Game session update & exciting new boardgame

Unfortunately there was no gaming session again last week, (reason unknown) as it was cancelled in the last hour, so there will be no update or write-up from that session, not even a one-shot this time.  Hopefully everything will be as normal this week.  Also not sure what is happening with the Rogue Trader update as I have not heard anything about this either, there was suppose to be an update but nothing has appeared so far.


News that a new boardgame will be released near the end of this month, August 2011, by the great guys over at Fantasy Flight Games, based on a popular console game called Gears of War.  From what I can see, it looks similar to their Doom boardgame that I have in my collection and have enjoyed playing.

The is also a video overview of the game.

The official information for the Gears of War boardgame can be found at Fantasy Flight Games web site. 

Gears of War: The Board Game, designed by Corey Konieczka, is based on the wildly popular third-person shooter by Epic Games. One to four players take on the roles of COG soldiers cooperating to destroy the Locust horde, and must work together to complete missions against an ingeniously challenging and varied game system. In Gears of War: The Board Game, you’ll relive classic moments from Gears of War™ and Gears of War 2™. Roadie Run into cover, spray your enemy with blind fire, or rip him in half with your Lancer’s chainsaw!

Hopefully the boardgame keeps the feel of the console game, and I must admit I am looking forward to the release and giving it a go.


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