Rogue Trader: Intermission 8: Memories Lost

Rogue Trader: Intermission 8: Memories Lost

This intermission takes place after the reunion of Xanatov and Gabriel in


Enter Command::> PERS ENTRY ADD

— Data Entry: Personal Dataslate; Seneschal Xanatov of the Bismarck.
— Entry Begins —

I do not know how long it has been since the power failed and I was trapped in this personal hell. My hands leave blood and burned flesh everywhere it touches. My bolter and inferno pistol are covered the most. I do not know what has created this horrors that we fight now, but I know that we must destroy them, and I know that whatever is controlling them is far worse than what we have discovered so far since the paroxysm.

I am not alone. Aviner is alive, as is Gabriel. I am not doomed to wander the corridors of an empty, hollow vessel, subject to the terrible loneliness I already have experiences, or the horrific ministrations of an alien entity. I am spared of this, but it is too soon to tell if we will live much longer than this.

Gabriel. You’re alive. I write this to you here but you will never see it. Such is the nature of the work I do. You will learn soon enough, my friend. You are, perhaps, one of the only people I know that I could consider a friend now. You have saved me on more than one occasion, and I will save you now, where I should by rights have killed you. No longer can you be the proud standing officer of note that you once were. You can no longer be so for to do so now would be your end.

You will join me in the shadows and I will teach you how to do what I do. I shall teach you how to be a subtle scalpel blade instead of the blunt imperial hammer you once were. You will learn the arts of subtlety, cunning and espionage. You will learn  to be unseen, a watchful eye ever seeking of hidden knowledge’s. You will be as I became.

Why do I do this? I do not know… You and I have shared in a horror I have seen twice now. Everyone you knew, and came to hold dear, is gone. Tens of thousands are dead, and among them, every single one of your battle-brothers. They are lost, and yet you remained.

I know what you will be thinking now. You will question why it was you that survived, you will look to your scars, physical and mental, and you will tell yourself that you are not worthy. You will wish death to visit you so that you may join the others, but I will not let you take that path. I will lift you from this place, as I was lifted, and you will be taught as I was, and when your lessons are complete, you will be worthy to stand by my side.

You will not earn glory or prestige as you are accustomed to in the past – these things serve only to mark you out. You will however leave your mark in the ebb and flow of the wealth and power that you will sculpt with your fingertips.

I will save you Gabriel. I will save you from yourself.

— End Entry —

Enter Command::> DELETE PREV


::> Y


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