Dogs updated

I have to report that we did not have a normal gaming session last night, due to one of our fellow players having to bow out from the game due to problems with his back.  But we did however, the remaining few, get on to Skype and discuss our extra get together, that we had organised last week, for this Thursday evening.

This Thursday we will be doing a little one shot, and this time not over the usual Skype with Google Wave, but actually in person!  Me, Will and Chris will be getting together and going through a small one-shot with Will running it.  The game will be a horror setting along the lines of something like Hammer Horror, using a gaming system called Wushu Open.

We talked about the setting and game system last night, along with creating our own characters.  We will be starting off on a cargo ship, I am playing an undercover reporter, and Chris is running a stowaway.


Hope you enjoyed the post & please feel free to add a comment.

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