Stubborn Mount

Stubborn Mount is a relatively new town, but no so new as Renewed Hope.  Allegedly halfway through crossing a stream, a horse refused to go forward or back.  It was only one horse, all the others were fine, but one would not leave, fortunately it was a favoured mount and its own wasn’t willing to leave it.  The others carried on while some of the guy’s loyal friends stayed back with him and his tenacious mount.

They had always intended to move on and had only set up a temporary residence there.  When they eventually got the mount to move the people were tired and worn out, so they stayed for a few more days, which then turned in to a few more weeks.  During this time it was still just an improvised settlement.

Stubborn Mount had never been particularly well said, but it has been keeping itself going.  That is until the recent controversy of the unexpected pregnancies.


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