Werecreatures from the Black Lagoon

The night before, three people, one woman called Rebecca Two Fights, sat in loose shorts and jackets with two guns slung over each shoulder, and two werewolves, Dutch Seawalker, a large tall burly African American, wearing loose fitting fatigues and a loose undone jacket showing a well toned bare chest that reveals a few scars and tattoos, a revolver at his hip, and a guy that looks an awful lot like a Californian car salesmen, tall and slim wearing an Hawaiian with loose slacks named Ben Windtalker, are at their base of operations on a floating ramshackle platform, made out of scrap pieces of wood and parts of boat and floatation devices, their speedboat is tied up along side.  This night is the time for rites of passage, to commune with the spirits that surround the area and to give thanks.  Dutch is the leader of this small pack, and Ben is the dealer with the secret ways.

Ben steps forwards to the edge of the platform, he unsheathes his body from the mortal clothes, feeling the wind rush through the hair on his body, more fur growing down his arms and over his hands, claws sprouting out from his finger tips tearing through his flesh, he howls up to the bright disc in the sky, the silver light from Lunar washing over him.  Ben howls thanks to Lunar and of the coming hunt.

Sat some distance away from this is Rebecca, even though she is kin folk and can stomach the delirium that rushes over all humans upon seeing such a sight, her skin stands up on edge at the scene before her.  She is known to not scare easily, and now an empty bottle of whisky can be seen cast aside next to her, used to steady the nerves for what is to come.  A sly laugh spreads over her face upon seen Ben’s exposed areas, even though kin folk are the ones who are to give birth to the next generation of were, as the were themselves are not permitted to do this, she has enjoyed going from bar to bar experiencing the pleasure, but not wishing to take it any further, and has refused to go down that route with Ben or Dutch.

Dutch, now already exposed to the elements and transformed, dives deep in to the dark water taking the lead of the ritual.  As the alpha to the pack, Dutch calls up the prey for the hunt, a large shark comes from the depths, itself hunting for its next meal.  Dutch opts for the near wolf form for the hunt, showing his power rippling through his muscled body and the beast within his soul, to his pack and to mother lunar.

Ben stands at the edge giving thanks to the shark for coming to the hunt, the rest of the sea life fleeing the area, knowing with prolonged exposure at what is happening, all that remains is the large shark and Dutch within the water.

The hunt through the water is just like a hunt through the tress or an urban area, as the shark leads Dutch through coral and foliage, swimming around the contours of underwater nooks and crannies, all within the packs hunting ground, the shark holding itself proud as it swims.  Dutch doesn’t quite gain ground on the shark, instead he keeps at a distance toying with it, letting fear to materialise and grow within it, allowing it to tire itself to prolong the ritual and worthy for Lunar.

Ben now dives in and joins the hunt, he has started the ritual and now wishes to be more a part of it.  As Dutch toys with the shark, Ben swims back and forth in the sharks wake, encouraging the chase, enticing the blood rage within Dutch.  The shark bares its teeth at Ben but knows that Dutch is more the threat, the one that is after his blood, its powerful body gliding itself with ease through the water.  Gradually the shark begins to tire, making its way deep in to the water, but Dutch plays with it toying and chasing it away from where it wishes to go, instead to go where Dutch wants it.  The hunt has been going on for so long that even the two werewolves are tiring from the exertion and time in the water, the blood rage coming to a peak where it will lose itself.  At the point of the climax just before Dutch loses himself in the rage he strikes at the shark, using his reserves of power to make the final blow very quick and powerful, taking the shark by surprise as Dutch guts it from tale to jaw, ripping out its still beating heart.

First Dutch and then Ben burst out from the dark blue water, a patch in the water that is very quickly blooming in to a dark red slick, they gasp in the open air taking in their fill of oxygen, their lungs aching from the torment they put their bodies through.  They stand holding the heart to Lunar, the ritual now complete.  On the side Rebecca claps with sarcasm, and gives her impersonation of their rage.  The spirits are now appeased once more.

That was last night, and this is now.  The sun is high in the open sky, its light and heat beating down on those underneath.  Rebecca is looking very angry, her two guns in each of her hands, “Now this is the problem with this.  You two, no one listens to me, I have to use guns, and bullets cost money.  Do you know how annoying this is?” She asks while there are four guys each with a sub machine gun on board and four more guys each with a machete looking on confused at this woman who is angrily kicking at the deck.  Eight men in total are on board all wearing loose camouflage clothing, and have boarded their boat.  The men look amongst themselves with confusion at this woman’s outrage, the head of the men a man with a patch over one eye and a gold tooth visible through his smile, holds a machine gun with many sets of teeth stuck on it like some sort of trophy of his kills.

Two men with machine guns are systematically going through the boat looking for others, while a third points his gun at Rebecca.  The head pirate paces around Dutch holding his gun towards his head, “Listen, you may want to tell the little girl to shut up a bit, my men here have been to sea for a long time, and if she gives them lip I may not be able to hold them back once we finish with your boat.” He cackles.  While this guy walks around Dutch, Dutch keeps his eyes on Rebecca and suggests to the guy that he calms himself and his men down, as there is no need for such un-gentlemanly behaviour, Dutch himself talking with a very calm and level tone, he then addresses Rebecca in the same tone, “There will be plenty of ammo to grab after we have sorted this problem out.”

“Oh, are we going to play then?” Rebecca turns to Dutch with a smile.  Dutch smiles back in response to her question.

“I am right here by the way!” The head pirate exclaims with anger at Dutch. “I have a gun!”

Ben is stood near to Rebecca with two of the machete guys about four paces away from him, he picks up on the subtle undertone in Dutch’s voice and prepares himself for the masquerade, turns to one of the machete guys and tells him that he should move his knife.  As Ben states this Dutch transforms in to a Garou, half man, half wolf and all rage, doubling his size with huge sharp teeth and long razor sharp claws, the sound of bones snapping and flesh tearing.  A howl erupts, fear radiating out like ripples on a pond, the gun at Dutch now pointing towards his chest.  As quick as a flash a set of claws rake across the gun, like a guillotine the gun is severed in two ripping out of the head pirate’s hand, a tip of his finger bouncing on the ground.  No sooner this happen when rage bursts through Ben’s muscles, his hair, teeth, bones and claws all transforming with a painful sound, digging his claws in to one of the near by machete guys dragging his claws up from crotch to throat.  Unfortunately Ben doesn’t deal a mortal wound as the force knocks the guy back so only tearing at the guys clothing.

The unwelcome guests on board Dutch’s boat look on in shear terror at what is unfolding before them, unable to move or even think as their bodies try to shut down.  Ben makes a grab for the other machete guy, who manages to get some neuro-pulse activity and scrambles backward narrowly avoiding Ben’s grasp, diving for the boat he came in on.  Dutch makes a lunge straight at the other guy with a machine gun, claws out in front to make the first contact.  However the guy comes to his senses and makes a mad dash to his boat like his fellow pirate, dropping his gun, a scream escaping his mouth unknowingly as does his bowels loosen without his permission.

Rebecca bites down on her lower lip as blood seeps out, burying down the urge she has to flee the scene of this terror even though she should be used to this by now.  She raises the sights on her guns and lets fire at the nearest target, spent shell casings flying out and showering in to the void where her target once was.  A clatter of two machetes hitting the deck as a further two guys make a run for it, fighting for the pole position so as not to be the one behind and within easy reach.  A shout comes from below deck, “What the hell is that?” then a sound of feet running is heard.

One guy brandishing a machete, his eyes all bloodshot and frothing at the mouth rushes at Ben, a hell of obscenities issuing like no tomorrow, he swings wildly at Ben.  The sharp bite from the machete’s edge finds its target, bringing with it a small spurt of Garou blood.  Ben replies with kind, swiping his claw at the guy’s throat, catching his collar bones ripping a chunk out soon followed by more blood, the guy drops to the floor still screaming and still breathing, scrambling on his hands and knees towards the pirate’s boat.

Dutch slides back with his rage, changing his body slightly shifting to a more wolf like appearance.  Rebecca spots the two pirates that were below deck coming up, and she lets her guns vocalise, spraying death upon the intruders.  A smile crosses her mouth with a flick of her tongue, showing a sign that she more than likely hit someone.

Again the mad pirate makes a lucky thrust at Ben, his machete once more tasting Garou flesh. Also the guy that dropped his gun fleeing from Dutch, stops and makes a wild swing with a knife, making a lucky hit to Dutch’s throat.  A round of bullets fly up at Rebecca, flesh and bones taking a peppering, knocking her back she holds her shoulder and pushes herself forwards returning fire.  The rest are making a hasty retreat to their boat.  Ben now follows suit and changes himself to the same form as Dutch, avoiding loosing himself to the rage that will consume him if he was to stay in Garou any longer.  Dutch takes another swing at the pirate who drew blood, tearing out a chunk of flesh and bones from the guys ribs, blood pouring out as the guy drops to the floor barely any life left in him, but somehow still managing to wave his knife about.

“Oh just die already, something in there should have been vital!” can be heard coming from Rebecca.

Another hale of bullets takes Rebecca down, she drops clutching her side coughing, “Boss! I think I may be only able to kill one of them before they get here.”  The two pirates who managed to get hits on Ben and Dutch try a further hit, but miss with their weakened wild attacks.  The head pirate notices the gun lying on the deck, and he makes a dive for it with his good hand.  Ben leaps at this guy his jaws snapping down hard, biting his head clean off, blood gushes out like a geyser, Ben spits out the forbidden human flesh.  Dutch finishes off the guy that wont die, crushing him under foot, a last gasp forced out of his mouth.  After the sound of more gunfire a voice is heard, “Out of bullets.  Not feeling very good. Don’t worry they’re dead.”  Rebecca shares before collapsing on deck.

One brave soul makes a leap for Ben, his hand landing on the machine gun while he brings the machete in his other hand down to bare on Ben, the swing missing its target embedding itself in to the deck.  Meanwhile the last two pirates who made it to their boat are now franticly trying to start the vessel.  Ben snaps at this brave fool, picking him up with his teeth and dosing him over to the pirate’s boat, smashing in to one of the fleeing guys, knocking him overboard, both being dragged down to the murky depths as the finally guys fires up the engine.  Dutch makes an all out leap straight to the lonesome pirate trying to flee, pinning him to the deck, claws shredding flesh.  The pirate only now pulling out his machete, Dutch catches the weakly swung machete arm, pulling and twisting, tearing the arm from the guy’s body.

After the bloodshed, Rebecca can be seen already busy binding herself up, “I don’t think I am going to be in any of the fights for a while Boss.  Darn it!  I can’t believe they actually managed to shoot straight.  How often does that happen?”  Dutch goes over and reassures her, “Don’t worry there are plenty of guns and ammo to pick up.”  Rebecca smile, “You know the sweetest things to say to a woman.  The answer is still No by the way.”  Dutch gives a quick lick to one of her wounds before walking off.  “I am not in to bestiality!” she calls after him.

There are many dead bodies and body parts along with guns and machete scattered around the boat, blood everywhere pouring and dripping in to the sea.  The pirate’s boat can now be seen as only a short distance vessel, not the main ship, they must have come from somewhere near by.  Dutch orders Ben to clear the deck, throw the bodies overboard, while he ties up the pirate’s boat to theirs.  While on board the pirate’s boat, Dutch forages around trying to find any clues to the main fleet’s location or plans, all the while throwing useless stuff overboard.  He finds maps and charts of locations and plans, plus he finds a hidden laptop of high grade, bulletproof material.

Ben takes the laptop and sits down with it, he flips it over muttering something about seeing one of these before, slides open the battery compartment and fiddles with something inside, then pops it all back together and turns it on.  He realised that all the security was on the motherboard and he basically reset the presets, which he happens to know having worked and help create this type of system so easily bypasses the locks.  The information he pulls from the laptop reference five groups spreading our from a large tanker ship, that is being used as a cargo transport vessel and base of operation, using the tanker as a cover.  Also something about a stowaway that told a tale about a vessel that had disappeared at sea, leaving only wreckage behind.  The people behind this operation are wanting to find this wreckage thinking that it must be valuable.  From what Ben can read on the reports, he can ascertain that it must have been some sort of spirit creature that had fled across the umbra taking the craft with it, realising that the wreckage will actually be useless, that there is more to this, something really bad if a creature took a vessel with it, and possibly leave a way open for other creatures to come and go.

“Why do you spend all your time looking at those things?” Rebecca states from behind Ben, “I bet you’re just looking for porn.”  Ben looks over at her and then turns back to the computer screen.  “Hey, nice guns.”  Rebecca spots some lying around and walks over to them picking them up, “Ooh…your gonna make mummy so proud.” She coos as she kisses the guns.

From the extra information from the laptop, Dutch pinpoints the location where they need to travel to find this threat to their territory.  After a couple of hours they come across the large tanker in the distance, a very grey monolithic beast belching out large plumes of smoke, smaller boats scattered around trailing nets between them.  The wolf part of Ben and Dutch recoil at the sight of this violation to their territory, black oil can be seen leaking in to the sea, polluting the pure nature of the area.

As the wolf pack discusses their next plan of action, the radio in the pirate’s boat crackles to life.  Ben jumps in to the vessel and picks up the radio mic answering the call.  The voice on the other end of the radio states that they can see they have recovered the boat, asking if they had any difficulties.  Ben plays along, telling the radio operator that they did have some problems and lost some men, to which the only reply is that there will be more money for the remaining.  “With that pirate group out of the way, it should make things easier around this area.  Get yourselves back and docked, sounds like they have some good rations up there.”  The radio operator instructs them.  Ben confirms the instructions then hangs up the mic.

After a couple of minutes of the group discussing what they should do, the radio crackles to life once more, asking them why they are still in the water.  Dutch tells Ben to inform them that they are experiencing engine problems, and will be in as soon as possible.  “Another technical….How many more of ours is going to become….Something strange is happening around here.  Okay get in as soon as you can.” The radio operator shares with them, “I don’t envy you going on the ship really, with all the weird tales that are going on up there.  I am glad to be out here.”

Ben concentrates for a few moments, closing his eyes and focusing on the beyond, passing his hand over his eyes before opening them once more.  Now Ben looks over at the tanker but this time in the spirit world.  The umbra is at peace here around their vessel, the water spirits flittering away from their boat, the sea here is glassy and still.  However further out at the tanker the glassy water around the small boats are hardening, a whirlpool of glass can almost be made out around the boats, cutting them off from each other, not letting the communications get through.  Ben can see that in the near future the little boat will be still too.  He can just make out what the boats are pulling out from the sea, like small little webbing.  Also there can be made out the marks of something that had travelled through here, it had punched its way through, and Ben can feel tapping from the other side.

Removing his give away bright shirt, Ben guides the vessel in to dock on the tanker, and three sweaty men rush to help pull the boat in.  Once docked the men stare at all the blood stains, “Bloody hell mate, they said you reported in a few casualties.”

“Yeah well, resistance was great than we first assumed.” Retorts Ben.

“You the only one that made it out?”

“Yeah barely.”

“They said that there was only three of them.”

Yeah, three heavily armed.”  The men tell Ben that he deserves his rest and tells him that he should hurry on board and report in.  As Ben goes up on deck he looks out at the other small boat, one he saw earlier now sat idle in the water, the crew arguing amongst themselves.

Up on deck there are many people moving about sorting through the cargo, not even paying any attention the new crewman.  Ben walks over to the cargo bay looking down seeing more people sorting through artefacts, he makes his way down as if he belongs on board.

Back on the small boats the docking crew are busy cleaning the bloodstains, shocked at the canvas of death and textures.  Dutch and Rebecca keep themselves hid under some tarpaulin on their own vessel, Dutch keeping himself aware of the men’s movements and actions.

As Ben makes his way down in to the cargo area, he sees a commotion going on amongst a small group of men, one waving his arms about while the others try to grab him.  “Dave!” calls out the guy waving his arms, “Dave!  Where did you go? Come on guys this isn’t funny. Geoff! Where are you guys?” He laughs nervously as he walks about bumping in to his fellow workers. “Come on guys. Dave.  Where the fuck are you guys?  If you don’t stop pulling this shit, I am going to kick the fuck out of you when I see you.”  One of the guy’s colleagues grabs a hold of him spinning him around, “We are right here you idiot, what are you doing?”  The guy staggers about looking confused, “What the f….Is that the wind? What the fuck is going on here.”  He then knocks past them knocking one, another guy wonders what is happening, he then looks up to see Ben looking down, “What are you staring at?”  To which Ben just replies that he doesn’t know.  “Then get yourself to work, or get yourself out the way, we are busy here.  We need to catalogue all the stuff we found so far.”

“Anything nice?” asks Ben

“I don’t know the boss wants us to list it all.  It just looks like normal wreckage to me.  The last time the boss saw any of it he nearly sprung a hard-on a mile long.  Look like he wanted to jump it and shag it there and then.  I feel fucking creepy around that guy.”  Ben tells the guy that he would like to have seen that.  The guy mistakes his meaning telling him that he is a pervert, before Ben corrects him.  The guy grabs a crowbar and opens a crate showing him that it is all just useless junk, it has what looks like mould over it, and the guy tells him that he has heard that it may glow in the dark.  All that can be seen is lots of wreckage, but it all seems to have this mould over it that seems to emit a slight glow.

Ben makes out that his eyes are sore and tired, he passes his hands over his eyes again taking a look within the umbra.  As soon as he does his head sways, everything looks miles away, he can barely see the artefacts around him in the distance.  He is standing on this ship totally alone, not a soul near by as he stands on the deck with only a dripping of water for company.

The cleaning crew have finished with the small boat, and have now moved on to the wolf packs boat.  In near human form, Dutch leaps out from cover grabbing one of the men pulling him back down, placing his hands around the guy’s neck snapping the life out of him.  As a second guy looks up with a start, a suppressed pistol shot creates a small hole in the man’s forehead.  The third guy runs over to investigate, only to find himself caught between Dutch and Rebecca.

Dutch and Rebecca quickly hide the dead bodies on board without making a sound, Dutch nods up towards the deck of the tanker and begins to make his way up, followed shortly by Rebecca, not a word spoken between them.

Ben finding himself alone on the tanker with nothing around for miles, the artefacts only appearing as small grains of dust in the distance, he focuses his mind letting his other eye see in the real world, creating an odd sensation in his mind as he can now see that the artefacts are indeed right next to him.  The crew look on at him oddly, one pats him on the back, “You drunk?”  Ben reassures him stating that he has just survived a firefight, to that the guy retorts, “Oh look at him, we have all done our bit.”  Ben tells him that he had better go and rest up, dropping his gift of vision and as he does so he spots Dutch and Rebecca walking along on deck.

Rebecca receives a wolf whistle from one of the crew.  She turns and punches him in the balls, nutting him as he doubles over.  There he is left in agony as she walks on.  As the pack reunites on deck of the tanker, Rebecca goes up to Ben and asks him if he has found anyone to shot yet.  Ben informs her that he hasn’t yet, but shares with them that he has found something odd with the artefacts they are bringing on board.  “Oh fascinating, yes whatever.  Great, artefacts. Wipe out your massive w…” Rebecca pauses as she looks around her lowering her voice, “Wolfen shlong, and then we’ll care about it.”  Ben tells Dutch all about what he has found out so far.

The wolf pack head on in to the claustrophobic crew area of the tanker, a guy jumps down off his bunk and grabs at a rat scurrying pass.  The rat wriggles in the man’s grasp, “No! You’re not getting away from me this time. No.”  Hand over hand as the guy keeps grasping at the rat as it wriggles. “You’re not getting away. I can feel you.”  The rat starts to bite at him, “You are there, I can feel you. You are there. I know where you will be safe.”  The guy opens his mouth wide and begins to push the rat in.  The rat tears and claws at the guy’s mouth biting down on his tongue.  Blood begins to pour out as the guy carries on forcing the rat in, gagging on the liquid sliding down his throat.  The guy collapses on to the floor as vomits forces up his throat, utter glee can be seen in the guy’s eyes.  The rat finally manages to escape the mouth followed by more bile, the man screams after the rat, “No, don’t leave me!”  He begins to cry curling in to a ball, “Please don’t leave me.”  The other people in their own cabins pay no attention to what is happening.

There are a total of five rooms in this area, with three people to each room.  They are all busy with their own business, either eating or sleeping, and some reading.  One looks up and asks Dutch if he is new here, Dutch confirms this and is told that he had better report to Prudence Murdock, “Freaky fucker!”  Once Dutch thanks him for the information, he asks the man what is wrong with the other fellow, gesturing to the rat guy.  “What the rat!?”  It appears that the man has no clue, or can see the other guy, in fact all he says is that it is only he and Dutch, and he doesn’t even see Ben and Rebecca.

Dutch goes in to the room with the rat guy and stamps his boot hard down on to the guy’s head.  The guy calls out asking if someone is there, complaining that his head hurts, before a loud squelch cuts off the guy’s words as the boot comes down hard a second time.  The only reaction from the man in the other room is that he asks why Dutch is dancing on the floor.  Dutch tells him that his foot had gone to sleep.  The man then asks Dutch where the other guy he was with had gone, to which Dutch reassures him that there was no one else but them two.  The man carries on with the subject so Dutch walks in and puts a reassuring arm around the man, looking the way the man is looking again asking what guy.  The man begins to explain when Dutch places his hand under the man’s chin, and then snaps the man’s neck.

Two men look up and exclaim upon seeing this, shouting out if anyone else had seen this.  No one else looks up or around upon hearing these two men.  One of the men pulls a knife.  Dutch glances at Rebecca before lunging at the guy with the knife, while Ben pulls his own knife.  The guy with the knife drops like a sack of spuds, his head hanging limply from his shoulders.  The other guy feels the cold steel of Ben’s knife bury deep within him, just as he was beginning to draw his knife.  Rebecca draws her guns just in time as both guys huddle lifeless on the floor, “Oh!  That was no fun.”

There are still plenty more people around, and not one of them paying any attention to what is happening around them.  Rebecca walks up to one guy and fires her gun at point blank.  Dutch seeing how this is panning out looks at both Ben and Rebecca asking them to clean the room, and with that he lunges at another unsuspecting target, ripping the neck and dropping another crewman.  Rebecca goes around shooting her gun at each target counting out as she goes, then calls out reload before beginning the counting again.

Soon ten rooms have gone by, and about forty people are left dead, the walls dripping with blood.  “You know this is freaking me out okay.  Generally people fight back you know.”  Rebecca states her feelings.

“Well you wanted to shoot people.  You got your wish” Ben reassures her.

“Oh yeah but there is a difference between a shoot out and executing people.”

“Just think of it as a training exercise.” Dutch adds.

“I don’t need training boss, I am good at this.”

“But your wounded, make the most of it.”

“Boss!” Rebecca calls out as Dutch walks out of the room, “Boss!”  Ben begins to follow.

“Ben!  Where are you?  Boss!”  Rebecca is beginning to panic, “Come on guys this isn’t funny, where did you go?”  Ben and Dutch stop turning to look at her, still in her line of sight. “Shit! Fuck!”  Dutch calls out her name.  “Where did all these mirrors come from?”

Ben uses his vision gift, taking a look to see if he can see what Rebecca can see.  He sees the walls all covered in mirrors but she is not in any of them, she walks over to one and kicks it the glass shattering all over the floor.  “Stop looking at me.  Boss!  That’s it I am just going to go off and start shooting anything I come across until things go back to normal.”  Rebecca stomps out from the crew area back outside, and gunfire and screaming can be heard coming from her direction.

Dutch followed by Ben walk back outside finding Rebecca being surrounded by many men with guns and machetes, “I may have underestimated this.” She speaks out loud to herself, “Will you all just fuck off!”  Ben pulls his gun and rushes to join the fray.  Soon the carnage is all over, there is blood and guts everywhere, just left with dead bodies scattered about.

The pack suddenly becomes aware that there is someone standing behind them.  They turn to find a tall guy standing in a full captain’s uniform, white pecked cap and navy blue shirt.  “Are you…no you can’t be real there is no one here.  You can’t be, there isn’t…there is just figments that keep talking to me but there is no one here.”  Dutch uses this and walks up to the captain, swaying slightly from side to side.  “No, stay back, I didn’t call you little figment.  Stay back!”  As Dutch steps up to him the captain throws his arms around him, “Oh your still here, well then embrace me, embrace me, I don’t want to be alone. Embrace me.”  Dutch throws his arms around the captain pressing his clenched fists against the captain’s sides and begins to transform.  All of a sudden Dutch finds himself all alone, no one else is around, and he has always be alone.  The rage surges through Dutch’s body wanting to find a release as his transformation takes him to full Garou.

Ben watches as the Captain embraces Dutch, then all of a sudden Dutch’s arms go limp as the captain steps back, Dutch collapsing to the ground.  “Oh he wasn’t real.” The captain states with disappointment, “I really hoped….”  Suddenly there is a roar as Dutch stands up reaching for the sky and howling, his body transforming in to Garou before their eyes.  “Oh! Oh my, the hunters.  They want me to be alone here.”  A few seconds later Dutch transforms again back to a near wolf form.  “They want me to be alone. They want, I won’t be, I won’t be alone.  They’re coming, I loosened it, and the traveller came through here.  He is so loose, can you hear them.  Can’t you hear they’re coming.”  Everyone now begins to hear a tap tapping coming from the other side of reality.  Ben begins to see things as if looking through the umbra, a power is growing and this place is becoming a locus a place of power.  Ben becomes aware that a spirit of something is riding this man the captain, hollowed out his soul and hidden within to hide from the hunters.  Calling on the spirits Ben is told from fearful spirits that do not want to be part of the hunter, that the thing riding the man is a spirit of isolation, a powerful spirit with a power to make things as isolated as he is.  He is also aware that something very hard and heavy is coming from the other side.

Looking over at Dutch, Ben sees him suddenly roar in to Garou form once more, however this time there is no control in the body as he swings and tears wildly at anything that comes in his way, parts of the deck and ship getting torn up .  One blow comes very close to decapitating Ben himself.  The captain begins to walk towards Ben, “Oh another one, are you real, are you the first through.”  Ben looks into the umbra seeing hordes of chitinous things gnawing at the veil, swelling the gauntlet like a pregnant belly.

“Are you there?” the captain whispers as he reaches out for Ben.  Ben can see burning behind the captain’s eyes, a single tiny speck totally alone and isolated, the captain’s body an empty vessel, except for that tiny speck, the spirit within him.  Ben pulls his gun and points it directly at the captain’s skull pulling the trigger.  The captain’s head explodes in a shower of bone, blood and grey matter, leaving behind the spirit, the darkness around it starts to expand outwards engulfing everything around it.  Everything in the umbra appears to be moving further away, except for this tiny speck that is now getting closer to Ben.  Ben decides to take the battle to the spirit within the umbra, and instead of just looking in he steps through the veil transforming to near wolf form entering its reality.  Ben finds himself surrounded by hordes of those chitinous creatures, which stop their gnawing and turn upon him.

Dutch in his blind rage thinks he saw something briefly shift from one nothingness to another, a speck that was their then nothing.  He charges towards where it once was, claws and teeth thrashing out in bloodthirsty rage.  However Ben sees Dutch begin to tear through these entire chitinous creature leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.  Ben begins to attack out at the creatures, himself tearing into them, yet thousand more pour in through the rip.  The wild garou getting ever closer to him, as well as the tiny speck that is mere inches away from his face.

The uncontrolled beast that was once Dutch senses something is near by, it can sense the blood and swings wildly at where it believes the target to be.  Ben is suddenly aware of an immanent attack and tries to dodge the blow, however a fierce paw swings down hard upon his head knocking him to the ground, pain surging through his brain.

Ben finds himself under pressure and decides to transform back to a near human form.  Dutch spots something again and strikes out at that reality.  Ben feels himself stricken again by his pack leader, this time feeling one of his ribs being torn out from his flesh.  The spirit moves away for now to avoid the attack, giving Ben some breathing space, the chitinous creatures are just being torn to piece in the ferocious attacks.

A machete in the hands of Ben swings out at the spirit plunging in to nothingness, Ben finding himself alone momentarily before his vision clears to see the garou beast swing out at him once more.  Again Ben is hit by is own kind, tearing great chunks of flesh from his spin, agony racing across his body and mind.  The isolation spirit once more coming up in front of Ben, he plunges his blade in to the spirit once more, the blade disappearing and Ben finding himself totally alone, not even the chitinous creature for company.   The wild beast that was Dutch makes a further attack at where it believes its target to be, lashing out with a terrible combination of claws and teeth.

Dutch finds himself come around from a bloody black out, covered in blood and hundreds of bodies lying around, blood dripping everywhere, he can sense the spirit has gone and the wall is back up once more.  The sun beats down bathing everything in its warm embrace, Dutch naked and bloody as he lies there on deck, his pack now totalling only one.


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