More shineyssssss

Due to the time of the year, the smooth running of things are more than likely going to be interrupted, people going on holidays etc.  Hopefully we can keep everything ticking along, unless more problems are experienced with the tech we use.  We will where possible keep the game going, and if not at least a one-shot or two to fill in.  Like last week we had problems with Skype that threw a spanner in the works, so we did xp and level up time plus an end to the town we were in (see here).  Then the week before one of our usuals had to work so we ran a on-shot, which happened to be in Godlike (see here).

Over the weekend I went to see a friend over in Wales and he gave me a little gift, something he found in a charity shop, brand new and still sealed all for only £1, and he thought of me, and here it is.

Yes yet more dice to add to my collection of shiney things.  And even one of them (white one) glows in the dark!

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