A new pack of dogs enter the vineyard

Due to work commitment that changed at the last minute, the regular game session this week was put on hold, so there is no Paranoia this week, but hopefully this will conclude next week, (unless us players mess things up for the GM).

So this week Chris decided to get us ready for the next game that he will be running, which is called “Dogs in the Vineyard“.

We spent the evening going through what Dogs in the Vineyard is, and the creating our new characters, which I may as well introduce here.

My character is a 23 year old male called Jesse Blake, and will be known as Brother Jesse.  He started life as an orphan and a big trouble maker, due to this he became a late bloomer to the “Faith”.

Jason has also created an orphan character called Brother Josuah, who is 17 years old and has been in the “Faith” since a very early age.

Will’s character is an 18 year old, who has a full family and goes by the name of Brother Ambrose.

The game is set in a wild west type of setting, and is focused on the dogs and their job of keeping the faith.

Illustration by Drew Baker.


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