Rhinitis acuta catarrhalis strikes again

About twenty-five minutes before the game was due to kick off, poor Chris text me to say that there will be no game this evening, unfortunately he must have rolled a critical fail against Rhinitis Acuta Catarrhalis, even trying to rest up and then using the mighty Lemsip of smiting didn’t seem to have helped his cause.

While we are the subject of no game, I may as well inform all my reads that there will be no game during the whole of April, due first to me going on holiday, to a totally different time zone, and then Chris and Will are going to be off for the second half.

As for a little something extra to add to this post, I was busy sorting out my little game room over the weekend, it needed a bit more organising and tidying up, I came across an old piece of PC software I had used many moons ago for gaming, and I thought I would take a picture of it and share with all of you, it was a great piece of software called Campaign Cartographer.

But I have not fired this program up for a very long time, I wonder if it will still work in any of the later operating systems?

While I was at it I decided to take some more pictures of a few more things from my gaming collection, so that I could maybe add them to the picture page.  And yes there is yet another dice picture added.


4 thoughts on “Rhinitis acuta catarrhalis strikes again

  1. Ah windows 95,used by cave dwellers.
    It would be interesting to try the program on XP or even windows 7.
    Sorry to hear the game was cancelled at the last minute(or last twenty five minutes anyway). Get well soon Chris!
    Not sure if there will a game next week?

    • The problem with next week is that the game night is the night before I have to get up early and leave. I want to get one last game in, and it will give me something to do on the plane (updating the blog on our exploits), we will have to see what happens.
      As for the software, it should work on xp with the compatability mode, not sure about windows 7, from what I have seen it doesn’t seem to be as helpful (not without extra cost!)

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