Temperance’s challenge – part two

Temperance has been put through her paces with her horsemanship, and she is tired and sore from a long day.  She has been instructed to stop off at the near by town before heading back.  As she is busy dismounting and about to tie her horse to the post, she hears a scream from the direction of the mail office.  Suddenly a horse flies by with it’s rider down low, a mail bag across his shoulder.  Without much thought, Temperance moves her weary body with haste and mounts her horse, digging in her heels and she gives chase.  Memories of her time riding with the three Watch Dogs and how Joshua tried to share his knowledge of horsemanship with her.

The fleeing bandit rides close to a building, kicking out at a stack of barrels outside and knocking it in to the pole holding up the makeshift porch roof.  The roof material scatters across in front of Temperance making her slow and move her horse out of harms way.  Making most of the distraction the bandit veers down one of the side allies between the buildings, trying to lose the pursuer.  Temperance moves her horse with a grace avoiding any difficulties and only slowing her temporarily before she joins the chase down between the buildings.  She lowers her position on the horse and digs her heels in once more.

The bandit loosens the saddlebag letting it fly off towards the legs of Temperance’s horse, and then spurs his horse on faster.  Temperance draws her gun strapped to her hip, wishing to end this quick, the fatigue wearing heavy on her shoulders.  With the feel of the cold steel in her grasp, the weight feeling even heavier than she remembers in her hand, she realises that she is unable to stop the fleeing bandit.  With the decision made up in her mind she pulls her horse up to a stop and turns back to retrieve the saddlebag.

As Temperance rides back around the corner of one of the buildings back on to the main street, she can see the man sat still on his horse, the hammer pulled back on his gun.  A woman sat on her own horse next to him, shaking her head with disappointment in her eyes, “You gave up way too easy there didn’t you.  If we are going to make a Watch Dog out of you, then you are going to have to get used to having to push it.”  After a pause for Temperance to take it all in the woman carries on, “You’re going back out on the saddle.  Your day off tomorrow is cancelled.  You ride for the rest of the week.”


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