’t looking at what I am doing for awhile’ Cooper looks over at the guard.  Andy looks around and finds a cloth sack to use to cover the guard’s head.  Cooper spends some time hunting around to find the best ammunition for rigging an explosive in a communicator, but during the process he realises that things are not going too well and decides to go to plan ‘B’.  Andy becomes aware that the guard isn’t going to survive too much longer, so spends a very short time checking him over, finding that his condition is very bad, so Andy gets some chemical/material from the supplies that are around, and uses this to put on the wound.

A very loud, soul shattering scream rushes out from the guard’s throat, followed by his last gasps of life, his life jumping of the mortal coil with his body still screaming after his soul.  Quickly, Cooper shoves a gun in to Andy’s hand and points at him.  Guards rush in to the hut they are stood in, finding Andy stood there with a yellow gun in hand, with Cooper pointing at him saying that he had killed him.  The guards have some high level clearance weapons themselves, and Cooper points to Andy’s hand, ‘he killed him with that!’  ‘The guard handed me this and Cooper stabbed him in the back’ Andy quickly blabs, ‘drop that weapon and get out! NOW!’ the orange troubleshooter commands.  A guard goes over and kneels down next to his fallen comrade, while Andy and Cooper get lead out the hut and wait outside, lined up like at a firing squad.

‘Sorry for the deception, but I did it to find out a reaction to the deceit, knowing that some are mutants’ Cooper explains to the orange troubleshooter, looking around at some of the troubleshooters he believes to be mutants.  The mutants look at each other in surprise then fear, ‘see!’ Cooper exclaims with a smile, then he dives for cover.  ‘Die for the tribe!’ the guards’ laser rifles burst in to life.

Bruce hears in the distance behind him a bloody thirsty cry, then gun fire.  The route he is travelling along is not really suitable for vehicles but the truck bot makes great progress along the corridor.  At around two-thirds of the way to the destination the truck comes to a corridor that it can not traverse any longer, ‘this is as far as I can take you’ the bot informs the human Bruce, and with this he concentrates on this sentence and whether there are any further ways around to the tribe camp, getting a feeling back that this is the only way, which is on purpose to stop vehicles making their way to the camp.  Looking around for a safe place to park, Bruce suggests that the bot wait here for him and to find somewhere safe to wait, or if it prefers it can go back to the other bot trucks.  The bot informs Bruce that he would prefer to go back to the other truck bots.  Bruce accepts this answer and tells the bot that he was glad to have met it, which the bot replies that it was nice to him too, ‘what is your handle?’ Bruce asks it, after some time for it to think and inform Bruce about its serial numbers ‘well I have always preferred and liked my middle name of A348’ the bot settles on, ‘then A348 it is, so long friend A348 see you again’, ‘goodbye human friend Bruce’.

As Bruce makes his way on foot to the tribe camp he keeps smelling the “outside”, and this is what helps lead him in the correct direction to the camp, as he draws closer to the camp he can hear some drums beating, but of a type that he has not heard before, a strange drumming like a marching insistent beat.  Bruce carries on towards the tribe camp.  As he walks in to the camp he finds that it is deserted except for about a dozen people sat around in a circle near the middle, and spots a few other people just leaving by a different exit on the opposite side.  The group left in the centre of the camp seem to consist of the more mutated of the tribe, including the cranium guy from before, sat in the centre of the circle is a guy who is beating a rhythm on two strange drums, that look like barrels with skin stretched over each end, all of the participants of the group are sat with their eyes closed, even the drummer.  The cranium guy turns towards Bruce, still with his eyes closed, and asks him to join in with the circle.

A bright vision flares in to Bruce’s minds eye, and sees a large armed guy opening a rusty looking door, as the door opens Bruce spots his friend Cooper climbing along the ceiling like a spider.  Bruce’s vision shows him what had happened between this large armed guy and friend Cooper, the fact that they had an exchange of words including using the words friend and Bruce, then they get in to a tussle and Cooper falls to the ground a long way below after trying to kill him.  Then after this instant some time passes before the scene shifts to a vision of a gun fight, mostly red beams of light shooting back and forth with the odd orange mixed in.  Bruce throws a thought in to the mix by strongly thinking about wanting to go to the “outside”, but receives nothing along these lines, just suggestions to help and concentrate on the vision, need to help get a hold of all the Infrareds.

Both Andy and Cooper are busy legging it, getting as far away as they can and head towards the hut again.  They both arrive at the opening at the same time, banging their shoulder together and making no progress through the doorway.  Blasts fly about going over head and a single singe contacts with one of their boots,  Andy pushes Cooper to one side and barges in through the doorway, and with this Cooper lets himself be pushed and collapses to the nearest cover.

Andy starts to rifle through all the different weaponry stored in this hut, finding a lot of higher clearance goodies including some sort of napalm, but he settles on some tear gas canisters.  Cooper hears a whoop of glee come from within the hut that Andy had entered, and decides to sneak off to find a higher advantage point to watch the fight from.  He comes to the edge of the camp site and finds some pipes and pillars, girders and rafters that will be good to climb and hide in.  Cooper can see that all the Infrareds seems to be loosing it, they have no vid screens to watch as they have all gone blank, and with this they are getting a bit frantic.

Shooting towards the large group that is going against the higher clearance citizens, Andy fires a canister off but it leaves the weapons too early, going high and hitting a girder, falling short and rolling down behind some huts.

Bruce is aware that this large armed guy is not very comfortable in all this armour, or using these laser weapons, moving and firing all over the place at random or appears to be random.  So Bruce starts to think for the mutant and the group bringing his knowledge and experience to the fight, and to help the big guy feel more comfortable in his armour and to help him aim better taking his time with his shots.

The fight that was going against the mutants starts to become more of a balanced fight, all the Infrareds are grouping together at one end away from the conflict looking confused and scared, neither the troubleshooter nor the mutants paying them any attention.  Bruce concentrates on a strong thought of getting a small contingency of mutants to grab and lead the Infrareds away while everyone else is busy fighting.  Cooper sneaks off again to a find himself a manual drive truck, for he has another plan.  Andy spots Cooper sneaking off towards a group of vehicles, with what looks to be a plan in mind.  He spies a knot of mutants, but unfortunately as he was loading up his weapon to fire another canister, it explodes filling the hut with a dense cloud of tear gas.

Bruce is getting a sensation back informing him that there are no more mutants available to go take the Infrareds, but through the eyes and ears of the big guy he is aware that a chirpy truck bot must be near by, so Bruce suggests that the big guy sneaks out from the conflict and head over towards the trucks.  The big guy stands up and heads straight over towards the trucks, not being very discrete in what he is doing, stepping up and over everything in his way.  Bruce again strongly thinks about being more careful, convincing the mutant to be more sneaky.  Suddenly the big guy slows up and starts to tip toe along, before dropping down and crawling along behind cover.

Cooper starts to mess about and tamper with one of the manual trucks, but is suddenly aware that there is a puddle of petrol pooling at his feet.  Andy quickly gets himself out and behind the hut that is filling with gas, coughing and gagging with watery eyes, trying to clear his head and compose himself.

Bruce suggests that the big guy should go back to acting like he is in charge, as if he is one of the troubleshooters, and that he should head on over to a certain truck that Bruce focuses on.  Address the bot by the name A348, and that you are a friend of friend Bruce, we need to save the Infrareds and get them out of here and to safety, Bruce concentrates, instructing the big guy.  ‘Who are you, what is your name friend citizen?’ the bot inquires, the mutant feels uncomfortable dealing with this type of machine and being asked for a name, ‘John’.

Seeing all the petrol pool around his feet, Cooper has an idea, to make use of his stick substance that he sweats, letting himself sweat in to the petrol tank.  Cooper finds a brick and puts it on the accelerator pedal, letting it go down the bank.  Turning back to the pool of liquid on the ground, he ignites it with a lighter.  Standing back up he finds that the truck had turned and gone back around behind him, seeing the flame race along the trail of fuel, quickly Cooper leaps for a wall to avoid the hot embrace of the flames, luckily narrowly missing being burnt as a flame licks at his heels as he pulls himself up on the wall, only to find that all the laser fire has now turned in his direction.


2 thoughts on “The struggle continues

  1. Unbelievable,Cooper has lasted well this session but things look awkward for him at the moment.
    Is Citizen Bruce empathic?
    Could the stick substance be ‘Cooper glue’?
    Once again a very detailed write up.

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