Unintentional Emptyness

First I would like to apologies for the long gap since my last post, also news of the Rogue Trader post, there are still plenty more episodes of this tale, unfortunately we have one update that is going to be late due to time and commitment, that was taken by the games GM as Chris wasn’t around for that session (being on holiday), and we do have the episodes that follow building up to be posted.

We have decided that it would be best to post these and miss the other until a later date, when we will be able to post it, I will leave a blank post for this (see post below), so it will still run in order and add to it when it is ready, informing you all when it goes up and link back to it.

The Dogs story from last weeks session has been taking me longer than I had hoped, and I have been finding it difficult to find the time this past week, but it is almost there.

As for this weeks game session, there was not Dogs story as Will had to work, but we were going to have a one-shot, but unfortunately that fell through as Chris’ PC decided to die just before the session, so basically there is nothing for this week.

On a different note I thought I would share with you all what I had found over the weekend.  I had gone to a car boot sale and saw this sat on one of the tables.

I didn’t already have it, so asked how much….£1….bargain I thought, yes the box is in a tatty state, I opened the box and saw everything all just chucked in there, the wind whipping up at that moment taking one of the cards and throwing away, quickly I close the lid and catch the card, put it back in careful of the wind, asked if it is indeed all there and was told yes.  So I went for it.

After getting home I opened it and went through sorting it all out and checking it with the contents list, and to my delight it was all there and in very good condition.  So it was a very nice little find.  Now I need to play it!


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