Ladies Lament

This small town rests on the outskirts of the mountains.  It was set up by a husband and wife that came from the east.  They had decided to leave behind them the decadent ways in the east, and head for the place they had heard so fondly of, called Bridal Falls.  But they never made it there.  They kept travelling and came across a place that looked ideal for them, so they set up camp there.  Soon they heard of how close they had got and missed Bridal Falls, but had decided to settle at the place they found, having found a connection with the place.  The husband chose to go in to Bridal Falls to declare his new settlement, for it to be marked on the records.

On his way back from Bridal Falls, while bringing back a scared branch from the Tree of Life, the husband had collapsed from a broken leg.  When this was found out several weeks later, his wife went to recover the branch and her dead husband.

Upon arriving at the scene, the wife found the branch had set root over the dead husband, in an area that was thought never to allow life.  And that is where the town got renamed, no one remembering what the original name had been.  They also say that the blossom of the tree doesn’t bloom the normal color, but a deep blood red every year.  Often people that have had hard lives or those that have been widowed travel to this town.


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