Temperance’s challenge – part one

The first is based off the mentoring from brother Ambrose.  Unfortunately her first challenge is a tough one.  Bridal Falls have sent her out on a recovery, to pick up a few books for the library from the local town.  What they know, but have kept from her is that they know a rowdy group that are being banished back to the east, are going to be in town on this day too.  The head Dogs in Bridal Fall know this and expect there to be a problem, and still sent her off to do her chore.  However the Dogs do keep watch over her from a distance to see how she will cope.

As Temperance steps out from the store, a very angry man from the east throws his arm around her from behind, and begins to try and drag her back.  He had watched her go in the store, and thought her a good target for his rage, waiting to jump her as she walked back out.  He puts a lot of pressure on her throat as he drags her towards the ally by the shop.

Temperance doesn’t struggle in the hold, which would make the pressure on her throat worse, instead she relaxes a little allowing him to drag her.  However she goes to thrust her elbow in his ribs.  She almost catches him by surprise, but he is prepared for the blow taking the hit but locking his own arm behind her head forcing it towards a near by wall.  As she is forced forward to a wall, she twisted to face him her hand resting on her Book of Life, feeling strength from it wash through her, and the faith in the King of Life.  As her head is near the mans own, Temperance shouts out a passage from the Book of Life that she remembers, about evil and demons, casting them out and allowing the light to return, and the King of Life flood in once more.

The fire within the man, the rage that was burning high, quickly goes out and oozes out of his feet like a vile creature with its tail between its legs.  The man calms enough, loosening his grip allowing her to escape the hold.

Once the situation over, the Dogs step in to check and tend to her.  Temperance is battered and bruised, with nasty looking marks around her throat.  However she has made it through her first assignment in her training to be a watch Dog.

On his journey to Stubborn Mount, Ambrose hears of what had happened to Temperance and feels a connection to what had happened to her.


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