Sinners take all

Before leaving Renewed Hope the Dogs have one more thing left to do, a matter of a couple of young bandit/thieves who need to be dealt with.  The Dogs spend some time debating amongst themselves as to what they should do with the two young brothers, Randle and Roland.  After a while they all agree on something had to be done, and soon set to work exacting it.

A crowd begin to gather in town wanting to see what the Dogs are going to do next before leaving town, Brother Ambrose informs the townsfolk that the two young brothers Randle and Roland are in need of a test for the sin and crime that they have performed, terrorising the town with their deeds and uncaring attitude.

Brother Joshua rides out on his horse, pulling behind him the two horses that belong to the brothers.  Behind each horse is tied one of the brothers, each bound to their own horse, rope tied on their feet from their mounts.  Slowly Joshua rides out leading the horses, which in turn pull the brothers behind on the ground.

Desperate cries can be heard from the brothers as they are dragged all around outside of town, a dust cloud being turned up behind them as their clothes soon ware away to nothing on their backs, skin being shredded as if by sandpaper.  They try to calm their horses down in a desperate attempt for relief from the pain, one of them screaming through his own pain in an attempt to encourage his brother to hang on in.  Their bodies being tossed and turned about behind the fast paced horses, a snapping of bone, teeth being knocked out, flesh and blood being left behind on the ground.

After a very short ride, that seemed like an age to the brothers, Joshua rides back in to town slowing down to a halt as he enters.  The gathered crowd all cheering as he arrives, more fear can be seen in each of their eyes, but they also look glad that they are not on the end of the Dog’s wrath.

Soon the Dogs are back out in the wilds moving on to the next town to deliver the mail.  However in one town Brother Jesse is approached by a woman, telling him that she heard he would be passing through, that she had a message for him from a friend.  She informs him that Bonnie would like to see him again as she has been offered a courtship, and she will be in need of a chaperone for her first meeting, and as she has no family he was all the family she knew.  The town he will need to go to is called Glenn’s Oasis, luckily it is not too far out of their route back to the Temple of Life.


4 thoughts on “Sinners take all

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  2. Randle and Roland will I think behave themselves in the the future (if there is anything left of them).
    The graphic description in paragraph four is frightning

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